Beautiful tones: october 2009

1. My stomach I have had food intolerance big and small worries for 2 years and after a relaxed 3 months with only small worries I have had big worries again for 2 weeks. Not nice! :(

2. Like every year, I’m wasting too this year on Halloween no further thought and find it all just terribly disgusting!

3. The garden is hardy and is now winterproof .

4. Hamburg is a place where I could be anytime, anytime.

5. The smell of Letscho reminds me of the best tomato sauce I know, that of my grandmother.

6. A hot full bath, I need that right now !

7. As for the weekend, I’m looking forward to tonight the first gifts for handicrafts on the Internet, comfortable with computer and red wine in bed , tomorrow I have a long autumn walk with the beets and a relaxing evening with sister and brother-in-law including cooking and game night together planned and i want sunday have a nice breakfast, visit another (how many actually?) potential wedding location with sister and brother-in-law and enjoy a nice twin family get-together in the afternoon !

Now I read what the others are doing on the WE. :)

Thanks to Barbara for the idea .

Thursday October 22, 2009


Some things have been lost for a long time, but they are so simple:

  • if I go to bed early, I wake up late in the morning
  • a cup of tea in pajamas on the sofa with a view of the morning sky while the beets are still sleeping is a magical moment
  • 45 minutes in the speech therapy waiting room and a full bag of grades are enough for my lessons all week long
  • Green tea is good for me
  • more than 3 cups of coffee a day are not good for me
  • Walking through forest and leaves for 1 hour in the morning without a button in your ear is much nicer than rushing past it with a button in your ear for an hour
  • Listening to Christmas carols in October is NOT embarrassing
  • Writing a correct handwritten letter, franking it and throwing it into a yellow box leaves a warm feeling in your stomach

Have a nice autumn Thursday! :)

Monday October 19, 2009

Chess Matt!

Gatte explained, gave help and the beets spent almost an hour at their first game and had a lot of fun doing it!

Saturday October 17th, 2009


Friday October 16, 2009

welcome and goodbye

Available since Tuesday, mine since Wednesday!

I am surprised, amazed, ecstatic, enthusiastic, entranced,
speechless and happy that I waited so long and did NOT let myself be persuaded to use the iPhone!

Calm gently, faithful, indestructible XDA!

Welcome home, you fascinating something Palm!

Friday Filler

Wednesday October 14, 2009

The best of the day

Tub hot and frothy,

Man in Switzerland,

outside dog cold and

pure comfort in the four walls!

Have a nice evening! :)

Saturday October 10, 2009

Beautiful autumn

Friday October 9, 2009

Stoffmarkt tapes fakes! How brazen!

No! How brazen is that.

Thank you for the effort and the advice, dear Uschi!

Friday filler

1. Nothing and nobody gets me to it ever eat sushi.

2. A look at our terrace (picture will follow later) reminds me that it is autumn now.
3. I just can’t do without my 2 little men Life.
4. kitesurfing and Water-skiing are two things I do in the coming summer want to try.
5. When life gives you lemons, I can make great lemonade out of it.
6. The Friday dinner, all 3 children freshly bathed, always with cocoa, freshly baked white bread and nuts is one of my best childhood memories.
7. As for the weekend, I’m looking forward to tonight the well-deserved cold bath and reading the current Hakan Nesser (because a new Helene Tursten is out * juchu *), tomorrow I have a quiet day with more autumn handicrafts planned and i want sunday drive out with my sister and the two beets to the sisters potential wedding church and maybe take a long walk in the woods with a picnic!

The idea is from here and is great fun every time!
Thanks Barbara!!

Thursday October 8, 2009

Oh dear!

My guilty conscience pissed me off very much this morning when I noticed that it was pouring twine or dogs and cats or like jugs and that the beets in kindergarten should now graze through the forest and meadow until lunch.

So I hope that the babysitter will light up the day for you this afternoon with a large mug of cocoa with whipped cream and a few biscuits and that you will have a good time until I come home from class around 9pm.

Make yourself comfortable. :)

Saturday October 3, 2009

Drilling and threading

The two faces

I admit it bluntly, I did 20 years ago, after the first one "Flash" the reunification hysteria, my world in the GDR very much missed and a small part still misses it today, whenever I am with my children "Bullerbü" watch.

The little world in which I grew up was so incredibly protected and had something of many features "Bullerbü".
Life in the country was so completely different from life in the cities.
Far from political reprisals, interrogations, state security and who knows what.

Transfigured and in a thoroughly positive light, my memory of my first 13 years is also because I never visit this country "wrong" because we never lacked anything there in the country (or our parents skilfully hid the shortage from us) and our life with telephone, car, weekly church, school freedom on the Sabbath day and our own handicraft business was somewhat unusual, because the private sector and socialism were absolutely non-compliant.
And yet we were left alone.

The reason for this temporary melancholy is my tendency to things, places and ways of life that I can overlook.
I don’t like to be in places that I can’t see, that are too big for me, that I don’t understand.
I need the clarity, the simplicity, the orderly state, the clearly defined, in order to have a hold.

Twenty years ago I was suddenly torn from this ideal world and maybe have I never get over it, because things that are too big for me, that are restless, that I can’t see, do not interest me, they get on my nerves and make me hectic.

It was only after many years, by watching films and documentaries, that I understand, of course, what dramas happened to other people, how they were doing badly, how they were treated by the state, what they had to experience.

For 13 years I actually only saw one side, only this one naive, protective face of the GDR.


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