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At first glance you can see the Bebetto stroller’s high quality. In addition, they come in an elegant design, which will probably convince most parents with children purely optically. Thanks to the shock absorption system, the strollers also ensure a comfortable ride for the baby or child. In addition, everyone knows everything about sports strollers and sibling strollers. The car seats of the brand are also a real test winner, which is why you have a very close look on the Bebetto product range should throw.

Bebetto stroller test 2019/2020

Quality right from the start

When it comes to your own baby or children, it is better not to save at the wrong end. At least that is the attitude that is shared at Bebetto and therefore brings high-quality strollers onto the market. These convince with numerous safety features, so that nothing can happen to the kids and they can enjoy the ride comfortably padded. A special technology was built into the tires of the Bebetto strollers, which ensures that the shock is reduced accordingly and that even a rather uneven surface cannot harm the children.

The direct memory system also contributes to the comfort of small passengers.
If you look at the further details of the Bebetto strollers in comparison once exactly, then you will see that with these many extras, the price is absolutely right. Because the universal and modern strollers of the brand can score with their light aluminum construction. The chassis of the pram from the test winner was also designed so that you can either mount a carrycot, a sports car attachment or a car seat on it.

These components are, of course, just like the spare parts to buy individually, so that you can also upgrade your Bebetto buggy later. Or you can choose a set, which is available at an advantageous price and which then already contains numerous accessories, such as an adapter for the Römer Baby Safe car seat. Bebetto offers the following stroller models:

  • Solaris B
  • Solaris Red
  • Luca
  • Pascal
  • Silvia
  • Nico Plus
  • Flavio
  • Aquarius
  • Fabio

The complete travel system

All in all, the Bebetto stroller test made it very clear that you can also transport your children wonderfully with these multifunctional strollers while traveling. Because in comparison, such a Bebetto buggy is not only cheap to buy, but also wonderful to steer thanks to the swivel wheels, which have different sizes at the front and rear. The Onestep construction brake is easy to use and guarantees a high level of safety. In addition, the sports car attachment was equipped with a 5-point seat belt, so that the well-being of the children is taken care of across the board. At the same time, the buggies and Stroller with assemble and disassemble in just a few simple steps, as the experiences of satisfied parents clearly show.

The numerous standard features really impressed all along the line in the Bebetto stroller test. Because almost all strollers from this brand manufacturer already have a large shopping basket, a diaper bag and the right rain cover. In the price comparison, this pays off if you do not have to buy these accessories individually or new and therefore have to spend more money. The Bebetto buggy test and the testimonials also praise that some of the strollers can even be used as travel cots for the baby and can therefore prove their versatility across the board.

The highlights from the Bebetto stroller test

All parents should not only take a very close look at a Bebetto buggy. Because, as the Bebetto buggy test shows, the siblings and sports strollers are quite tough. After all, the sibling stroller grows for two up to the age from which the children no longer have to sit in the buggy or pram. The test report also shows that the buggies can hold two K > was highly praised. Because from summer footmuffs to lambskin to stroller cushions, there is hardly anything left to be desired.


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