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Organic bed linen with guaranteed feel-good quality – do something good for your baby!

  • probably feeling
  • fleecy
  • flattering for the skin

Ecological bedding

Especially for the sensitive skin of infants and babies, which is very susceptible to allergies, wool can be the perfect solution. In this soft fabric, the little ones feel very well and secure. Without itching and scratching!

In our online store you have a great selection of sleep- & Bedding (e.g., blankets, sleeping bags and pillows), all made from 100% organic cotton. Despite Bioware, there are numerous colors and patterns that will beautify your child’s nursery.

Initial equipment for bed and sleep products

Even when it comes to the baby’s sleep, it is important for parents to have a well-equipped place for the little treasure before they are born.

  • Baby bed or bassinet: It makes sense at the beginning to let the baby sleep alone. Of course it makes sense in case of illness or extreme restlessness to let the child sleep with the mother, because the heartbeat of the mother has a calming effect.
  • Matching mattress to the bed: This is usually included in the delivery of the bed.
  • 3 waterproof pads for the bed: Sometimes something goes by the diaper. So that the mattress is not affected, it should be protected with a waterproof pad.
  • 3 fitted sheets in mattress size: So that your sweetheart always sleeps on a fresh bed, some spare sheets should be present.
  • 3 sheets or sleeping bags
  • Pillows are not necessary
  • Blanket
  • baby monitorIn case the parents are not in the same room.
  • Music box or mobile: This is for faster falling asleep, since they usually have a calming effect. Some music boxes even simulate the heartbeat, which is known to work wonders.

Mattress: degree of hardness for babies and toddlers

Also with a cot there are mattresses with different degrees of hardness from soft to hard and also with qualitative differences. With this large selection, most parents do not know exactly what’s right for the child.

Of course, the quality of the mattress should not be saved. In particular, parents make sure that they expose their child to as few harmful substances as possible. Although the cost of organic mattresses are significantly higher than the conventional version, but they are definitely worth the money.

The degree of hardness

The degree of hardness of the mattress is also relevant for a baby or toddler. It is especially important that this is not too soft. Otherwise, it will happen that the child can not turn from the prone position back to the supine position because it sinks into the mattress.

A hard and firm mattress can also be perceived as particularly uncomfortable. Even with the degree of hardness is easy to find a good balance between hard and soft.

Feel the degree of hardness and recognize the quality

How do you recognize a good finish of the mattress and the ideal hardness of the mattress? During processing, the naked eye is enough. On the basis of the seams and the material used to recognize a high quality of the mattress. The hardness can be felt very easily – this would simply be several mattresses felt and thus the hardness can be compared.

Mattress for newborns

These should be flat and relatively hard. At least so hard that the child does not sink more than 2 cm into the mattress. This could lead to difficult breathing.

Most baby cots have a size of 60×120 cm and 70×140 cm. This is important when choosing the right mattress.

Good ventilation is provided by a cold foam mattress. But not only that is important – also the bottom plate of the baby bed should have ventilation slots, otherwise there is a risk of mold.

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