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Surprising confession of a man who for a long time made a name for himself mainly as a "scandal rocker": God led him on the right path, says Alice Cooper. He is not the first musician to publicly profess his faith. our site with a selection.

Alice Cooper Attributes his salvation from alcohol addiction to the very highest assistance. "It's a miracle, God helped me get dry," the 62-year-old told Cologne's "Express" on the weekend. By his own admission, he has "not touched a drink" in 29 years. Cooper paraphrased what going to church regularly on Sundays means to him as follows: "If you're a Christian, it's a one-to-one relationship between you and Jesus." Also Ringo Sta , former drummer of the band that claimed to be "bigger than Jesus" (the Vatican has since forgiven), the Beatles, recently confessed that faith had made a big impact on his life. Like Cooper, he claims to have turned his life around thanks to his faith when he nearly sank into the alcohol and drug swamp in the seventies. "For me, God is in my life. I do not hide from it. I have been searching for him since the 1960s.

"Nina Hagen Had himself baptized Protestant last year in Schuttorf, Lower Saxony. Recently, the 55-year-old confessed she sees herself as a nun. Therefore, she no longer strives for an "earthly, sexual love". Since she met God, she feels that she is in the best of hands with him. "I realized: He loves me as no man has ever loved me before, nor as any man can ever love!In 2008, Andreas Frege, better known as the "Religious Circle of Essen," advised Campino and singer of the Toten Hosen, as a substitute teacher for religion to the eighth graders of a comprehensive school: "For many, many years now, I've been involved with religion. My father was a presbyter at church, and I used to sit in the back of the wooden pew on Sundays and just want it to go by. Nevertheless, the topic has never left me. Again and again in my life I have dealt with faith. The argument with it should never end in my opinion. For example, you can't just say 'I'm a Catholic' and then never seriously question that again throughout your life. Besides, it's never too late to get in or out of the discussion about religion. The option of using faith as a source of strength – I would advise everyone not to close the door on that so quickly."The U.S. country star, who died in 2003 Jonny Cash was also known as the "man in black" – and as a man of firm faith. One of the first songs Cash wrote was Belshazzar, which recounts a story from the Bible. The first years of his career, however, were also a classic rock'n'roller life between drugs and alcohol. With the marriage of his second wife June Carter, he found back to God. Again and again, until his death, one could hear in his songs about faith in God and Jesus.

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