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PASSENGER X was created together with my readers. Because earlier PASSENGER X was still called CicoBerlin. That was practically my prototype blog. For a year I tried to find out what exactly I want to write about and who I want to reach. After a year, I let my readers vote on the new name, subjected the blog to a major relaunch and sharpened the topics. Incidentally, the X stands for you! Yes for you! Because with this blog I want to show you that you can experience all my adventures as well. I was neither born rich, nor have I always been super brave. Nevertheless, I have experienced adventures, many of which have dreams. With PASSENGER X I want to give you the courage to make your dreams just as true. Because everything I do, others can do, including you.

On PASSENGER X you will find articles about big and small adventures. In Germany and around the world.

The articles about Germany, my “here and now” and give you the coolest tips for:



  • The coolest city trips in Germany, such as Leipzig, Hamburg or Cologne.
  • The most beautiful hikes in Germany such as the witches rose in the Harz or the Malerweg in the Saxon Switzerland.
  • Short breaks in Germany such as in Sankt Peter Ording

“Elsewhere” stands for the great wanderlust. This drives me out again and again into the world. Whether solo or as a couple with my hero. Whether city trip, road trip or adventure holiday, the main thing individually booked. On the way you will find on PASSENGER X in authentic travel reports and insider tips for individual travel:

  • Information about sabbatical
  • Top and Flop Lists of each place
  • Travel recommendations that make you wander
  • Travel reports with a “so it feels to be there” effect
  • An honest look at cities, countries and cultures
  • High quality pictures
  • Close-up impressions via video and vlog

If you feel like you’ve traveled with me and know exactly what makes my destinations and where you want to go next, then I’ve achieved my goal.

That’s me: Nicole Bittger, in her early thirties, born in Berlin.

In 2016, I treated myself to a six-month sabbatical, which made my wanderlust finally chronic. It was already clear to me on my return to Berlin: that was not all.

A year later I quit, I quit the secure group job to once again go on a big trip. From October 2017 – March 2018 we went to South America. For the most part I have discovered six countries of this colorful continent as solo travelers. At the same time, countries and people have won my heart.

When I came back I started my own business to be even more flexible in my work and travel arrangements, but also to do what I really want: Content Creation & Marketing. Meanwhile, I work for various brands and small agencies of different industries, write advertising or blog texts, look after social media accounts, design campaigns and make small film productions. It’s the mix that makes me happy. Because I would get bored quickly if I had to do the same again and again. That is certainly one of the reasons why I traveled to many countries that I would love to see again, but then I always decide for a new country. My curiosity is just too big.

I as a human in facts:

  • I am, as I write: direct and authentic. That is, I promise only what I can hold and prefer to corner, rather than pretend. Maybe that’s typical Berlin, maybe that’s just typical “me”.
  • When everyone else moans because of it winter is, I am happy about the snowflakes and cuddle up in thick sweaters.
  • a driver’s license I do not have, so far my bike takes me through Berlin reliably. Maybe I’ll do one more, but only if I’m actually going to dream of owning a camper vans.
  • I send postcards, because I find it nice to know, despite all the digital services, that someone finds something nice in the mailbox next to the bills.
  • Mostly I eat meat free, I like to go Have breakfast. It also makes me extremely happy when traveling in the afternoon is really good coffee can enjoy in a nice little shop.

  • I have fear of heights, but for really nice views, I force myself to overcome them, like paragliding in Switzerland or, lastly, hiking in Nepal.
  • I have not been keeping journals for a long time, but I have not Happy Book. Whenever small or big things happen to make me happy, I write them down in a few words. At the end of the year I leaf through it and you know what, I’ve learned the world is wonderful and there are plenty of reasons to be happy if you keep your eyes and your heart open.
  • I usually travel with mine heroes, that’s what I call him, because he gave me the crucial ass kick before my first sabbatical, to dare to go traveling alone.
  • Since my sabbatical in 2016, traveling alone is something I do not want to miss anymore. Solo travel makes me more courageous, makes me totally come to me and has led me to meet incredibly great people around the world.
  • Always there: my camera. Because photography is my hobby. Already in primary school I was in the photo-AG (no joke), later followed the art performance course in Abi with a semester of photography. Then the topic was a bit dusty in the corner for a long time, until I found a wonderful occasion to travel again and to develop myself further.
  • It has cost a bit of overcoming, but now you can see me in front of the camera in videos. In my vlogs I take you on trips.
  • My favorite travel destination? GREENLAND! Clearly. That was a dream already in youth years. Since traveling in this bizarre landscape for three weeks in 2016 and also encountering humpback whales, I get goose bumps when I think of Greenland.

  • My weirdest travel destination? China. Also very clear. I traveled directly to Japan to China and alone. That was probably two mistakes at once. For the first time in Beijing, I experienced a real culture shock and for the first time ever considered breaking off my journey. I felt so uncomfortable. That might have been different, had I not been traveling alone, and above all, would someone have been there who spoke Chinese. So I felt watched, photographed unasked and alone. Because conversations were simply not possible. An oblique experience, which I nevertheless do not want to miss, as it has greatly expanded my horizons. Other countries, other customs and me had nobody forced to travel. So you yourself are the “intruder,” the “different”.

And do not forget, if you do not want to miss any of my adventures then sign up for the newsletter. Then you get an update once a month and learn in front of all other readers what is happening with PASSENGER X right now. In addition, there is a playlist put together by me in each newsletter.

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