Ber stock and stone to the Blecksteinhaus (m) at the Spitzingsee

Over hill and dale to Blecksteinhaus (1,022 m) at Spitzingsee

With the dwarves in the mountains

Cheerful and with sparkling children’s eyes we start on a sunny May morning at the Hiking parking lot right on the Spitzingsee, not far from Wurz and Klausenhütte.
Our goal today is that Blecksteinhaus, in a picturesque location in the mountain valley Valepp, embedded in the Bavarian part of the Mangfallgebirge, lies.

Over hill and dale to Blecksteinhaus (1,022 m)

Equipped with sufficient provisions and self-carved hiking poles we go on the Roßkopfweg and always follow the signs “Blecksteinhaus”.

The path meanders colorful flower meadows and overgrown grassy hills along. We always walk slightly uphill and downhill and experience a lot varying landscape.

There is much to discover for the kids on the way

Bouldering for beginners &# 128578;

Arrived at the Blecksteinhaus at 1,022 m we are all happy about the sunny beer garden and above all about that great climbing paradise. Both the small and the “big” children climb and scramble on the huge artificial rock and experience a completely different playground experience.
Meanwhile we enjoy delicious meal and the afternoon sun.

If a valley hike is not enough, because there is still energy and time left, or if you really want to enjoy a great view, there are several mountain hikes available from the “Blechsteinhaus”:

  • to the Rotwand (1.885 m) in about 2.5 hours,
  • to Stolzenberg (1.604 m) reachable in 2 hours,
  • to the Bavarian Schinder (1,796 m), which lies at 3-hour distance,
  • to Roßkopf (1,580 m) – about 2.5 hours walking time
  • or to the bottom cutting (1,668 m), whose summit climbs in 2.5 hours.

The Alpine club hut of the Munich section is open almost the whole year and offers accommodation for about 40 people. Thus nothing speaks against one or more nights in the beautiful Valepp.
After much back and forth, we can also wrest the last from the climbing world and inspire them to continue.

The way back along the Red Valepp

Now we enter the way back of ours round trip on.
We follow initially a piece of the already known way and then turn right direction river to Valepperstraße. Here we always go upstream along the Red Valepp on a wider tarred road. This path is also a very popular cycling route, which can be very busy in good weather.
About halfway we leave the Albert-Link-Hütte lie left and follow the Valepperstraße.

The children are still very enthusiastic about nature and its diversity. New discoveries are constantly opening up and the joy of colorful flowers, glittering stones and fluttering butterflies is huge.
Our trail is slowly feeding itself to the end, because we go a bit up the mountain and can soon be the Wurzhütte see.
Arrived in Spitzingsee we let this great day end with a fruity ice and make us slightly exhausted and full of new impressions on the way home.

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