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It all began with a study project by Jan Vieth in 2002, and based on his experience from camps in Canada, the USA and Australia, he wanted to introduce a combination of the various basic principles in Germany as well.

Here the main aspects are not just a varied program or a great accommodation. Much more it is about the cohesion, which is built up and promoted in the international camp community. No matter if child, youth or teamer, no matter from which country or culture – everyone should feel comfortable and experience an unforgettable time together. Friendships are made here even though you live thousands of kilometres apart. Our experienced campers include newcomers immediately, as this is exactly why they like our camps so much. They come to make new friends and refresh old ones. Many parents tell us after the summer camps about mutual visits, some of which took us as far as France, Spain or Canada. They also tell us about the increased motivation of their children to listen more attentively to language lessons at school so that they can have a better time next summer at the camp.

Another of our basic principles is that sport is not there to win or lose, but to have fun together. Children and adolescents can recharge their self-confidence with us and learn to become more independent. Of course we also have conflicts, but we always solve them together.

We are not a huge company or a corporate group – with us it is family. Our founder, Jan Vieth, knows all team members personally and trains them together with our coaching team. We have approx. 150 team members from approx. 30 different nations in action each year, who are on average on duty for 4 weeks in our camps. Our international office team consists of 15 employees who work in Canada, Spain and Germany. Every year we have participants from more than 60! different nations and our recomer rate of over 70% also speaks for itself.

We attach great importance to each child as an individual and therefore do not make mass camps with 1000 participants. We are also no “booze party beach” youth tour operator. All forms of violence and drugs – including alcohol and cigarettes – are excluded for all participants, regardless of age.

We know that it is an incredible leap of faith when parents entrust their child to us. That is why we are aware that many questions arise. Ask us – we will answer all your questions in the best possible way.

Spend the night under the starry sky, listen to the crackling of the campfire, master the challenge of climbing, feel the enthusiasm of the people – that’s Camp Adventure.

Our Camp Team

Camp Adventure is an organization of the founder Jan Vieth, which since 2002 combines the positive aspects of German holidays and Canadian summer camps to offer children and teenagers from all over the world great adventures & sports camps. Key points are not only the highest quality and safety standards, as in Canada and the USA. In addition, the aim is to motivate the supervisors and participants to actively participate in the programme and their stay at the camp.

Years of experience, excellent and comprehensive training, as well as the character qualifications of the carers ensure that the children and young people spend an eventful and at the same time relaxing holiday with Camp Adventure. For some years now we have been working together with the Camp Europe e.V. association, which specialises in the search, selection and training of German and international team members and language coaches. With club offices in Spain and Canada, Camp Europe provides a great international mix in our camps. Whether student or employee, athlete or painter, musician or craftsman, we strive for the most heterogeneous mix in our teams, so that our program can cover a wide range of sporting to creative activities. Most of our teams are between 19 and 35 years old and have proven experience in children and youth.

We don’t invest our money in large advertising campaigns, but mainly in the recruitment, selection and training of team members by Camp Europe. It’s fantastic that every year we have so many applicants for our camps. In a personal interview, the applicants are first examined intensively. Our minimum requirements for teamers include: proof of an extended certificate of good conduct, the minimum age of 19 years, possession of a valid large first aid certificate and successful participation in our 1-week training course.

Our camp leaders are responsible for the organisation of all our large camps. They are the contact persons for the parents and are responsible for the coordination and leadership of our teams. They already have several years of experience in our camps and help the team members with all kinds of problems.

The language coaches are dedicated young native speakers who are then trained by our experienced trainers in our language program. They learn a variety of methods that allow them to respond creatively and dynamically to the different needs of the camps. Due to our many years of positive experience in team building with children and young people, we attach great importance to “teamwork” – we even want to copy. Accordingly, the participants master challenges together and grow together as a group.

By using pure native speakers, most of whom do not speak German, the participants must automatically begin to communicate in another language. By the way and as a matter of course the correct pronunciation and sentence order are self-evident. This is the huge advantage over school lessons! The coaches can also “represent” their country, so that the children learn more about the people, the culture and habits of the different countries beyond the language.

YOU are so enthusiastic that you also want to become a team player with us? Then visit the CAMP EUROPE website. There you’ll find all the information you need about the application and training process!

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