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It is October, Christmas is inevitably moving closer and closer on the Pelle. And maybe even a birthday or two is just around the corner. As long as we as parents have the opportunity to choose the gifts for children and toddlers, we should use them. Early enough (with us now at the age of 3.5) the children start putting together their wish lists themselves. Then enough stuff and small things will come into the house anyway. I think that’s completely legitimate. But that’s why, in my eyes, it makes sense to choose something bigger beforehand that then functions as a community gift. This ensures a little more minimalism and, incidentally, also that the children are not so flooded with all the gifts. Because from experience they often have no more time to unpack after the first part. Or everything is unpacked and flies directly into a corner.
In the article, you can go directly to the product page by clicking on the image. Sometimes affiliate links were used, so I get one small Commission if you order over it. There are no additional costs for you.

Gifts for babies under the age of one

Babies don’t need a lot of toys, so it makes more sense to collect the money that would otherwise go into frills. Optionally, it can be created for later requests (car, year abroad …) or it is used by you as parents for larger purchases that are otherwise difficult to handle (e.g. the reboarder as the next seat after the baby seat).

Nevertheless, I understand the wish to give the child a little something, in case of doubt it can also be kept a little until it is really usable for the child.
So here are a few inspirations for you – the best gifts for babies.

Grimm’s disk tower

The rainbow-colored wooden stacking tower appeals to babies in terms of color and feel. As soon as babies can sit, they will try to remove the slices from the tower and put them back on. With increasing age, they will try more and more to arrange the disks according to their size. A high quality toy where parents and children can enjoy it for a long time.

Price: 26-27 euros

Grimm’s threading game

Small wooden rolls can either be placed on the matching wooden dowels on the board or threaded onto a ribbon. An exciting motor training for the little ones.

Grimm’s rattle of small fish

Even for the very little ones. An easy-to-grasp wooden rattle that can be safely put in your mouth. Guaranteed without micropasty. Exploring and rotating the colorful rings and the fish also provide new experiences.

Price: 15-16 euros

Chicken Shake – Haba Rattle Eggs

Admittedly, I don’t know a baby or child who doesn’t love these eggs. They are the absolute hit at children’s gymnastics and everyone wants to take them home with them. The eggs lie comfortably in the hand and can be shaken by babies, children and parents alike – more or less rhythmically. This is how first musical experiences are fun.

Plantoys bath toys

At the latest when the children can sit in the bathtub themselves, toys are an absolute hit. Before you fill the water with lots of plastic stuff, take a look at Plantoys. They have wonderful wooden bath toys. Like this submarine

Price: 19-20 euros

Gifts for children and toddlers from 1 to 3 years

I have to confess my favorite gift of old age. The children are already playing in a variety of ways, or will start to do so soon, but will primarily stick to the things we choose for them. In my opinion, now is the best time to equip the children’s room with the basics.
I will primarily list higher-priced toys that are well suited as community gifts.

Wall domino

Set up tokens and knock them over. Discover how they can be lifted by pulling the ball and how they knock each other over in turn. A wonderful game that keeps you busy. Addresses and challenges children in a motor, visual and haptic way. Particularly good – space-saving due to the attachment to the wall and the dominoes cannot be lost.

Price: 51-52 euros

Motor-wall elements

It’s hard to miss I’m standing on wall toys. Again, a variant. The various motor elements can either be distributed in the children’s room or attached to a wall. Game and activity are guaranteed by the different options.
The toy promotes motor skills, sharpens the senses and is simply a really great way to employ several children.

children’s food

The toy kitchen is probably the “evergreen” among gifts for toddlers. I particularly like this model because it offers storage space, is visually appealing and has a “fridge”. Seriously, you can’t imagine the drama here because the children’s kitchen doesn’t have a refrigerator. Things that are suddenly important for three year olds.

climbing triangle

Similar to the children’s kitchen, the Pikler-style climbing triangle is a “must-have”. It can be used with and without a slide board. It invites you to climb, ride on it and build a cave. The one in the picture is even foldable – so it can be stowed away well for everyone with little space – or you can take it with you to Grandma.
We definitely don’t want to do without it anymore.

The learning tower

The learning tower – or learingtower – makes everyday life easier for many families. Like us. Thanks to the tower, for example, you can watch cooking in the kitchen and help no problem. Without having to worry that my child will fall down permanently.
Since the tower could be climbed alone, it has been in continuous use here. If you are not completely unskilled in terms of craftsmanship, you can also build it yourself, like we do for example. Instructions can be found here: click.

The Tonie Box

Officially only from the age of 3, the box is the absolute highlight of the children from the first birthday under supervision. While the relationship between figure and music is initially explored, the children then discover that they can change the songs independently, as if they could turn the volume up and down. Tonies offers lots of music and audio book Tonies. And creative tones to discuss or record yourself are a highlight. On the way, the box can even be used with headphones. For me, it simply belongs in every child’s room.

soft blocks

No matter whether as a crawling or running route. Whether to build a tower, house or stairs. The big ones foam Blocks invite you to try them out and discover them. The wipeable cover is ideal for children.


Even in front of the wheel, children can use it as a kind of tricycle. When the children reach the wheel age, the double wheel axle at the back can be exchanged for a simple wheel and the wheel is ready.

Gifts for children from 3 years old

As I said, we started at 3, that our own wishes should be fulfilled and we as parents didn’t have much to talk about anymore. Nevertheless, I would like to recommend a few things to you here.

Brio railway

Brio is loved by all children (nephews, nieces). The Brio world is always expandable. The rail network can always be rebuilt or expanded. There are hardly any limits to your imagination.

Price (for this basic equipment): 190 euros

The wobbleboard

To crawl or run over. Also to sit on or stand on. As a bridge when playing with cars. Rocking inside. Or to balance in it. Even to do gymnastics with it.
The wobble board is diverse. Trains balance and is considered a universal toy.

Wall game alphabet

Getting to know the alphabet and words is child’s play with this blackboard. No matter whether sorting letters or creating words, the difficulty is easy and individually controllable.

Price: 36-52 euros


With Sumblox you can easily build and integrate them into the game. Above all, however, you can learn math and numbers with them in a playful way. For example, a 4 is the size of two two on top of each other. A three is the size of a two and a one. The system is well thought out and even multiplying and dividing is easy to understand.

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