Best online casino – best websites 2020

Best online casino – best websites 2020

  • There is a specific provider, but experience has shown that it is not available to all German customers.
  • The internationally oriented offer has a base in Germany, may have been checked by the German TÜV.
  • A player plays casino games from Germany (slots, roulette, blackjack, baccarat, poker and so on).

Many recommended online casinos

If you want to play games of chance on the Internet, you can choose between a large number of providers. All have advantages, few disadvantages, because in terms of seriousness there is rarely anything to complain about. Every online casino mentioned below has the ambition and the chance to become the best online casino 2019.

The best online casino 2019 – what to expect

If you want to become the title holder, you have to offer a lot to the customers. The subject areas are:

  • A wide program with many games that cannot be played by the competition.
  • A variety of innovations.
  • Interesting doctorates with pleasant conditions
  • Possibly an app, because such programs are far less widespread than is commonly assumed.
  • A modern, German-language website.

If the topic of online casino PayPal were fulfilled, this would also be an advantage. The common thing is that payments via PayPal should be possible. This is remarkably rare in reality, but as long as there are alternatives, this should not be criticized.

Information about the Dunder Casino online

Dunder presents an interesting German-language offer, which is definitely serious. The bonus offers € 250 and 120 free spins. The program is varied and mobile access is made possible.

Play information about Mr Green Casino online

Mr Green is one of the big names, also because of its seriousness and tradition. In any case, there are no disadvantages. In terms of bonus, there is a choice between an offer of € 100 cash and 100 free spins for the normal range or a live casino bonus that guarantees 50% as a double chance of winning. This is innovative and therefore a plus. Mobile access is also available here.

General information about online casino bonuses

Anyone using a bonus must know that conditions must be met before a payout can be made. On the one hand they have to be announced transparently and on the other hand they have to be fair. In other words, a player participating in an action should have a realistic chance of being successful. This is the case with the two offers mentioned. Simply put, money has to be wagered multiple times, especially with slots.

A conclusion about playing online casinos from Germany

To put it clearly and unambiguously: Of course, it is permitted in Germany to play games of chance on the Internet. And it doesn’t have to be about sports betting that is much better viewed by the general public than casino games. Whatever the reason. It is striking that the best-known providers present both areas and more.

As long as there is an official license, for example from Malta and thus from a country belonging to the European Union, there can be no talk of a ban. Basically, everyone should have a choice whether to gamble on the Internet or not. A win is possible online in a casino.

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