Best stroller brand 2020 – comparison: 5 good brands strollers

The stroller market is gigantic and expectant parents are faced with a huge flood of information about what you have to consider, what you really need and what you can have. A lot of information is often confusing, and some products do not meet the same quality and safety standards as others.

But on what you have to really pay attention? What things and functions are essential? Which are luxury? We are dealing with some manufacturers and their products. So it’s about an evaluation of the best stroller brands and manufacturers.

Top 5 stroller brands compared

Teutonia stroller

  • 100 years of experience
  • With swivel slide
  • Complete stroller
  • Fold compact
  • Robust
  • Beautiful design
  • squeaks


The Teutonia company was founded in Germany in 1947. The idea behind the company is that children have a comfortable and safe place, while parents need a stroller that is slim and easy to fold. Use in an urban environment must be guaranteed as well as in rural or even wild terrain. The stroller manufacturer is characterized by high standards and a great driving experience. Great emphasis is also placed on comfort and light weight. The family-owned company is now located in southern Sweden and focuses on sustainability.

Mountaineer stroller

  • Donates to charity
  • Versatile
  • Compact
  • Oeko-Tex Standard 100 tested
  • Very easy
  • Good value for money
  • Rusts easily


The Bergsteiger company attaches great importance to quality. The fabrics are sewn by hand. The company also values ​​sustainability. Safety in the design and manufacture of the products is a top priority here and the strollers meet all European requirements and guidelines that are placed on strollers. All strollers comply with the EN1888 as well as the approval standard ECE R44 / 04 and the Oeko-Tex Standard 100. Comprehensive quality assurance should maintain the high standard. The modern design was also created by incorporating customer requests so that the consumer could ultimately also participate in the design.

Bugaboo strollers

  • Good corporate philosophy
  • Strive for sustainability
  • Innovative design
  • dirt-prone
  • Very expensive
  • Poor value for money


The Bugaboo company was founded in 1994 and offers distinctive style and maximum comfort. The strollers were made to relieve parents in their everyday life. The focus is on aesthetics and high-quality materials that have been designed and constructed in such a way that an exchange of defective parts is possible without any problems. In addition, the customer can constantly redesign the products with additional content. The company’s goal is to create products that last a lifetime.

Knorr-Baby stroller

  • High quality standards
  • Functional design
  • German company with a lot of market experience
  • Good value for money
  • Naphthalene in handles
  • Lack of stability
  • Badly sewn


The German company Knorr-Baby is based in southern Germany and has already received various awards for various products. They have been on the market for around 6 decades and are among the pioneers in the industry. An important motivation for the company is the freedom of movement of the parents. Over the course of time, stiff wagons have become flexible, sporty and practical comfort strollers that can be used on any terrain and that grow with the baby’s natural development steps.

Hartan stroller

  • Strong corporate brand
  • High quality standards
  • Beautiful design
  • Lightweight
  • Poor value for money
  • Wheels partially weaken
  • Comes with few accessories
  • Little transparency about companies on website


Hartan is a German manufacturer of strollers, which was recognized as the best brand of 2018 by + X Award, and also number 1 in the product champions of "Die Welt". Hartan strollers must meet the highest standards and be free of harmful substances. Unfortunately, the company has not published very much about its own history and philosophy, so we cannot say too much about it. Nevertheless, according to many press reports, they count as one of the strongest stroller brands in Germany.

Best stroller manufacturers

In our comparison, the Teutonia brand did the best. The merger with the Swedish stroller manufacturer EmmalJunga has done the company good and the experience of two companies is now flowing together. Both companies are now a new unit with a lot of experience and high standards in many areas.

The Swedish company does a lot in terms of sustainability and has equipped the entire plant with heaters that do not use fossil fuels and has also made further investments in this area. Such as the possibility of recycling your own materials.

Stiftung Warentest result

As far as strollers and child safety are concerned, Stiftung Warentest made extensive comparisons.

Unfortunately, the comparisons do not only produce positive results, and it has been shown that some manufacturers still process substances that are potentially hazardous to health or promote illness.

The Britax Go Big performed best with a rating of 2.1. The manufacturer is therefore one of the best strollers in Germany.

Buy good strollers

Extensive research is of course important. Above all, parents should find out which companies dispense with hazardous substances in the processing and construction of strollers in order to avoid negative effects on the babies themselves or those who have regular contact with the stroller.

In addition, buying a stroller involves so much more than just design, price and ingredients. A good stroller manufacturer should meet some criteria. Because the baby carriage is at best a daily companion and should make everyday life easier as much as possible. If you are often in the city, you should make sure that the device is flexible and easy to use.

Robust tires and easy cleaning

With regular trips into the forest or on uneven terrain, the priority should be with robust tires. Of course, you should also make sure that the stroller fits easily into the car.

The most important thing with the purchase, however, is that you take your time, research all products carefully and do not rush.

Another important aspect is washing the car. Here it is important that all textile covers have to be removable and machine washable. Because especially outside, various smells and especially types of dirt accumulate, which in turn offer a wonderful breeding ground for germs. That is why the covers of prams should also be washed at regular intervals. The eco stroller is also becoming increasingly popular.

The Internet and specialist retailers are happy to provide information and you can request the latest results from Stiftung Warentest. The best stroller brand in this comparison is Teutonia, Stiftung Warentest has chosen Britax Römer as the test winner, at Ökotest the model Terra Koala from Naturkind and Xplory Carry Cot Complete received the test rating "good".


It is still difficult to get quality products for children and babies these days. There are different brands with different promises. Despite this, however, there are often worrying products in strollers that are hazardous to health and therefore definitely do not belong in the product.

Therefore, an open declaration by the manufacturer and a fair price-performance ratio are extremely important.


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