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Beds, mattresses, blankets, pillows and everything you need for a good night’s sleep can be bought at discount prices in the BETTENRID online shop. There you also use one of our vouchers to secure attractive discounts.

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With your purchase in the online shop BETTENRID you can now save 20 euros, if you order items for at least 150 euros from the range.

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With this offer, your sleep will be even deeper and sweeter, because BETTENRID will give you up to 60% off in the SALE.

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With our voucher you will receive a thank you for your order at BETTENRID Discount of 10 Euro, when you sign up for the Betten Rid Newsletter.

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BETTENRID – The online shop for the best sleep

Who does not know it? You roll back and forth at night, just can not find a comfortable position. The blanket is due to the constant movement only a lump and the pillow provides everywhere enough filling only where your head is. The next morning, you will feel like a wheelchair and anything but recovered. Here, restful sleep is so important. The fatigue and the stress of the day should be diminished somehow. And everyone is looking forward to falling into a comfortable bed and being able to cover themselves with a nice, warm and soft blanket. The pillow should also be comfortable and support the neck well. So you sleep well.

But for a truly restful sleep you just need quality products. It starts with the bed. It should be stable and not squeak with every move. In addition, there is a good slatted frame, which takes the pressure off the body and supports the body parts that need it. Then follows with the mattress one of the most important components. This must not be too soft or too hard and must adapt to the body. You have to sink on it and be able to completely relieve the body. Therefore, the interaction between mattress and slatted frame is so important. Both help to support the body correctly and ensure that you can relax properly while you sleep. A good blanket is also essential. It should not be too warm and not too thin. It has to let the air through, so that no heat can accumulate. Nobody wants to sweat in their sleep. Then a really good, stable pillow that supports the neck and is already taken care of for a fantastic sleep.

But buying all these products always involves a lot of effort. You look for the bed in a furniture shop, the slatted frame and the mattress in a special mattress shop. Blanket and pillows are available in another shop. It takes a while until you have everything together and then everything fits together well. On top of that, you still have to transport the products. The bed in its individual parts just fits in the car. So drive home, unload and drive off again to get the mattress and rest. Then you should build everything up. With luck, you will finally sink into your new bed in the evening.

It is easier if you order all items collected through an online store. BETTENRID offers itself here in particular. The company was founded in 1916 when Rosa Zainiger opened a bed and feather bed cleaning service to earn a living for herself and her daughters after her husband’s death. Since feathers were in short supply during the First World War, the cleaning came very well. The result was a large company that has been steadily expanded. From the cleaning of beds to the sale of feathers and bedding to the delivery of beds, mattresses, blankets and more. At the same time, we always pay attention to the highest possible quality at the lowest possible price. Convince yourself and visit the online shop.

Buy cheap quality beds and goods

The homepage of the shop welcomes you already with the BETTENR >Beds, Sleeping, Living, Bathing, Brands and Sale. As you can see at BETTENR >Beach towels, bath towels, towels and more catered for. Now simply move your mouse over the area that interests you. It opens directly a list of subcategories from which you choose the one that suits you.

Already the associated products are displayed. Now select the article that you like best. Then take a closer look at the goods using the detailed pictures. So you get a good impression of his appearance. Now read the detailed product description and learn more about the article, for example about the degree of hardness of the mattress and other special features. If you are convinced, put the product in the cart and close the order, which will be sent to you a few days later.

Be sure that despite the low prices and the many Bargains in BETTENRID Sale should use one of our vouchers. After all, you certainly do not want to forego the attractive discounts and benefits.

Buy cheap with a BETTENRID coupon

Although the prices at BETTENR >Save even more on bed and bedding purchases You can do that with a BETTENRID coupon. Take a look at and choose one of the offered BETTENRID coupons. For example, you get percentages above a certain order value and many other benefits and benefits. You will see that you will find a suitable one for you Find BETTENRID coupon. Take your time and look through the offer of BETTENRID vouchers in peace. Also, remember to also read the coupon details to see if there are specific conditions to use a coupon. For example, a minimum order value. Once you have found a matching BETTENRID coupon, simply redeem it on the next order and save a lot of money. The coupons can be redeemed by both new and existing customers. Our range of BETTENRID coupons will also be constantly updated, so you should stop by the portal from time to time. If you decide to subscribe to the free newsletter, in addition to the regular information, you will also receive a discount on your next order.

How to use your BETTENRID voucher

If you insert a BETTENRID coupon want to save on an order, then just follow these steps:

    Search first of all on our web portal for a coupon that best fits your order. You will then receive a personal coupon code. Next, pay a visit to the online shop. There you browse through the offer of BETTENR >

So it’s really easy to redeem a BETTENRID coupon code. That way it can be saved with every order.

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