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The betting market is becoming increasingly popular. There are many players and therefore a comprehensive comparison of betting providers is worthwhile. One should take care to take into account the properties of bookmakers. Of course, this can take a lot of time and can be tedious. Since time is precious, the editorial team made a detailed comparison and created a review for each bookmaker, whereby a test winner was also determined, which is now being presented.

Here you get an overview of all tested betting providers: (Updated: 15.01.2020)

providers bonus
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Anyone who thinks that only established betting providers have been tested is wrong. Unknown bookmakers were also checked in detail. Ultimately, the overall concept should be decisive, whether you should be enticed to register with a provider or not. The following shows what is important in a betting provider test. This way, professionals receive good help and can use our comparisons to prepare themselves for personal betting. These tips can of course also apply to beginners.

How to find the best betting provider?

If you act wisely, you can regularly secure great benefits if you make sure you are registered with a suitable sports betting provider. In general, it is worthwhile to trust a betting provider without betting tax. Ultimately, this avoids the payment of amounts that should not be underestimated, which can accumulate in considerable sums.

In general, other characteristics that play a role in the evaluation are also important. But no worry. The betting provider selection can also be done in three simple steps and starts with the corresponding review, as the following image shows.

So a bonus should not be underestimated, just as little as a good function of a professional customer service. In addition, it is of course also important that the betting offer is broad and offers all variants and sports that the player wants to use.

Users are often specialized in certain sports, but a wide range ensures that you can broaden your horizons and get to know other sports and games. Of course, the betting odds should not be underestimated.

They tell you how much profit you can expect from individual tips. If you bet on a company that generally promises high odds, you can secure exciting cost advantages in regular play and ultimately win more. Even small differences can have an enormous effect. Nowadays, the availability of mobile typing options is also very important. With the help of specially developed programs and applications, you can use the offer on the go and give tips within a very short time.

It is quite common nowadays that apps fully replace the online offer for users. In this respect, the programming of the app is of great importance and you should make sure that the applications are easy to understand and have the same range of functions as the desktop version of the offer. In addition, one should not forget to pay attention to collateral.

First of all, it should be checked exactly in which country the respective provider is controlled and licensed. Basically, you should only trust European companies that may even have a license from Schleswig Holstein. This way you avoid the encounter with fraudulent lock offers.

If you then pay attention to various fees, which may be incurred for deposits or withdrawals, for example, you have basically taken into account everything that you should do when choosing the top betting provider.

How do you simply secure the best bonus offers?

You can put together a betting provider ranking that only takes into account the bonus and betting provider with PayPal. Although it is nice to distribute the highest possible bonus amounts, this is not the only relevant feature of promotions and special promotions that you should pay attention to.

Because the bonus offers can also be found in all sorts of variants. In general, the new customer bonus on the first deposit is the classic model in the market. Here, a certain percentage is credited to users as a bonus amount for their own deposit. Often one finds percentages above 100%, which doubles the users own deposit.

bonus € 250 top bonus!

But there are both lower rates and significantly higher rates. Of course, there are always some terms and conditions that should be met. Which these are and what is necessary to unlock the bonus amount should be clearly regulated by the betting provider. If you make payments to meet all the conditions, you run the risk of losing your entire bonus balance.

Usually, however, the providers provide information about the exact conditions and should questions arise, support can also help. If you want to use the offer regularly, you shouldn’t just rely on a new customer bonus. The top bookmakers also offer different offers, as the following table shows.

Welcome Bonus Reload bonus freebets Cash Back
Betway € 250 Not available Available Available
22Bet € 100 Available Not available Not currently on offer
Bet3000 € 150 Not available Not available Available
888Sport € 100 Not currently on offer Available Not available
Betsson € 100 Not available Available Not currently on offer € 100 Not available Available Not available

Many companies also offer promotions that crop up again and again. This not only serves new customers, but also regular users who visit the game regularly. There may even be a loyalty bonus, which can lead to further advantages. However, this is usually only relevant for the most active users with high sales. However, everyone else will be more happy about certain offers, which, for example, reward the recommendation to friends.

Even so, you can secure free credit under certain circumstances. So if you register with a betting company, you will most likely be dealing with a betting provider with a bonus. One should only clarify exactly how this is structured so that one can benefit from these promotions to the best possible extent.

Often you will also find other functions such as a betting provider with cashout or with live cashout. This is relevant if, for example, you make so-called combination bets and want to secure profits early. However, these are generally lower than actual payouts when normal quotas are used. It is therefore important to weigh up whether you want to get involved in cash out deals.

How to find the right offer

Many betting companies mainly advertise with a huge range of bets. As a user, you should first ask yourself whether you want to bet on marginal sports at all, or rather just restrict yourself to a favorite sport. If the latter is the case, you can check whether this sport can be found at the respective provider. If this is the case, you can afford to neglect the other betting options.

However, the betting offer also states which bet types are offered. It is now normal to find so-called combination bets and live bets in addition to the standard bets. It is certainly worthwhile to carry out a personal betting provider test. A normal visit to the platform is often sufficient for this, even if you do not register for it. But at least you can see which tips are possible at which odds.

Under certain circumstances you can even find a betting provider list, which shows exactly what sports are included in the offer of the respective company. With such a betting provider overview, you can see at a glance which tips are possible. But you can also use the following graphic as a starting point to get at least an idea of ​​which sports are popular in this country. The idea behind this is that bookmakers offer these kinds of sports because they know they are likely to be interesting for players.

When talking about the betting offer, one should not neglect the platform. After all, care should be taken to ensure that users are given a permanent overview and are not overwhelmed by a large number of different chaotically arranged offers.

The same naturally applies to the mobile offer. If a betting provider manages to combine a large offer with a good overview, there is hardly any reason to complain. It is interesting to see how creative the typing companies have become. You don’t just find it the mainstream sports like soccer, basketball or handball, but also more and more marginal sports, from which even proven experts may not have heard much.

It is even more and more often possible to tap on so-called e-sports, which describe nothing other than computer games or corresponding tournaments. A general offer is considered to be rounded off if political and social events have also been included in the repertoire. So you can always face your sports betting with a lot of variety.

The odds are an important part

Searching and analyzing betting odds is particularly popular. Finally, it shows exactly what profits you can expect from certain tips. The differences between the offers are sometimes considerable. And so it makes perfect sense to consciously choose a provider who can generally boast high chances of winning or, in other words, a high odds key and other advantages.

If a player is actually deliberately looking for high chances of winning, it is advisable to search the offers of the platform extensively. The best ways to win are often hidden in marginal sports and lower divisions. Sometimes it is possible to get real gold coins in terms of quotas with a little research. Every now and then certain events are accompanied by betting companies with particularly good odds.

However, as a user you should of course make sure to stay up to date here and some people may find it useful to subscribe to the Group’s newsletter in order to always be informed about such offers.

Of course, the type of betting is also important for the odds structure. For example, if you make combination bets and thus combine different bets with each other, you can make considerable profits if all the tips are correct. But if even one assumption is wrong, you have to calculate the loss of the stake.

This is a very exciting matter that can attract more and more fans. With only one euro you can get amazing winnings if you combine enough bets. Profits in the three or four-digit range are also realistic. Of course, no one claims that combining many successful bets is easy, but this style of play also offers significant opportunities.

If you want to discover more bets with high odds, you should not forget to take a closer look at the live bets. After all, you can first wait and see how certain games wrap. Obviously the odds change in the course of events and so you can find very attractive winning opportunities. Especially shortly before the end of games, the returns rise as high as would be unthinkable with normal standard bets.

It is a lot of fun with the right app

In terms of sports betting, too, there is not much left without smartphones and tablets. Here, too, these technical achievements prove to be a welcome tool for daily play, as many reviews show. As a user, you not only make yourself independent of the desktop PC and gain flexibility in terms of location and time, but the typing itself takes place at an almost unbelievable speed, for example with the Betsson app

Many users therefore trust the mobile software solutions. As far as the mobile app is concerned, as a user one can be quite critical. As on the desktop platform, it should be no problem at all times to keep the overview. After all, you don’t want to waste time on big searches when you focus on a game. In addition, it is of course just as important to be able to access the complete program by mobile.

Live betting in particular is given a whole new appeal by mobile applications. So you can give your tips about the different events at any time, even during the game. Theoretically, you can even attend stadium visits or meetings with friends or in sports bars with your current bets.

This leads to an increased level of interactivity and new joy of playing. Anyone who can design their sports betting so successfully will no longer want to use any other means. The existence of an app should actually be the standard in the industry these days. However, there are still some betting providers that use the browser solution. To do this, you would have to call up the website in the browser of the mobile device in order to access the mobile offer.

So you can of course also use the offer on the go, but an app greatly facilitates the experience. The most Betting companies rely on applications for Android and iOS platforms. These can either be downloaded from the usual stores of the software providers or directly from the betting provider. Other ways should be avoided if possible so as not to lead to shady programs. There are also other advantages of sports betting apps.

The advantages of apps

  • Extensive betting program
  • The most important functions are at hand
  • Use of some payment options
  • Mobile users can receive bonuses

Bet providers with PayPal are very comfortable

While in an ordinary sports betting office money was still put or received at the counter, it is of course a little different with an online betting provider. There, the cash is completely eliminated, but this does not mean that you are not very comfortable. This is particularly the case with a betting provider with PayPal.

Because you deposit money with him via his PayPal account and have it paid out again in the same way. This is pretty quick and, moreover, PayPal is a provider with a good reputation.

Betting providers with Paysafecard are very comfortable

Depositing with a Paysafecard is also very popular. It can easily be bought at a petrol station or kiosk and afterwards owners have a rechargeable card that they can use to send credit from A to B within a few minutes. Merely when paying out, players have to deposit their account details with the betting provider with Paysafecard and request them. After a few days, the money will be in the player’s account.

In addition to these two payment methods, there are of course some other important methods, such as payment with ELV, direct debit, the possibility to use cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and some bookmakers even allow players to pay by SMS.

You can recognize a reputable company by that

The topic of security should generally play a special role on the Internet. Since you make deposits here, you should make sure that your personal data is well protected. So first and foremost it is important to use a trustworthy provider. However, this is only guaranteed if you use a licensed and controlled company.

This licensing and regulation should take place within the European Union. In Europe, high security standards apply and companies are obliged to permanently protect their users’ data and funds. If a group violates the current guidelines, it must face severe penalties and may no longer be able to continue its business.

Of course, these aspects are not alone. The following picture shows the characteristics of a reputable betting provider.

This would threaten his entire business model. European providers therefore take great care to comply with all guidelines and serve their customers according to the best standards. This cannot be said so easily for offers from overseas. In addition to the question of licensing, you can also look at other security measures. In general, care should be taken to ensure that user data is protected. In practice, this works with modern encryption, which practically excludes hacker attacks and third-party access.

As a responsible user, you should also ensure that your own PC or smartphone or tablet has up-to-date virus protection. This way you don’t take any unnecessary risks and can play the game with a clear conscience.

bonus 100% up to € 150

The combination of licensing and technical protective measures therefore forms the core of security in gaming and explicitly in betting. All users worldwide and not only from Europe will also consider it important that you generally have the option to set certain limits. Because of course you should make sure that you don’t fall into gambling. On the other hand, a maximum profit can also be communicated, because these are often capped.

This can even end in an addiction. However, the corporations are happy to provide assistance if you should count yourself among a group at risk. With the help of deposit limits, for example with direct bank transfers or another payment method, you make sure early on that you set a clear signal in advance and that you can feel safe because you can precisely calculate the risks of the game.

By the way, deposit limits are not to be confused with the minimum deposit. With deposit limits, players can only deposit a certain amount over a certain period of time. The minimum deposit is the amount that a player must deposit at least in order to be considered in order to place the most popular bet, for example.

Information about possible fees

As a rule, one should be able to expect that the betting groups complete their income finance. However, there may be one or the other provider who can pay for one or the other service. This is of course annoying for users, but you can by choosing right Make sure in advance that you are not faced with surprising costs. But don’t worry, at least among the top bookmakers, it becomes clear that players do not have to expect high costs there.

bookmaker Payments fees Contact Fees
Betway Possible fees for deposits and withdrawals No fees
22Bet Possible fees for deposits and withdrawals No fees
Bet3000 Possible fees for deposits and withdrawals No fees
888Sport Possible fees for deposits and withdrawals No fees
Betsson Possible fees for deposits and withdrawals No fees Possible fees for deposits and withdrawals No fees

In particular with different deposit and withdrawal methods, it can happen that certain percentages are calculated here. The best betting providers in 2020, however, offer all services free of charge and limit themselves to their income from gambling themselves. From the customer’s point of view, this route is naturally preferable. If you have to pay fees permanently, you cannot use them for your own game.

This almost automatically leads to less income. And since the analysis of odds and profit opportunities also plays a role, this factor should not be neglected when choosing the personal provider. Kindly, it is up to the user to decide whether he wants to be enticed by fees or not. The selection of betting providers is large enough to be able to make a free decision here.

In theory, it is of course possible that a user deliberately chooses a provider who can pay for some services extra. This can be justified if the other offer is coherent and promises the user a good overall concept that can take into account the needs of the user.

Betting providers without tax – Here players can save money

In Germany and some other countries, bookmakers have to pay a tax to the tax office. In this country it is 5%, which does not seem like a lot at first. However, if a player achieves a high profit, for example of € 1000, he has to pay € 50 to the tax office or the amount is automatically transferred to the tax office by the bookmaker. There are betting providers without tax and they are dealt with in a detailed article.


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