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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Winter time – reading time

"I saw many winters and many summers go. Just be patient! Spring is near."

From Astrid Lindgrens "Tomte Tummetott"

Winter has also arrived here and has given us some days of snow in some areas during the holidays, which many children like to use for sledding. Christmas is already over, a new year has begun and today is already the day of the Three Wise Men, the wise men from the East who, according to the story, made their way to Bethlehem to look after the child in the crib , So we can currently find beautiful nativity scenes and nativity scenes in many churches, which can still be admired throughout the month of January, because the Christmas season actually does not end until February 2, when spring really is not too far away.

During a visit to friends on the Rhine, I have had the opportunity to look at two beautiful cribs over the last few days, one of Europe’s largest burl wood crib in Rheinbrohl (above) and the crib in Maria Laach Abbey.

Sometimes a character appeals to me in particular, that’s how I felt in Maria Laach with the little shepherd girl, who looks so lost with her little sheep in her arms. Maybe it reminds me of myself, because when I was a child I was everywhere where there were animals and I loved to carry an aunt’s kids around in my arms. I even wore a headscarf every now and then because I often had an earache. So you can sometimes find yourself in a certain figure and put yourself in its place.

The winter time is of course the best time to read and is particularly suitable to make yourself comfortable with a cup of tea or cocoa with a book. In kindergarten, children like to be read aloud. A winter story that they particularly liked is Tomte Tummetott by Astrid Lindgren with those enchanting pictures by Harald Wiberg that have delighted children and adults for over fifty years. They wanted to hear them again and again because, as they said, they, "so beautiful" be. They especially liked the repeating verse: "I saw many winters and many summers go. ", it seemed like he was helping us all find a little rest and relax, what little ones like today Size sometimes not that easy.

Astrid Lindgren / Harald Wiberg: Tomte Tummetott,
Verlag Friedrich Oetinger, Hamburg, 1960
€ 12.90
ISBN: 978-3-7891-6130-8

Astrid Lindgren / Harald Wiberg: Tomte and the fox
Publishing house Friedrich Oetinger, Hamburg 1966
€ 12.90
ISBN: 978-3-7891-6131-5

Otfried Preussler, author of the stories about the little witch, the little ghost and the little Aquarius, of Hörbe and Räuber Hotzenplotz, who unfortunately passed away in February of last year, has a collection of winter stories that are particularly good for the cold Season. The book lets us celebrate again with some of our old, dear friends, but also contains equally beautiful, less well known stories.

Otfried Preussler: winter time, deep snow
Thienemann Verlag, Stuttgart / Vienna 2011
€ 16.95
ISBN: 978-3-522-18228-7

Many children love music, some like to sing or play an instrument. And maybe some of you have already asked yourself the question of how long there has been music, how it was created and developed in earlier times. The history of Music consists of many exciting stories that Rudolf Herfurtner in the book "Everything is nothing without music" told very vividly. The hardback of the book was published seven years ago by Hanser Verlag, and since this year it has also been available as a paperback in the Hanser series at dtv (Deutscher Taschenbuch Verlag). It is recommended for children from the age of 10, but this does not mean that younger people are not allowed to dare. And many adults prefer to be told stories in stories rather than just looking at a lexicon.

Rudolf Herfurtner: Without music everything is nothing
German paperback publishing house, Munich 2015
€ 9.95
ISBN: 978-3-423-62591-3

So Wishes I wish you and us a happy winter reading and a happy new year 2015!


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