Bicycle child seat in comparison 2020

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Price incl.VAT as at: January 14, 2020 3:09

Price incl.VAT as at: January 14, 2020 3:09

Price incl.VAT as at: January 14, 2020 3:09

Price incl.VAT as at: January 14, 2020 3:09

Price incl.VAT as at: January 14, 2020 3:09

Price incl.VAT as at: January 14, 2020 3:09

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model Britax Römer Jockey Comfort Polisport child seat Boodie BOBIKE child seat junior+ Yepp Kids Mini bike seat Thule Ride Along Mini Hamax Sleepy
test score
Max. Weight child (kg) 22 22 35 15 15 22
Seat on the bike behind behind behind ahead ahead behind
Assembly seatpost porter seatpost steering tube steering tube seatpost
seatbelt 3-point belt 3-point belt 3-point belt 5-point harness 5-point harness 3-point belt
spoke protectors
seat cushion
Adjustable foot holder
Weight (kg) 5.7 2.5 4 3 3.3 4.3
Alternative variants

Britax Römer | Bellelli | Polisport | Bobike | Yepp | Thule | Wee-Ride | Hamax | Prophete

With a child bike seat, trips to kindergarten are done stress-free

As soon as the first rays of sunshine tickle your little ones’ noses, the little ones will be drawn outside. It is the time when parents pick up their bikes from the bike cellar or from the garage. You, as an enthusiastic cyclist, do not want to leave the offspring at home, of course. The practical solution can be a child bike seat. These models are very popular and are regularly tested in a child bike seat test. A child bike seat for the front will be very well received by your offspring. The model scores with a good view for your small passenger, who can also easily talk to you. With a child bike seat you can go on trips to the nearby park or to the children’s playground. The trip to kindergarten is also done without stress and traffic jams. Fortunately, our cities and towns are usually very well equipped with bike paths on which you and your little darling can ride relatively safely in the child bike seat. A bicycle child seat test has shown that your little passenger, who is seated in the back of the child seat, can comfortably take a nap there. It is also protected against the wind. For further trips to the next pond or the swimming pool, you can of course easily mount the child bike seat on an e-bike.

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In the child bike seat, the child is secured against falling out by a comfortable belt system

The child bike seat with the high level of comfort for your little passenger has comfortable padding and a backrest that can usually be adjusted backwards. You can also go on a longer tour with the model. If your offspring suddenly gets tired, you have the option of turning the child bike seat into a comfortable place to sleep. According to the bicycle child seat test, the assembly of the model is very easy. You assemble the child bike seat behind the rider in a few simple steps, on the frame below the seat tube. Your child can easily put their little feet on the adjustable footrests. In addition, the child bike seat scores with the large spoke protection. The product with the cover made of high-quality plastic, with mostly soft shoulder pads, is suitable for touring and sports bikes with a round steel tube. With the robust child bike seat, you can be on the move with your toddler from the ninth month to the age of six.

TIP: If you buy a practical child bike seat, make sure that both the backrest and the footrest can be adjusted in height so that the model grows with your child.

The little ones will love the ride to the kindergarten in the child bike seat

You will certainly enjoy the ride to kindergarten with your offspring in the child bike seat. You get to your destination without traffic jams and are also independent of public transport. Your child is securely seated in the sturdy hard-shell seat of the child bike seat made of non-toxic plastic.

The three-point belt prevents your little passenger from falling out of the hard-shell seat while driving. A bicycle child seat test has shown that some models have ventilation openings on the back. If your child has taken a seat in the child bike seat, it is secured with the belt. It can be easily carried out with just one hand open and is also adjustable in height and length. The little feet are placed on the adjustable footrests. The child bike seat protects the child from wind and weather while driving. The importance of foot protection was also pointed out in the bicycle child seat test. Thanks to the necessary feature, your child will not come into contact with the spokes of your bike. Unlike a child bike seat for the front, this model is mounted behind the driver.

TIP: Make sure that your child always wears a helmet when riding in the child bike seat. It is also important for your safety to strap the small passenger in such a way that he cannot get up on the way. Then every trip to kindergarten will be stress-free for you and your child.

Taking a bike outdoors with the toddler is fun for every young family

Mount the child bike seat on your bike and enjoy a ride in the countryside with your little child. The child sits in a stylish hard shell bike child seat, possibly in the colors red and black. The three-point belt ensures that your child does not fall out of the child bike seat and cannot get up while driving. The feet can be parked and secured in the safe and comfortable footrests. The stable foot protection on the child bike seat ensures that your child’s legs do not get caught in the spokes of your bike. This ensures that every trip is a perfect experience. Your child sits differently than a bicycle child seat for the front, behind you and will be fascinated by the surroundings. Perhaps the small exit leads you to a pond in which a family of ducks or swans frolics. The joy is guaranteed written on your child’s face. According to a bicycle child seat test, the assembly of the models that are attached to a luggage rack is also easy to master.

A seat with a sporty design for older children

Children get bigger, so the design of the child bike seat can change. From a weight of 15 kilograms, your offspring can usually no longer be carried in a child bike seat for the front. According to a bicycle child seat test, sporty models are suitable for larger children who are no longer dependent on the support of the side rests. Equipped with a practical, easily adjustable hip belt, your junior can be transported up to a weight of around 35 kg. (It must be checked whether this is permitted according to the road traffic regulations.) The lap belt on the child bike seat prevents you from getting up while driving. The water-repellent model also has adjustable footrests. Your offspring will surely watch you closely, because in the foreseeable future he will ride alongside you with his own bike. The child bike seat can be easily attached to the back of your bike. It is generally suitable for oval steel pipes with a diameter between 28 mm and 50 mm. If you are out and about without your offspring, this child bike seat can usually also be used as a means of transport. The bicycle child seat test showed that children are safely transported with this model until they are able to drive themselves.

A baby can also be transported safely in a child seat for the front

A child seat in the front is suitable for a toddler who is crawling. Your offspring will also be thrilled by the ride right on the handlebars. The child seat for the front, with integrated shock absorption, is usually rainproof. All you have to do is wipe it off and you’re ready to go. The child bike seat for the front is usually equipped with a five-point belt. The height of the footrests can be easily adjusted. In the child bike seat for the front you can take your child with you as soon as they can sit upright. The excursions will be an adventure, because your little one has a good view of the whole area. You will hardly feel the weight of the front child seat when driving. In addition, the model scores with the simple assembly, which can usually be carried out without tools. A bicycle child seat test says that these products can usually be attached to a stem with a size of 20 mm to 28 mm.

TIP: In a child bike seat for the front, your sweet offspring can get to know the world together with you at the age of 9 months. From the age of 2 1/2 to three years it is in good hands in a child bike seat that is attached to the back.

The children get to know their surroundings in a front bicycle child seat

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In the bicycle child seat for the front, it goes safely and relaxed through the city to the kindergarten or to visit small friends. Your child is protected from falling out by the adjustable five-point seat belt. A bicycle child seat test has shown that you can comfortably seat your child in this seat and lift it out again. The belt scores with a childproof lock that you can easily operate. Another pleasant aspect is that the footrests with the straps can be adjusted to the size of your child. Some child bike seats even have a comfortable palm rest for your little passenger. One can speak of a special plus if the cover of the child bike seat turns, pull it off and can be washed in the washing machine. The bicycle child seat test has shown that in this model you can transport children from the 9th month up to the age of approximately 3 years.

TIP: If you are not sure whether your little darling is already able to ride in the child bike seat for the front, then it is best to speak to the pediatrician.