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Bicycle seat – the child seat for the bicycle, a product whose task could not be more responsible: transport children safely on the bicycle! informs about the different Child bike seats and shows what to look for when buying a child seat for the bike.

Note: In the article Bicycle seat for comparison you will find special products that you can mount on the front of the bike.

Dealing with the child bike seat requires absolute uncompromising. The quality of the bike and seat must be right. The price must not be the decision criterion when it comes to the transport of small children. After all, a child is allowed to ride in the bike seat as soon as it can sit independently and stable – that is, it can also take the sitting posture itself and does not have to be put down by the parents. Furthermore, a child should weigh at least 9 kg before riding in a bicycle seat.

At this point we clarify the most important questions for the transport of children by bike.

Mount the bicycle seat at the front or rear?

The ghosts argue about the correct position on the bike. And hold we fixed in advance, there are advantages and disadvantages both at the front and at the back.

Child seat on the bike in front

Children’s bicycle seats can only be used at the front with a maximum load of 15 kg. The child seat is then directly behind the handlebar. The cyclist must ride with his legs slightly apart, otherwise the seat is in the way. Parents at the front benefit from significantly better driving behavior as the center of gravity of the bike is changed only slightly.

In addition, you can see your child permanently and have it protective between both arms. The child can comfortably look ahead and see everything while driving. But it sits directly in the wind.

We recommend the following bike seat for the front

Mount the child seat at the rear

At the latest when the child is heavier than 15 kg, he has to sit in a bicycle seat behind the driver. Because only there are systems that allow a payload of up to 22 kg. The bicycle seat is either suspended from the frame by a stable construction or directly on the luggage rack. Mostly, however, free-floating seats are used!

Child bike seat mounted at the rear

The child is protected from the wind at the back. But it can only see something on the right and left, because the back of mom or dad is blocking the view. The child benefits from a very large seat shell with a robust backrest. This can usually can also be adjusted in the angle of inclination.

Disadvantage: child seats that are free-floating, but are allowed up to 22 kg, can rock up depending on the road surface. In addition, the weight distribution on the bike is very far behind. Which can lead to loss of grip on the front wheel. If the child moves back and forth, the driver feels this very clearly.

We recommend the following bicycle seat for the rear

No matter whether in the front or in the back: when cycling with a child, maximum concentration is required!

Everyday tips

If you are on the bike with a child seat, you should mount a bipod stand on the bike. The normal bike stands, with the bike leaning in the direction of the stand, are rarely suitable for the load with a child seat. In addition, the bicycle should always be supported with its own body when the child is seated and removed.

A bipod stand provides the necessary stability when parking the bike. The child can be seated without fear of a bicycle tipping over. Of course, a child must never remain seated on a parked bicycle!

If a saddle with springs is fitted, a finger pinch protection should be installed urgently. This covers the saddle springs and prevents children from getting their fingers caught in the springs. If there is no pinch protection for the respective saddle, one is urgent new Guess saddle without springs.

Check the straps before each ride! Different clothing also means different belt settings. In the cold season, belts must be significantly wider than in summer. Because you need a winter jacket & Co. fit under the belt. In addition, the child grows quickly and does not want to be strapped too tight. Therefore, every time you fasten your seat belt, check whether the straps are still correctly adjusted.

test winner

At Stiftung Warentest, the two Römer models “Römer Jockey Comfort” and “Römer Jockey Relax” were able to conclude with a “good” in the overall grade. Both models were convincing in terms of handling, safety, suitability for children, durability and driving.


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