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The best bike trailers for children

You like to ride a bike and want to your children take it on a tour in a suitable bicycle trailer for children?

No problem. If you don’t yet know what models are available and what you need to consider when buying such a trailer, you’ve come to the right place.
As with many other products, the selection is huge. The models differ in size / number of seats, weight, handiness, functionality, etc.

On this page we would like to give you an overview of the best children’s bike trailers and also introduce some tests on them.
a Buyer’s guide can be found further down on the page.

In the following table you can find our tested bike trailers for children.
In the table you can see the models according to different criteria arrange yourself. To do this, you simply have to click on the relevant criterion in the table header and the entries will then be sorted in descending or ascending order.

The tested bike trailers for children

Surname image Max. payload seats Price category * Points
(max: 100)
Blue Bird Dual

To the test report

26 kg 2 2 86 Red Loon TJ2

To the test report

25 kg 2 1 81 Qeridoo Speedkid2

To the test report

46 kg 2 3 91 Qeridoo Sportrex 1

To the test report

28 kg 1 3 92 Homcom 360 ° 2in1

To the test report

27 kg 1 1 90 Chariot Cougar 1

To the test report

34 kg 1 4 91 SAMAX 2 in 1

To the test report

23 kg 2 1 86 Thule Chariot CX 2

To the test report

45 kg 2 4 93 Burley Honey Bee

To the test report

45 kg 2 3 83

* Price ranges: 1 (up to € 150); 2 (€ 150 to € 300); 3 (€ 300 to € 600); 4 (€ 600 and more)

► Who are children’s bike trailers suitable for? ?

Children’s bike trailers are suitable for children from 0 to 6 years, as experience has shown that they meet the weight requirements for the current models and are not yet too heavy.
The maximum load capacity of the trailer must therefore be observed urgently.
However, it is recommended for babies to have one special baby seat to use because many belt systems are not designed for such small passengers. Most bike trailers can be combined with the baby car seat from Weber and can therefore be buckled up more securely. Also wrote an article about this: To our Weber baby car seat test.

► How much does a proper bike trailer for children cost me ?

The price range is very large due to the variety of models. The prices start at 70 euros on and go up to 1000 euros. Which price is reasonable depends of course your requirements on.
Cheap models are sufficient for short trips on well-developed roads, while more stable, spring-loaded bicycle trailers for children, which are accordingly more expensive, should be considered when driving on uneven surfaces.
The same applies here that you don’t save too much should, because as the price drops, so does the quality and therefore driving comfort for you and your children.
Around 300-600 € (our price range 3) should be expected when buying a bike trailer for children. This is the price category for the most common models that offer sufficient security and have high quality standards.

If this is too expensive for you, you can also use one Alternative to the children’s bike trailer think, which also makes it possible to take your children on the bike tour, even if they are not yet able to ride themselves.
A cheap alternative is, for example Child seat for the bike. We also had a corresponding test for this one theme care. Here you can get to our child bike seat test.

► Where should I buy a child trailer? ?

The best choice for all products is of course one Specialists, where you professional advice get. In this case, a bicycle accessories store would be a good alternative. However, not all of us have one nearby. That is why the Internet offers itself very well. There is all the information here, usually just a few clicks away. The selection of bike trailers for children is of course much higher here than at a specialist store and a content review is required first.

Various websites on the Internet, such as the ones you are currently on offer you the opportunity, a much quicker overview of all products to get and better after yours Filter needs to be able to.

You also benefit from one on the Internet Plenty of reviews from online retailers, as well as structured test reports that help you find differentiated reviews for one spare objective impression.

Another advantage of buying on the Internet is that convenient delivery home, or that convenient return if not satisfied. This is usually done by a freight forwarder, which takes all the effort out of transport.

What should I pay attention to when buying a bicycle trailer for children ?
– The individual children’s bike trailer test

As with many other products, the selection of children’s bike trailers is huge.
The models differ in size / number of seats, weight, handiness, equipment, etc.
In order to be able to better assess the models, we will show you a few points here with which you can design your individual children’s bike trailer test.

Basically, the application be clarified. This involves the following questions:

  • Should my bike trailer be robust and offer a certain standard of comfort for my children? ⇒ Frequency and duration of use
  • Can I store the trailer well? ⇒ Must be the trailer foldable be and with that easy to store his ?
  • Which floor should the bike trailer be used on? ? – Road tours or "Offroad"-commitment

Answering these questions should make it easier to choose the right model.
Now it is still important to consider some technical components of the bike trailer for children.

The children’s bike trailer test
– Technical components

When testing your children’s bike trailer, the following components should be observed:

► Solid floor pan
Always make sure that the trailer floor pan is stable. An aluminum tub or stiffened floor material is recommended. This minimizes the risk of injury to your children from stones, coarse grains of sand, broken glass or other dangerous objects.

► wheels
Large wheels minimize the risk of the bicycle trailer tipping over. Furthermore, wider wheels and a lower center of gravity are also advantageous, which also reduce the risk of the trailer tipping over.

► clutch
Make sure that the coupling is angularly movable, i.e. not too rigid. This prevents the trailer from tipping over if the cyclist falls.

► suspension
Depending on the application, suspension can be essential. It is definitely a must for tours on uneven ground, such as dirt roads or gravel. Suspension is used to start and compensate for bumps caused by bumps and thus to offer the child a certain level of driving comfort. If the bumps are not properly absorbed, it can permanently damage your child’s posture.
Our tip: If you know which way you mainly want to drive, then consciously drive it off before buying the trailer. The path may well be developed as a cycle path, but it may be the case that you have to overcome steps, for example in the form of sidewalks, that you do not think about.

► Fly screens
A fly screen protects against unpleasant insects such as wasps and bees. These affect the safety of the child and can reduce the driving pleasure enormously. The fly screen should always be closed, as it not only protects against insects, but also against whirled up pebbles or dust.

► Seat belts
Buckling up is clearly a protective measure. In the event of sudden braking, seat belts prevent the children from being thrown out of the trailer and injuring themselves. They also prevent the children from romping around in the trailer while driving, which can upset the trailer. Seat belts are available in every model, but you should still make sure that they are padded in certain places to increase the driving comfort of the child.

► Rain and sun protection
Heavy rain and blazing sun are two extremes that can be expected on your journey. It is therefore important to be adequately protected from this. If your child gets wet in heavy rain and does not dry immediately, hypothermia and the associated symptoms can quickly occur. Too much sun exposure can quickly lead to skin damage, especially for children, since their UV sensitivity is much higher than that of adults.

► Reflectors and taillights
As with bicycles, it is also mandatory for children’s bike trailers to be clearly visible in the dark in traffic. Reflectors and taillights are used for this. The reflectors are located on the spokes, which gives an idea of ​​the overall length of the vehicle.
Pay attention to taillights because the trailer hides the taillights of the bicycle and therefore cannot be seen from behind. If no taillights are attached, they must be retrofitted.

► Pennants
Another safety component on the bike trailer for children is pennants (preferably in a striking color). After all, it should be perceived optimally from a distance.

Now you know everything you need to know when buying a bike trailer for children note must.

We wish you much success in finding your children’s bike trailer.


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