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Learn and play together

With the beginning of the school year 2007/08 started in Baden-Wurttemberg the model project "Education house for three to ten year olds", that gives children the chance to learn and play together over a period of seven years. This enables children from three years of age to have a continuous educational biography, which – based on their individual potential – can run at different speeds. The flexible schooling and the cross-year learning, successfully tested at the "beginning of school new Because “, are integrated in the concept of educational houses 3-10.

A total of 33 educational establishments – consisting of 33 primary schools and 49 kindergartens – have embarked on an intensive, collaborative path that is scientifically supported. The inclusion of children who are not compulsory of schooling in an educational establishment is voluntary.

project goal

In the educational institutions, the focus is on intensive cooperation between kindergarten and primary school. In the course of the model phase, it should become so narrow that a continuous educational institution for three to ten year olds – a pedagogical alliance – is created. With this model project, Baden-Württemberg is the first federal state to break new ground in the field of early childhood and primary education. Common learning and seasons in cross-institutional and cross-year groups are central structural elements of this model project. The orientation plan for the kindergartens and the education plan of the primary school are coordinated. They form the basis for work in the educational center.

Our Bildungshaus concept in Münchweier

For around a decade, the Münchweier primary school and the kindergarten have been called Bildungshaus. The aim of the Bildungshaus is that children of primary school and kindergarten learn together and from each other. So will the children a smooth transition from kindergarten to primary school and a continuous educational biography enables.

The activities within the framework of the Bildungshaus are firmly anchored in the timetable for classes 1-4 and are planned and carried out jointly by the team of Bildungshaus, consisting of teachers and teachers.

The following promotions are offered weekly:

Class 1 and Class 2: The classes are divided into groups and experience different projects together with the kindergarten children. These take place in the afternoons, every 2 to 3 weeks, and are based on the annual cycle and the festivals (Christmas, Carnival, St. Martin, etc.). They tinker, dance, sing and play together.

Class 3: Class 3 opens its classroom once a week in the morning. The kindergarten children experience school up close. You can watch lessons with the teachers, experience them with all your senses and are always invited to take part. For this purpose, the teachers design educational offers for kindergarten children that relate to the current class 3 teaching material.

Class 4: Class 4 takes part in the reading project, the reading hub. For this purpose, class 4 is divided into groups that prepare a reading once a week and present it in kindergarten. The 3- to 5-year-old kindergarten children hear exciting, funny and wonderful stories, most of which are brought to them by a coloring page designed by the readers themselves. This encourages reading motivation on both sides, learns to listen to the little ones and improves reading technology for the big ones.


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