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Biohotel Stanglwirt, Going / Tyrol

Water march!

The Biohotel Stanglwirt now has another highlight to offer: its own, huge children’s water world. But the adults can relax in style in the new wellness area. Without children. A very successful mix for the whole family!

After a long time, we paid a visit to our favorite hotel in Going in Tirol, because there are many new things to see and do. The Hauser family, the owners of the Stanglwirt, are known to have no downtime. “It has to go on and on,” says Balthasar Hauser. A very big project was after the new wellness area with a large relaxation area for the adults, a children’s water world. So: Romping, jumping, sliding, and swimming. This actually sounds fantastic for all children – and it looks great too: In the style of the rock pool and the quaint surroundings, it fits in well with the rest of the spa. You think that has always been like this …

In the new children’s water world, there are several slides, various swimming and wading pools, which are supervised by a private lifeguard. There are plenty of water toys, buckets, shovels, balls and Co. for the kids available. To play outside the water, there are small tables and chairs and a cozy cave with cozy Fatboys to get in and relax. Here you can also read aloud or take a nap. The parents observe everything from relaxed proximity in luxurious resting islands. So a real paradise, also finds our son Ben. “I have to go up and slide right away. That’s so much fun and I want to crack the track record, “he shouts and already starts. On a monitor, the parents or the lifeguard can see exactly who stands at the top of the waterslide. Only when there is a green light, may slip. “This prevents the children from rushing towards each other too quickly and possibly injuring themselves,” explains the smart employee. And a stopwatch indicates exactly how long the journey lasts. Or rather how short. The water world is very bright and friendly through floor to ceiling windows. There are separate children’s toilets, a changing table and everything else the kids need.

Of course, there is the “normal” care of the offspring in the children‘s farm with games, crafts and outside Rumtoben even. The kindergarten teachers are very affectionate to the children and always have new ideas to play. To the great delight of the children, there are also three small, new kittens. “This is our absolute highlight,” says kindergarten teacher Josephine enthusiastically. “They are constantly cuddled, caressed and carried around. And the kittens enjoy it to the fullest, “she adds. But also the rabbits, goats and ponies want to be stroked and fed. In bad weather, the beautifully renovated farm offers a small stable cinema and a real dollhouse. “Sometimes we also collect the eggs of the chickens and bake a cake together,” says Josephine. The active boys can kick on the meadow or swing from tree to tree on a hoop. And in the evening, while the parents dine with relish, there is also an evening care. The whole children’s program and the care are included in the price and do not cost anything extra.

The teens, like our son, you can not lure with the farm … you meet at the pool or a table tennis match. Sometimes, even after dinner, people go bowling in their own bowling alley or watch a football match on the huge video wall. During the day tennis is played, hiked or skiing in winter. The favorite place for us is the relaxation zone for adults and young people from 16 years, where we spend hours. Wrapped in thick bathrobes, we relax wonderfully in front of the roaring fire or pull our tracks in the large outdoor pool. Sitting in the warm, bubbling brine pool you can not get enough of the wonderful view of the Wilder Kaiser. Actually, I could just sit here all the time and look at the mountains … If you’re lucky like us, world boxing champion Wladimir Klitschko can also be seen training or sparing. He has again pitched his traditional training camp at Stanglwirt. He has been coming here for over 10 years to prepare. Apparently, he still feels “home at the Stanglwirt” … And we feel the same way. There is really no more sport, fun and swimming fun. And you do not have to travel far, but you can find it all in the beautiful Tyrolean mountains.

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