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The birth, the most incisive and most touching experience

Birth or delivery is a complex but completely natural process. Many women are afraid of the birth and the pain involved, wondering if they will endure it. Knowing what happens at birth, how to survive it and what possibilities there are, relaxes and calms many women enormously.

Prepare for the birth, take fears

Good preparation for childbirth helps to reduce anxiety and relieve birth pain. Our birth preparation courses support the pregnant women and provide comprehensive information about the birth and the time afterwards. Childbirth – also called childbirth or childbirth – is an intimate experience, so a trusting relationship with the midwife and the doctors is very important.

In our maternity hospitals in Munich, we rely on a gentle, safe and family-oriented childbirth. Around the clock, the teams take care of the expectant mother. Our clinic in Munich Schwabing is certified as a baby-friendly maternity hospital.

Feeling safe and secure – before, during and after birth

Many women decide to give birth in a clinic. Here you can be sure that in case of complications medical help is immediately available for the mother or child.

The safety and reassuring knowledge of being able to take pain-relieving measures during childbirth are of immense importance to many.

In the delivery room, the women have the opportunity to try different aids and positions.

Better cared for from the beginning: Prenatal diagnosis and high-risk births

Modern methods of investigation make it possible to detect the state of development and the health of the unborn child at an early stage of pregnancy. As a result, appropriate therapeutic measures can be initiated early.

For example, our clinic in Harlaching is one National reference center for prenatal diagnosis and treatment of the highest care level (DEGUM III) and provides all monitoring and investigation procedures.

In our certified perinatal centers of the highest care level (Level I), high-risk pregnancies or high-risk births are in good hands. With the neonatal intensive care unit and the adjoining pediatric clinic, we can offer the greatest possible medical safety at our Munich clinics in Schwabing and Harlaching, especially for premature births.

When the birth sets in: Intensive care and monitoring

If contractions occur on a regular basis, this is a sure sign that the birth is starting. But it usually takes several hours before the child is actually born. In the delivery room, the expectant mother is provided with various aids to find the right position and to facilitate the birth.

The midwives and doctors discuss methods for pain relief individually and provide pain-free childbirth if the pain is too severe.

The child is continuously monitored during the birth. If special complications occur during childbirth, intervention is routine – whether by suction cup, forceps or caesarean section.

In our maternity hospitals in Munich, you have the opportunity to try out other methods for easier childbirth in addition to different delivery beds:

  • water birth
  • birth stool
  • seat balls
  • wall bars
  • ropes

Routine intervention caesarean section

Caesarean section is always required if mother or child endangered during birth would. If one is aware of the risk beforehand, e.g. in case of multiple pregnancies, will make an appointment for one planned caesarean section agreed in advance.

Unplanned Caesarean sections occur, for example, when complications occur during delivery.

Even if one Emergency cesarean is required, the operation is a routine intervention nowadays.

Into the delivery rooms of our maternity hospitals is always an operating room integrated, so that at any time the caesarean section can be performed immediately.

Mother-child bond: time to get to know each other intenisv

After childbirth mother and child have to recover from their efforts. The childbirth, which includes the first six to eight weeks after birth, is also the most intense period in which mother and child meet in peace and build a parent-child bond.

Especially women who gave birth to their first child now have time to learn the right moves. For support and assistance comes during the week bed regularly a Nachsorge Hebamme over, which supervises the regression.

The woman is also after pregnancy exposed to strong hormone fluctuations that can harass her. The hormones stimulate milk flow and cause the uterus to shrink. Appreciation is important for the mother in time.

Midwives support the young mother in the childbed and are on hand with help and advice.

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