Birth in hamburg: during the birth

Birth in hamburg: during the birth

While ("under") of birth


You should inform yourself in good time about the decision of the possible type of delivery – in the clinic or a birth at home with the family or in the birth house. Partners and / or midwives should always be involved. In Germany, well over 90 percent of expectant parents decide to give birth in a clinic. There is also a reason for this: even after a risk-free course of pregnancy, about 5-20 percent of pregnancies during and after birth give rise to unexpected complications that can be better controlled in a clinic. In multiple cases, pelvic and maternal risks (for example, diabetes, hypertension, gestosis) or child (for example, a very small child, premature birth), you should definitely give birth in the clinic

The home birth

If you want to fulfill this birth wish you should exclude all foreseeable complications of a birth in your own home from the outset. In any case, you should consult your gynecologist and your midwife.

As it can always lead to complications at a birth, a pregnant woman should register as a precaution in a nearby clinic – no matter which birthplace she ultimately decides. Because sometimes a planned home birth because of sudden complications (premature detachment of the mother cake, heavy bleeding or a sudden drop in the heart rate of the child) but must be transferred to a clinic. In high-risk births, however, hospital birth is a must.

Delivery methods in the clinic

Depending on the equipment and range of the clinic, a range of delivery methods is available to you. Pregnant women can lie or sit on a maternity bed. The bed can be adjusted as needed. The expectant mother determines which position she likes. In any case, the doctor or midwife always has a direct view of the birth canal and can intervene to help. When she is born in a sack chair, the mother sits or lies in a sack chair on the floor. This chair contains many small balls that adapt to the body supporting and shaping. It can be attached to the maternity bed, which gives the midwife a better working position. In the birth of water women experience labor less and some can relax more easily. At the water birth, they sit or drift in a special bathtub. Whether birth in the tub is possible depends on the hospital.

Alternatives to hospital birth and home birth

Many clinics now offer the possibility of an outpatient birth. In some hospitals, the expectant mother can do her "own" Bring her midwife, she already knows from pregnancy. If delivery takes place without complications, mother and child can leave the clinic only a few hours later. The aftercare in childbed then takes over a freelance midwife.

Childbirth in the birthplace

Another possibility is the birth in a birth house. It is a combination of the home birth and the medical safety of a hospital birth. You release together with your well-known midwife in the rooms of a birth house. If necessary, you and your child can be cared for by a doctor. After a short stay, you and your child can go home. For emergencies, medical supplies of medication and respirators are available. Some birthplaces have a CTG that records not only the strength of the labor but also the heartbeat of the child.

Note: Only a few health insurance companies pay for this type of delivery. They should promptly clarify expectant parents, which costs their health insurance wholly or at least partially.

Thought of everything?

It’s time !

In any case, you should put some things together before the “exciting event”, so that – in case of need – all necessary documents are immediately available. These are:

  • Mutterpass
  • identity card
  • Family or mother’s birth certificate (for unmarried people)
  • Insurance card of your health insurance
  • For her
  • Nightgowns that open at the front (to the belly button)
  • Underwear (preferably cooked)
  • Nursing bras, one to two sizes larger than your previous size
  • Breast pads
  • sanitary napkins
  • slippers
  • bathrobe
  • Toiletries, washcloths
  • hairdryer
  • Important telephone numbers and small change to the telephone
  • Clothes for the way home (size approximately as in the 5th month of pregnancy)
  • For your child:
  • Body or shirt and panties
  • Romper
  • Diapers (smallest size)
  • anklet
  • Jacket, cap
  • Carrying case (car fuse)

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