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Although birthdays are repeated every year, the question is always how to express congratulations. Sometimes the usual "happy Birthday","Happy Birthday"Or"Happy Birthday“Simply not. Even if it is meant really honestly, it sounds trite over the years and with people who are particularly valuable, you actually want something convey more. Our “Birthday Congratulations” page therefore supports you extensively in congratulating you on your birthday. Here you will find suggestions, tips and ideas for creating personal wishes as well as sayings, quotes and birthday poems for the upscale occasion. Make eyes shine by making the birthday a fairytale experience and search For new ideas for the birthday party with your friends and family.

To love, joy, happiness and success

Congratulations cards have always been very popular to congratulate you on your birthday. Birthday cards are numerous and different in retail layout to get. Whether for children or adults – The right greeting cards are available for every birthday child and for every anniversary. If you would like to convey something personal and individual birthday wishes, you can make cards yourself. Take, for example, this simple, but wonderful effect greeting: “I wish my dear sunshine a great new year full of happiness and joy! Stay healthy and party vigorously with your best friends !”And write the saying on a homemade card. Only a few materials are required for this, and with a little imagination the greeting card can even be tailored to the person’s personality. We have many ideas for designing a birthday card. This saves you a lot of time, you just have to greet yourself in the end.

Wish you warm satisfaction !

A birthday doesn’t come every day. Just as flowers, gifts and a poem belong to a beautiful celebration, it is therefore recommended to send a greeting the great joy of birth poetry itself. Recall it: It’s a special day in the birthday child’s life. With your personal greeting you also want to give intellectually a warm gift and make you happy. A good congratulation therefore transports love and greetings full of positive emotions. But stay true to yourself and don’t fall into excessive hypocrisy. Sometimes your own words are missing to express what you want the jubilee to do. If you don’t have time or you just can’t think of anything, the words of famous people in the form of quotations or poems are recommended. It is also worth considering the topic of health, which is particularly attractive for desires. With us you will find the most beautiful and original Sayings, quotes and poems well-known and lesser-known authors with whom the greeting cards are meaningful and suitable.

Celebrate life, health and friendship

For round birthdays there is usually a need to congratulate them on their birthday in a special way to transmit. Depending on the personality of the anniversary, the congratulations may be funny, measured or solemn. Often one thinks of something original that makes the birthday greeting a valuable memory in later years. There are also plenty of tips and ideas to be discovered for these occasions. Get an overview of our wide range of wishes.

Poems are suitable not only for birthday cards, but also for Lecture at the birthday party. Since not everyone is a poet, we suggest some modern and classic poems. Poems by young authors can usually be personalized so that the verses are given a personal touch and understood as a high-quality wish.

I congratulate with love and wish you the best

If you would rather send the birthday wishes with a gift, you will find many on our site gift ideas find. If the person is close to you, it is usually not difficult to find the right gift. Sometimes you don’t know the birthday boy so well and desperately look for a gift idea. We are here for this and have ideas and suggestions for the right birthday present.

Small gifts for the birthday keep the friendship alive.

A heartfelt birthday naturally also includes a party. Small or big, young or old – this day wants to be celebrated happily with friends and family. As a birthday party can depend on the time of year, the age of the anniversary or birthday child and other factors. Similar to a wedding, especially round years are particularly extensive in old age and are celebrated with many guests. You meet, drink happiness in life and have a happy time. Sometimes friends and family host the celebration and want to provide surprises. No matter what nice birthday party you are planning – browse through our website and look for the suggestions that suit your anniversary.

With us you will find numerous ideas for birthday wishes from all over the world. Enchant the jubilee with poems or make him laugh with a funny saying. Express yours with emotional words Appreciation towards this person or show them how much you care about them. If you want to congratulate with your colleagues, take a heart, use modern technology and write a few short lines by SMS. Commonly used terms in this context have to do with happiness, health and many positive wishes for the new year. With a relatively high degree of certainty there will be someone who will be very happy about these wishes on their day of honor. Better a nice short joy than none at all.


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