Birthday greetings – congratulations and greetings for the birthday

For most people, the birthday is a very special day in life. Each jubilee day is unique and is only celebrated once. Therefore, many people often spend their holidays with dear friends and relatives who come with great gifts and warm greetings in their luggage and celebrate the beginning of the new year together with the jubilee. While in childhood one still attaches great importance to the quantity and size of gifts, later it is above all the warm ones Congratulations and birthday greetings, that go to the heart and bring the greatest joy. Most of these are integrated into stylish birthday cards, but are also often presented in a particularly original way in the form of sketches, dedications, advertisements or in a digital message. Birthday greetings are also sent if, for example, you cannot appear in person for the anniversary of a loved one or just because it is part of the good tone in the company. Birthday greetings There are therefore many facets and variants, from short messages to very soulful lines to extraordinary greetings, which wonderfully enhance and round off this event.

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Images with birthday greetings

Birthday greetings for WhatsApp

Nowadays, hardly anyone leaves the house without a cell phone, is always available, so to speak, and can be understood from anywhere in the world. Above all, the digital news service WhatsApp brings people – often completely strangers – closer to one another and is an optimal way for millions of mobile phone users to exchange ideas, send pictures and send greetings. So of course, greetings for a birthday are often sent using digital messages that arrive at the recipient within a short time and provide joy. The advantage Birthday greetings for WhatsApp is that they can be sent to the birthday child from anywhere and loving birthday greetings are usually wonderfully enhanced with cute pictures or beautiful background music. In addition, people increasingly tend to love one of the birthday children Birthday greeting via WhatsApp to whom you would not necessarily give a stylish greeting card or a festive speech. It’s nice to show less close friends that their birthday is something special and you have thought of it.

You always have to give expensive?
It is enough to think about it,
that today is your birthday
and you’re the big star today.
So we just do one lift
on your beautiful young life.
We wish you, yes no question,
many more wonderful days!
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

That you are so revered today
is worth more than just a thaler.
So enjoy this day
with anyone who likes you.
Everyone likes to share ’your joy’
at this beautiful festival today ’.
You celebrate the new year,
which will be wonderful!
Happy Birthday!
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

We do think about you today,
want to give you lots of love.
You will be today (…) year ’,
we think that’s wonderful!
Let’s dance, sing, laugh
and turn the night into day.
We love you and wish you
All the best, now and here!
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

Today we hurry up quickly,
start the celebration right away.
Because today you’re a jubilee,
be a very proud (…) year ’.
We congratulate from the bottom of our hearts,
wish you only the best!
Enjoy the day with everyone,
have a lot of fun and a lot of joy ’!
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

You get older in life
you don’t have to spend a lot of money.
The right people are important,
which share the great joy ’!
So we celebrate with a beer
this nice day with you.
Wish you the very best
to your beautiful anniversary celebrations!
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

Because today is your birthday, I thought I would write you a little saying because you enjoy it. happy Birthday!
unknown author

You really have to be something very special!
Today is the birthday of millions of people,
but I was only thinking of you!

Happy Birtday for you!
unknown author

What is the message here with the peal and the getute? It’s your cell phone: happy birthday!
unknown author

Happy birthday
to you
I send one
Basket full
joy & luck!

unknown author

Let yourself be pampered today with everything that you deserve.
And I wish you, and not just today, everything your heart will enjoy!
unknown author

I congratulate you on
because you are
just wonderful!
My thoughts are with you,
I hold you firmly
and I’m glad
for your
new Year!
unknown author

I wish, that your luck
to renew itself every day,
that a good deed
enjoy every hour!
Friedrich Rückert

… much more
more time
to enjoy
to have,

I wish you!
unknown author

If you think this WhatsApp message is the only thing you get from me for your birthday, then you’re not as stupid as you look. All the best!
unknown author

should be a lot for you in the new year
Bring happiness and health!

unknown author

Wander through joyfully and cheerfully
Your life year after year.
Happiness is your companion,
Your heaven eternally clear!
Happy Birthday!
unknown author

… full of wonderful moments
and your new one
full of great
which you did
can implement!
unknown author

Today I want to join
cell phone Sincerely
Sweeten your jubilee day.
Celebrate with joy and joy
still dear people!

unknown author

Because I like you very much, I wish you a nice day. Wish you had a delicious cake and lots of friends to visit you. Happy Birthday!
unknown author

For my birthday, I want to send you WhatsApp greetings
Sweeten your day of honor.
Celebrate with joy and joy
still dear people.
unknown author

It should
the new
be even better,
like it’s old

happy Birthday!
unknown author

I take a big sip of the birthday child today,
and include: congratulations, greetings and handshake.
unknown author

This WhatsApp message
should you
the whole
next year
a lot of
unknown author

Free birthday greetings

A heartfelt birthday greeting shouldn’t cost anything, except maybe a little effort and time. It is important that he is meant honestly and makes the recipient happy. So if you need a little free inspiration and suggestion, check out our text templates below instead of clicking through the internet and perhaps encountering expensive providers of birthday greetings.

Perhaps you already have a certain idea of ​​what your dear birthday greetings should look like and just have to sort them a little. You should rather take a little time to create a beautiful birthday greeting than pay money for it. Greetings from the heart are not affordable, because a smile on your face, great feelings and enthusiasm speak for themselves. It doesn’t matter how free birthday greetings be transmitted. Whether in a greeting card, a classic birthday card, in a festive speech or simply orally with a warm hug – the birthday child will be more than enthusiastic about original words and unique greetings for the birthday and will greatly appreciate them. So please have a look at us and let us show you how you can extend your warmth Show your birthday greetings for free and for free can.

Best wishes for your birthday. I wish you a lot of sunshine for the coming year!
unknown author

… Years of joy and laughter. Let’s continue to have great experiences together. We wish you all the best for your birthday!
unknown author

I send you a happy birthday. It’s a shame that I can’t celebrate with you personally and toast to you today. But we’ll catch up on that.
A dear birthday greeting just for you on today’s personal day of honor from …
unknown author

It’s your birthday today,
I congratulate you.
And because I like you so much,
I’ll send you this card here.
unknown author

Let yourself be celebrated and you will be fine
because these words also stand
You alone for your honor
Your birthday wishes come true.
unknown author

For your … birthday all good wishes:
365 days of happiness
52 weeks of health
12 months of satisfaction
and definitely
1 year full of joie de vivre!
unknown author

How many stars there are
should you, birthday child,
good wishes, happy words,
Present and birthday cake
float into your heart through your eyes and ears.
To cheer us up, let’s raise the glass!
unknown author

A dear birthday greeting from me,
hurries to you quickly with this card.
I can’t be with you today either,
so you are not all alone.
I like to be by your side in my thoughts
and say hello to you from afar.
unknown author

I wish you with this birthday card
the great happiness that is waiting for you
And all the best for your whole life
I want to give you on the way.
unknown author

A very special person has a birthday today!
That’s why we send very special birthday greetings
and wish you,
that all your wishes will come true.
unknown author

Wander through joyfully and cheerfully
Your life year after year.
Happiness is your companion,
Your heaven eternally clear!
unknown author

Long live the birthday child, the years hurry so quickly, stay happy and content, good luck to you.
unknown author

A thousand greetings for the birthday party and best wishes from …
unknown author

I wish you a colorful fireworks display of wonderful experiences for the next year. Kind regards for your birthday from …
unknown author

I wish you good luck, health and joy for the new year. Warm birthday greetings from …
unknown author

Health, happiness and well-being, so it should go well in the next year of life!
unknown author

From a distance I send you all the best for your birthday. I wish you a new year full of beautiful moments, great friends by your side and a lot of success in everything you do. Sending you a warm greeting for your heart …
unknown author

Humor is the salt of life, and those who are well salted stay fresh for a long time.
Thank you for always making us laugh and never being upset.
Best wishes for the birthday of …
unknown author

Birthday greetings for women

Women are known to be the more emotional birthday children who like to squeeze away a tear of joy when you leave them a birthday greeting with very soulful and intimate lines. So it’s great that you have a few below Birthday greetings for women find that are strictly for female birthday kids only. These are written rather deeply with a hint of sentimentality and thus ensure particularly beautiful and joyful moments on the big jubilee day. From a certain age it is no longer a question of awarding the guest with the most expensive and most beautiful birthday present, but rather of determining who is particularly honest with his sincere joy and friendship and who underlines his dear birthday wishes perfectly with very nice and lasting greetings. For the birthday of a good friend, sister, grandma or mom, you shouldn’t necessarily value material things, but rather score with nice words. It hardly matters how best birthday greetings are best conveyed for women: whether in a birthday card, in a speech, dedication or via WhatsApp – it is important that yours Birthday wishes to the female gender speak from the bottom of my heart!

You are pretty and you are smart,
just the perfect woman.
Are you getting older by a year?
it still sits, your hair.
And also in the dress, so cute and chic,
you don’t look too fat.
That’s why we want to lift one today
on your beautiful further life!
happy Birthday!
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

That day full of sunshine
I’d like to be with you.
So let’s drink prosecco today,
make up a little bit quickly,
before we go wild partying
and really crack the booth!
I wish you a happy birthday
a lot of joy with me today!
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

You will today … We women don’t talk about age!
But I sincerely wish you all the best!
Remain as you are and go on with a lot of joy and fun!
Best wishes for your birthday!
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

You said YES today
and dared to live together.
We wish you the best of luck,
always looks ahead and never looks back!
Appreciate each other, honor yourself
and give you Freud every day!
Best wishes for the wedding!
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

The day has come today,
he took her as his wife.
And we’re all happy too,
celebrate this big step!
We wish you for your life
always positive pursuit.
That your fresh marriage
go forever and forever!
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

We look forward to being with you
that day full of sunshine!
You finally dared,
now be husband and bride.
And we wish now and today
You still a lot of joy in life ’!
And good luck, yes, no question,
and wonderful marriage days!
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

Today we rock the house,
all freak out right.
Your birthday, it’s coming,
we celebrate wildly, without a man.
Let’s sing, dance, laugh
and do us girl things.
Congratulations to you from us,
stay so great, don’t pretend!
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

Today I’m rewarding you
with a big glitter crown.
Because everyone just likes you
you’re queen for a day today.
We wish you for the new year,
all love, is clear!
Best birthday wishes!
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

Sometimes ladylike and ladylike,
then again childish and playful,
sometimes tender and tame, then full of strength,
sometimes quiet and gentle, sometimes cheeky and wild –
You have never been in all these years
another than just "YOU" –
this joy, you should always keep it,
we wish you all the luck!
unknown author

I wish you a pink future,
Feelings of spring even in winter,
a shooting star for every wish,
a never ending streak of luck,
Chocolate-flavored toothpaste,
always sky-blue views
and castles in the air to touch.
Happy birthday, honey!
unknown author

Always diligent and always committed,
always agile and full of swing,
always motivated with enthusiasm,
It seems to me that you stay young forever!
Full of beauty and full of sex appeal
You can see it at first glance:
You are a classy and stylish woman!
For your birthday I wish you the best of luck!
unknown author

When a woman’s birthday,
then you can experience something,
and can be on the birthday boy
lift one very vigorously.
unknown author

The 25 years between 30 and 40 are the best years in a woman’s life.
Feel hugged on your … birthday!
unknown author

From me to you
I congratulate warmly,
because today is your day of honor,
everyone is happy for you,
because everyone particularly likes you.
Let yourself be celebrated and given,
because today is all about you,
many will think of you,
but especially me.
unknown author

You get flowers and gifts today
and that because I think of you today,
because your birthday is today
and this is celebrated with all people.
unknown author

I wish you heaven, lots of cute angels, a big sack of money and the hottest man in the world! Happy birthday, my sweet!
unknown author

To your birthday
I wish you no money,
no fame or fortune,
as Dagobert counts.
I wish you love,
Courage, faith and happiness
and for your plans
a lot of strength and skill.
unknown author

We’re celebrating all night tonight
with dancing and with laughter,
and do colorful things,
because today is your birthday
and you’re the most important thing today.
unknown author

For your birthday I wish you as much luck as the rain has drops, as much love as the sun has rays and as much joy as the sky has stars.
unknown author

Happy birthday
Flowers bloom for you
and whole streams of lava glow.
Rain may refresh the mind,
Angel’s wings wipe tears.
Happy Birthday!
unknown author

To your birthday
I wish you no money,
no fame or fortune,
as Dagobert counts.
I wish you love,
Courage, faith and happiness
and for your plans
a lot of strength and skill.
unknown author

You’re a friend for life,
there will never be another like you for me.
Since you are by my side,
I know exactly what friendship is.
I am writing to you that day,
how valuable you are
and how much I like you.
Happy birthday and happy birthday,
we look ahead together
and never go back!
unknown author

We wish you a happy birthday,
a lot of joy and good luck
and give you life
simply a new look:
See wrinkles as a gain and not as scars –
a woman gets more interesting with the years –
Your hair won’t turn gray – at most silver-colored –
and you do not grow old, but at most experience it!
unknown author

Women are warm, understanding and loving,
they do much good without resentment.
You are also one of these women,
that is also the reason why we drop by today.
Because today is your birthday, my child,
which is why we like to be with you.
unknown author

Jar, potty, cream and make-up,
tell the folds wave wave.
Fitness for the buttocks and for the stomach,
you also need in the new year of life.
Let the beauty prevail,
no chance of wrinkles.
Don’t need anything new to pamper yourself,
because now you are one of the beautiful ones.
By nature only shining,
even with these numbers.
unknown author

Dear birthday princess, if you weren’t there you would have to be invented. But even the most talented inventor could not have developed something so lovable and extraordinary. It’s great that you exist!
unknown author

Always stay slim around the middle –
only your happiness always increases,
cellulite also remains a foreign word –
a common term for this is the "rendezvous",
worry and suffering always remain small,
the joy for it always great –
and time goes by over the years –
every birthday just make you younger!
unknown author

You’re a strong woman,
We all know that very well,
You love life and work,
have a particularly good reputation everywhere,
You are a person to look for.
So I give you a kiss,
you shall live high for your birthday
and give us joy for a long time.
Family, friends and colleagues
certainly don’t mind,
if you are the focus today
and go home late.
unknown author

A life without you,
is like cheese without milk,
like chocolate without cocoa,
like winter without snow,
like summer without sun,
like chilli con carne without beans,
I can’t imagine a life without you.
unknown author

Birthday greetings for men

It does not mean that men cannot be emotional, but it is usually the female gender that pulls out the handkerchief with emotion and cannot hide the great joy of happy birthday greetings. But joy is not only shown in tears and big bursts of emotion, it can also be expressed with a strong hug and a stylish nudge. In addition, birthday greetings do not always have to be over-emotional and very intimate, but can be written in a particularly funny and peppy way – especially when the best buddy celebrates his milestone birthday or the father invites you to a social celebration. You will find many first class ones Birthday greetings for men and make the happy birthday a little more original by duly celebrating the anniversary with unique lines. Whether funny, upbeat, modern or poetic – congratulate the man of today with very catchy words and give him such great pleasure. Your Birthday wishes for men can be packed in a nice card, but can also be communicated via WhatsApp or Facebook, for example.

You may be the best athlete in the club …
and the biggest women checker…
but you also can’t run away from old age …
So let’s lift one today
and greet your new year in style!
Happy Birthday!
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

What a happy customer,
I’ll say it to the men’s group.
Let’s lift one today
to the new year in life.
So that you can do a lot well
and the future brings joy!
happy Birthday!
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

Dude, is it really true??
You will be today (…) year ’?
Because it’s good to celebrate
enjoy your jubilee today!
Let’s water the day properly
and flow a lot of beer today.
As a buddy, I wish you
all the best now and here!
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

Hello dear comrade,
today we are at the start!
Would like to celebrate,
Congratulate you from the bottom of my heart.
Birthday, oh how nice,
we come to see you.
Find the presents
and express our wishes!
Happy Birthday!
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

Your birthday, it’s here,
all guests very close.
Whether as a brother, nephew, son,
You get your wages today.
Celebrated by everyone,
congratulations to you!
We wish you a happy birthday
only the very best to you!
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

A man like you,
you can’t look at the age.
Have another beer,
then you will understand me.
unknown author

I actually wanted to give you a cool sports car for your birthday this year. Unfortunately, there was something that stopped me: the stupid alarm system. Well, maybe next year. Until then, happy birthday!
unknown author

As a whole guy with heart and hand,
So you are well known to all of us.
Downhill all the years,
we always kept you busy.
But today we are celebrating you.
After all, you are the best.
Happy Birthday!
unknown author

20 lost milk teeth, X cruises, X children, X broken bones, X cars, X times in love, X weddings, X moves, X employers and X birthdays. The best wishes for your birthday and for your eventful life!
unknown author

Men over … don’t age. They just ripen. All the best!
unknown author

Now you are … years old,
No violence helps.
So wear it with composure and stay cheerful
So it goes on in life.
Only the best lies on your way forward
So stay happy and celebrate festivities
Happy Birthday!
unknown author

Let it crack, you old ramp sow.
You seduce every woman today.
Happy birthday, my best!
unknown author

The reader of this birthday greeting is hereby appointed living legend. Even at a young age, a 7-course menu consisted of a bratwurst and a six-pack beer for you. Let it pop today …!
unknown author

A man like you, known for his creativity,
Willingly appointed to head of the family.
He creates and does day in and day out
The celebration will be yours today
Another year is done
You still think you’re fabulous.
We wish you a cradle party
Of course, only the best of everything.
unknown author

A car of your age is called a classic car.
Its price is high, we know that.
A man your age is in its prime,
you can see it on our NAME OF THE MAN,
it cannot be paid for with money.
We like you very much, that’s for sure,
no matter if you are 30, 50 or 100.
unknown author

Happy birthday, dear birthday boy! I racked my brains to find the right birthday present for you. The result is this care instruction, which you can press into every woman’s hand to maximize its shelf life: treat it gently and flush it regularly with a little alcohol. So you get a durable and high quality product.
unknown author

If a man like you
is getting a year older
and looks like a wildebeest
friendship doesn’t get colder.
unknown author

I have worked 364 days
thought, thinking and thinking,
what I can give you,
After all, you are a man,
and no woman, what a shame,
the celebration might not be so bland,
I searched close and further,
Birthday sayings with men.
Because I didn’t find a good one;
I’ll give you a bag of sand.
unknown author

Congratulations Digga! For you and for life!
unknown author

A good man doesn’t grow old,
it just gets better and better,
matures like a good single malt
in the noblest of the barrels.

We wish you all the best!
unknown author

This day is about you,
a pound guy as he is in the book.
You are a year older,
but that is no longer negative,
I mean, you have a good life,
you wouldn’t have to strive for more,
I hope it goes on like this for you,
and health, happiness and joy continue to exist.
unknown author

Saggy male breasts and white back hair,
hach how is that wonderful.
But half as wild,
you can hardly believe it,
because you know that’s clear,
Men mature year after year.
Please don’t see this as a swipe,
we still love you very much!
Best wishes for your birthday!
unknown author

A birthday is a reason to celebrate,
that’s why I don’t want to mess around long,
but hurry up to raise my glass,
the liver forgive me,
to have a big sip on you,
because our friendship should never decline,
be congratulated on your birthday,
loud and funny – not small-scale!
unknown author

I hope you will be in the juice for many years to come,
so that it stays with you – the man power.
Best wishes for your birthday!
unknown author

Post-birthday greetings

Sometimes it is inevitable not to appear in person for the big birthday party to congratulate you heartily on the anniversary. Maybe you’re on vacation, have a long day at work, or are in bed with the flu. It should also happen that you just sweat the birthday of a loved one and now you love your loved ones afterwards Submit birthday greetings later would like to. Are suitable for this belated birthday greetings wonderful, because they give a little consolation about the fact that only a little later you express your joy and best wishes to the recipient. Find some nice templates for belated birthday wishes further below and express a kind message to the birthday child, albeit a little late. Even if a heartfelt birthday greeting is given later, it has no less expressiveness and profundity than if it had been delivered on time. Perhaps he will be remembered a little longer and bring the jubilee the joy that he should already experience at his big celebration.

I’d really like to come,
but I heard it too late,
that your birthday was already there,
at the same time every year.
Still I want to congratulate you,
Celebrate afterwards.
I wish you happy celebrations
with late greetings only the best!
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

I hope that it is still possible,
because my wishes come very late.
But I have a lot to do,
my calendar was even lost.
I wish you because I like you,
good luck on jubilee day!
All the best for the future
and good luck on the further route!
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

Oops, something is happening to me:
I didn’t congratulate you at all.
What a great shame,
that’s why I make up for it very quickly!
I heartily congratulate you here
to your cradle party.
Wish you happiness forever
for every coming piece of life!
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

My motto in life is: Better late than never!
I’m sorry I slept through your birthday,
but for that my congratulations are all the more honest and come with all my heart!
I only wish you the very best on earth for the future!
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

Don’t be so stressful,
I haven’t forgotten the day.
I’m just a little late,
so that you can celebrate longer.
I wish you all the best now
on your long life’s route.
Stay happy and healthy
every day, every hour ’!
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

I’m slowly coming around the corner,
because I’m lame like a snail.
Greetings with me,
missed the party,
but I’m still here
and congratulate you from the bottom of my heart!
Belated all the best!
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

My memory is a sieve;
Still I love you.
And so I wish you late
The best that can be done!
unknown author

Beautiful things in life always go by so quickly. Just like your birthday. Belated all the best!
unknown author

Your birthday was a few days ago,
I missed it, I’m very sorry.
I hope you’re not too angry with me,
sometimes I am a forgetful farmer!
That won’t happen next time,
I can guarantee you here and now.
unknown author

I googled like a crazy "belated birthday wishes" and "late birthday greetings" and "sorry for the missed birthday", but the best greeting comes from the heart when I say: "I hope you had a great birthday".
unknown author

Dear …, I’m so sorry that I couldn’t congratulate you on your birthday! Unfortunately, I was kidnapped by extraterrestrials and beamed back to Earth. So I have to congratulate you now.
unknown author

I’m late to congratulate
And yet I thought of you!
In order not to waste any more time,
A serenade is offered to you!
unknown author

A short tone with the message,
my birthday greetings are coming.
If you had read them earlier,
then they would still have been on time.
All the best afterwards!
unknown author

Birthday was,
I knew that,
Just forget it!
What was going on??
I’m sending you
The card here,
My congratulations in there
And happy sense!
Forgive me!
I wish you
The best year,
That ever was!
unknown author

Burn on your cake now
A little while the candles,
And even if my congratulations come late,
So he comes from the heart!
unknown author

It’s a lot of people’s birthday today. Unfortunately, you are not one of them. Best regards afterwards!
unknown author

Go to your smartphone,
my message is already waiting.
It is a little late,
but that’s not a bad thing,
there are birthday greetings for you afterwards.
unknown author

You celebrated and I forgot,
sat junk on my sofa.
The gut feeling had warned me,
but I had no idea of ​​your day of honor.
Nevertheless, I wish you luck and the best of everything,
I’m sure to be at your next party!
unknown author

Belatedly happy Birthday.
When you’re busy, time flies by, but birthdays don’t wait.
So it will be a little late when these greetings arrive.
But when it comes to someone like you, be sure,
that our thoughts were always on time, only the greetings are not.
unknown author

Even a good schedule is of no use,
if he is ignored.
Afterwards my warmest birthday wishes!
unknown author

Unfortunately, my birthday greeting arrives late.
The more cordial he should be:
May whatever mind and heart plan
to be even more beautiful than expected!
unknown author

With a lot of hip and a lot of hurray,
was your birthday recently.
Who missed it? That’s obvious,
that was me, there is no hurray!
But I send you my thoughts and an apology,
I really hope you will forgive me!
unknown author

I forgot your birthday,
where did I just sit around??
Afterwards I wish you love, wine,
Happiness and sunshine.
unknown author

I could tell you 1,000 stories now … I just forgot your birthday. I am very sorry. Congratulations afterwards!
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Funny birthday greetings

A birthday is a particularly nice and happy celebration. You celebrate the beginning of a new year and want to share it with many friends and relatives. People dance, laugh and toast to the special day. What fits better here than funny birthday greetings, which are solemnly transmitted to the jubilee. Humor and fun are more than welcome today and really mix society up. You can write a nice funny birthday card with a lot of wit and charm, but you can also send a memorable WhatsApp message, give solemn speeches or even present a small performance for the birthday child. Laughing together about the past, reviewing the past 365 years and looking forward to the next year of life with a lot of joy and good things – just let a few funny greetings for birthday think of it and elicit an even broader smile on his lips. You can find a little inspiration below. Of course you should Birthday greetings funny and funny designed always fit the recipient well, don’t sound too presumptuous or even mocking, but really come from the heart and spread a good mood.

With every new year of life
it is grayer now your hair.
You also have to commit to it,
call the age by name.
But you are also an old bag
are you still on the ball?.
Should it stay that way for a long time?,
You pass the time with Freud ’.
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

We are completely out of socks,
want to rock the booth today.
Because you will be today (…) year ’,
man, that’s wonderful!
We clink glasses with you today,
bring the good beer quickly.
Celebrate well until late
until we have eggs home.
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

Many say you have grown very old …
Well, your teeth chatter a little,
the hair is a little loose
and your face is like a pleated skirt,
but we wouldn’t call it OLD yet!
Happy Birthday!
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

Don’t think you’re special,
just because your birthday is.
I really like you very much,
but you are not to be envied:
The pension is getting closer,
the youthfulness is long gone,
the figure wears off a little
and your sex life is almost idle.
Nevertheless, we wish you today
all the best and a lot of joy ’!
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

We’re going to take a break today
a big party party.
Do with us’s party noise
disturb all nice neighbors.
And then we have a seat
we happily dash home.
Before that we do congratulations,
celebrate the new year!
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

Can you blow out all the candles or do I have to get a fire extinguisher?
Send you a lovely birthday greeting …
unknown author

You have now reached the metal age: gold in your teeth, silver in your hair and lead in your feet.
Warm birthday greetings from …
unknown author

Congratulations old house,
you look older every year.
You won’t do it for long anyway,
so prepare your will quickly.
unknown author

In the kitchen? In the bathroom? On the desk? At the fireplace? At 42, it’s a great achievement to remember where the car key was last!
We wish you a happy birthday! Stay as happy and healthy as you are today!
Greetings from …
unknown author

Funny, funny, trallalala, your birthday is here again! You like to make people laugh, you don’t even have to fax. Fun and joy keep you busy and we carry the anger to the grave.
unknown author

I hope that the postman didn’t ring your bed with my birthday greeting, because in old age you need your sleep.
Was just a joke!
I wish you all the best for your … birthday!
unknown author

If you think away your gray hair, the wrinkles on your face, the hip prosthesis and the false teeth in your mouth, you still look as smooth as 18.
My best wishes on your Birthday!
unknown author

If anyone calls you old, just hit him with your stick and throw the bit after him!
Dear birthday greetings from …
unknown author

Congratulations, you old sack! Welcome to the club of adhesive cream wearers and electric blanket fans!
unknown author

Stop – don’t jump up, at your age you should take care of your back.
We wish you all the best for your … birthday!
unknown author

Well you plum, you are getting more and more mature and mature and clumsy you are falling fruit. Well, that can also be delicious. Happy Birthday!
unknown author

Intelligent – funny – charming – sexy and also a birthday! You are really to be envied!
Best wishes for your birthday from …
unknown author

No, I would not say that there are too many candles on your cake!
I would say: Aaargh, help, is that bright! My eyes! This heat, I’m burning! Someone should call the fire department! But never mind. I still wish you a happy birthday!
unknown author

Have fun, enjoy and take a break
because your birthday is today.
Then I lift the glass and sing for you,
this is going to be a blast.
unknown author

Don’t worry about old age, because what do you have to lose when you get older? Well – the figure, the hearing, the hair, the memory, the sexual activity …
Best wishes for the birthday of …
unknown author

Should someone call you old,
then hit him with your stick,
throw your teeth after him and
run him over with your rollator!
Happy Birthday!
unknown author

You think you are special because it is your birthday today?
Oh nonsense, you’re something special every day!
Many happy birthday greetings from …
unknown author

The signs of aging are:
1. Forgetfulness
2. … and … I just can’t think of the others.
Happy Birthday from …
unknown author


It doesn’t matter how well you know the birthday child or how you relate to him. A nice one Birthday is always a nice gesture and makes the recipient happy. A dear greeting can be designed in different ways. For example, if you want to convey a nice message to your manager at his cradle party, you will probably be more tactful and serious. But if it is the best friend or sister who throws a big party for her big birthday, then your kind regards can be a little funnier and cheeky. The grandparents might like it if you add a touch of poetry to your greeting, and a birthday message can sometimes be very emotional and intimate for the spouse. The transmission of an honest birthday greeting can also look very different. Many rely on written Birthday Congratulations in the form of cards, others would like to present your stylish lines in a speech or small performance. Digital messages or small video clips are also a good way to leave a really nice and original birthday greeting these days.

There are so many stars in the sky,
so many clouds go over it,
so much fish swim in the water,
jumping so much deer in the forest,
so many swallows move south,
good luck to you.
The very best birthday greetings …

Happy birthday,
lots of whipped cream and sprinkles,
and chocolate in one piece!
unknown author

I wish you a wonderful day and may all your wishes come true. Enjoy this day and stay the way you are. Happy Birthday from …
unknown author

See, that’s the art of living:
From madness
free yourself from life,
smile fine
about the big must.
Christian Morgenstern

Oh, how nice that you were born!
Congratulate us on having you,
that we have good gifts from your heart
often enjoy without cunning.
Joachim Ringelnatz

The owl takes just like you,
wisdom from year to year.
So I say very quietly in your ear:
You don’t grow older, you become wise!
Many happy birthday greetings

I hope you have the best birthday of your life today from opening your eyes until you close them tonight.
unknown author

I wish you:
that you love as if no one has ever hurt you,
that you dance as if no one is looking,
that you sing like nobody is listening,
that you live as if paradise were here on earth.
Saying from ireland

My wish for you is,
that you keep grateful in your heart –
all precious memories of your life.
Irish blessing

You are such a special person for me and I hope that you will float through this great day with a big smile on your face.
unknown author

Birthday, be welcome!
And I want to be happy with you,
I’ve got it right,
and drink wine,
and drink wine and sing songs –
but birthday, come back again.
Matthias Claudius

Artless – but pure and true –
bring me, dear … (name), today
best wishes to you.
My pious please swing
bring yourself to God and always bring
every day you enjoy heaven.
Many happy birthday greetings

I hope you have a wonderful day and the coming year is full of love, wonderful surprises and lasting memories that you will cherish all your life. All the best.
unknown author

Birthday after fees
I want to congratulate warmly.
The … (name), the so dear and good,
I wish you happy courage at all times.
Happy Birthday …

Become what you are not yet,
Stay what you are now,
In this staying and becoming
Everything beautiful is here on earth.
Franz Grillparzer

For your birthday, I wish you to make this brand new year your most beautiful year from now on. Don’t put it on the back burner, but live in the here and now, so you can really enjoy every second.
unknown author

A wish full of tenderness
I bring, dear … (name), today
to you as a gift:
Happiness is always floating around,
Joy and satisfaction
in your new year of life.
Happy Birthday!

The bouquet that I picked,
Greetings to you thousands of times!
I bent down a lot,
Oh, probably a thousand times,
And hugged him
Like a hundred thousand times!
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

An entire year is now over,
The celebration begins again.
We say goodbye to the year of life,
because the new one is here now.
We hope it will bring you luck
and you succeed a lot.
We love you and wish you
all the best now and here!
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

I have accompanied you in life,
You always only give me joy.
And today, that’s really great,
are you really big?!
I want to congratulate you from the bottom of my heart,
celebrate this day big.
Carry on in life the same way,
stay healthy and so cheerful!
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

We don’t have to look for him for long,
the delicious birthday cake.
And also the sparkling wine, it is ready,
because your birthday is not far.
Many guests are here today,
celebrate this day with you.
Come with wishes and gifts,
because they just love you!
The best congratulations on the anniversary!
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

Video with birthday greetings

Interesting facts and information about birthday greetings

Greetings are quickly expressed. You meet in the hallway and greet the nice neighbor or greet colleagues at work with a friendly handshake. But by the way, a nice greeting is by no means comparable to a heartfelt birthday greeting that you send to very beloved and valuable people. This should at least not only be a friendly gesture, but really honest words and a more profound message than just a friendly “hello” among neighbors or colleagues. The birthday is a very special day in the life of a person, which only takes place once a year and is usually celebrated on a large scale. Many friends and relatives share the joy of the big event with the jubilee and express dear and warm congratulations to him or her in the form of stylish birthday greetings, which are always well received and provide joy.

A beautiful and touching birthday greeting has been and has been a typical and beautiful gesture in honor of anniversaries for many centuries. Guests thus show their attachment to the host and would like to express blessings to them. Used to be Greetings for your birthday put on stage, even performed on stages and marketplaces. Today, some of them are written, written as a dedication, integrated into speeches and also transmitted using digital news services. There are no limits to the well-wishers, because the more unusual an original birthday greeting is, the more memorable and touching it is.

How to send beautiful birthday greetings?

First of all, you should ask yourself the relationship between you and the anniversary. Of course it looks a loving birthday greeting to the best friend differently than a greeting to the nice boss or the cousin of the neighbor. Would you play a cheeky sketch for the conservative boss and say "Happy Birthday!" With humorous and sometimes teasing greetings? You will certainly be a little more tactful about that Design your personal greeting and get a little shorter. So nice birthday greetings to more distant people are wonderfully integrated into birthday cards and certainly make an excellent figure in them.

If the best buddy or the beloved sister throws a big party for the party, then a greeting can be a little more unusual. Why not give a funny address or offer a cool performance with your friends, in which you express your honest and warm greetings in a charming and upbeat way. Make society laugh and really enhance every party.

If you don’t feel like being just one of many birthday card writers, let your creativity run wild. For example, prepare a nice speech or birthday speech in which you can integrate your profound birthday greeting wonderfully and thus touch hearts. Let others share in your creativity with your attachment and love for the anniversary and simply match the right moment of the transmission of your wishes. You will surely be remembered for a long time and your words will be greatly appreciated.

Long birthday poems or birthday sayings often do not come across well in messages via WhatsApp, so birthday greetings are usually good for digitally conveying your wishes for the cradle festival with a lot of emotion and joy. A birthday greeting is usually written very succinctly and brings the essentials to the point. He comes across very expressively and profoundly, goes to the heart and, above all, remains stored on the phone and in the memory for a long time.

Why send a dear greeting for your birthday?

The birthday is the most personal holiday of the year and is perceived differently by people than celebrations, which everyone celebrates at the same time in the same style. A birthday greeting on this special day is not one of many greetings that every second person receives in the same way, but really a unique and perfectly tailored greeting only for one person. Therefore, the joy is usually particularly great when you are showered with loving greetings on your important day in life and it shows that you are being thought of. So show dear people how much you think of him and create a unique birthday greeting that you can design as you wish. Whether funny lines, rather soulful words or a particularly profound message – there are no limits to creativity. Below you can get some inspiration and maybe find one or the other text template for your personal greeting message for your birthday.

It is important that a birthday greeting is really original and very personal, so that it is not universally valid. The recipient should know that only he receives this unique greeting because it is his big day. In addition to beautiful birthday cards or classic Birthday cards greetings therefore make a good figure in speeches, as dedications or in stylish verbal congratulations.

The perfect birthday greeting – this is how it should look!

Is there? For you and the jubilee, for sure, if you do the right thing. You alone decide in which way you want to send your beautiful greeting, because you know the birthday child best. In any case, take into account the mentality and personality of the recipient and try to create a greeting that is tailored to him. A snoring speech for the greatest joker is no more than a very humorous greeting to the very shy birthday child. Take a little time and think, like you perfect greeting should look like. Then you can, for example, in a stylish birthday card pack or use it to enhance your dear gift, express it in a poignant speech or really stir up the party with an amusing sketch.

Even if your birthday greeting may not be perfect for others, you should stand behind your kind words and surprise the birthday child with them. Not every congratulator is also a close relative or good friend of the jubilee and has a completely different feeling when it comes to the content and expression of an honest heartfelt greeting. In any case, we are convinced that you can create the perfect birthday greeting for the birthday child and thus provide a lot of joy and a smile on the face. Inspirations for beautiful birthday greetings there are many, but only you put the icing on the cake with your personal words and individual lines.


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