Birthday poems – sayings and poems for birthday

Who does not know them, the noble minstrels, who in the Middle Ages expressed their admiration and solidarity with their adored and noble persons from higher social classes in wonderful poetic songs and thoughtful poems? Poems were very popular at the time, especially for the big cradle festival, and were mostly performed in large style and in front of many people.

Poems are a particularly artistic form of conveying feelings and desires. They bring the essentials clearly to the point with powerful words and convey a deep message that usually creates great feelings for the recipient. Lyrical verses are almost always written in rhyme form, so that they anchor themselves particularly quickly in the thoughts and produce a certain harmony. Doing so Birthday poems Nowadays, they no longer sound really traditional and stale, but can also be designed completely modern or even peppy. On what occasion, if not the most personal holiday of the year, does a poem you have written fit better? You don’t have to be a born poet to find suitable rhymes or verses, but you can now find a lot of inspiration online to find suitable words for grandma’s 70th birthday, brother’s 18th birthday or for a big celebration of your work colleague.

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Pictures with birthday poems

Funny birthday poems

A lovely birthday poem can cause tears, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be tears of emotion. Anyone with poetry joke mated, he is certainly not going wrong today. A birthday is a happy party, where fun and joy are high on the guest list. Laugh together with many friends and family members – who doesn’t want to start the next year of life with humor and in a sociable atmosphere? Especially when the birthday child is a very humorous person, comes in funny birthday poem certainly excellent. Perhaps you will find some nice and funny suggestions a little further down what your funny message to the jubilee might look like.

Do like the old minstrels and look for the transmission of yours funny birthday poems a good moment, because after all all guests should get some of your creativity and humor. As everyone knows, it is best to laugh together and bring people a little closer together. With a very charming and at the same time profound poem, make sure that the birthday child is congratulated, but with a good dose of charm and esprit, and you will be remembered for a long time. Whether in a speech, in a birthday card, as a dedication or even as a small performance – rely on the power of words and spray a good dose of humor with birthday poems in a funny and funny way.

Today we congratulate you very much,
because again it’s a fold more.
You get older by a year
and closer to gray hair again.
But you shouldn’t be put off,
that’s why we let the glasses clink,
drink at your anniversary celebrations
and wish you the very best!
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

We are completely excited,
celebrate today without a break.
Because you will be today (…) year ’,
we think that’s wonderful!
And should our party noise
Today’s disturbing all the neighbors,
we just invite everyone
to be your guest tonight.
Because with beer, you know,
it celebrates wonderfully!
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

Dum Di Dum, Hipp Hippo Hooray,
older again by a year!
Do you also lose a tooth soon?,
we sincerely congratulate.
And the hair also falls out
we’re giving a lot of applause today.
Your birthday is so great,
that’s why you’ll soon be full!
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

You shouldn’t let yourself be ragged,
waste a lot of money today.
Because on that day of the year
we are thirsty, that’s clear!
So we hope you have a lot of time
and are ready to donate.
We wish you a cradle party
from the heart only the very best!
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

A sip here, a sip there,
the whole world is wonderful,
that’s the way it will be,
The feasts are stacked,
the beer tasted good to you,
unfortunately you are already in bed,
the guests celebrate without you,
that’s the way it gets, you get drunk.
unknown author

Should someone call you old,
then hit him with your stick,
throw your teeth after him and
run him over with your rollator!
Happy Birthday!
unknown author

When you were a kid like me,
surely you liked it
on family holidays
also do not like to say poems.
So save me the verses
and take a kiss for it.
unknown author

With sun in your heart and a funny song on your lips, birthday candles are burning on your cake, to which we sip coffee. We just hope that it’s enough breath, because when you were young it was easy.
unknown author

In honor of the dear birthday child,
we don’t want to prevent him from dancing.
We like to party until it crashes,
have laughed a lot,
Celebrate until morning,
without worry and without worry.
unknown author

You are like a good wine,
You don’t grow older, you mature.
Have every reason to be happy,
we congratulate with zeal.
unknown author

If you blow and complain more than usual today,
because you no longer like your picture in the mirror,
and the wrinkles are now obvious,
the gray hair disappears completely,
don’t worry about today and tomorrow,
because with the memory there all your worries go.
unknown author

The sun shines on the sky tent,
a radiance that brightens the day
and you count every year,
another gray hair,
you can always enjoy it,
the sun also shines on old people.
unknown author

You invited us for your birthday,
we are your comrades.
We came like the wind,
to hurry to you very quickly.
have brought you something too,
hoping that your heart is laughing now.
unknown author

You discovered a gray hair,
that’s why you now look very startled.
But just stay calm now,
the age is getting hold of you.
unknown author

All other people,
belong to the old, grumpy old people at your age.
But it’s different with you,
You are one of the young at heart, happy sages.
unknown author

The sun shines on the sky tent,
a radiance that brightens the day
and you count every year,
another gray hair,
you can always enjoy it,
the sun also shines on old people.
unknown author

Well you plum,
You become more and more mature and mature, and you are plums.
Well, that can also be delicious.
Happy Birthday!
unknown author

You have not always had it easy,
but I tell you that it’s enough now.
No reason for whining and barbarism,
you are not one of the poor.
On your birthday today, you will have dinner,
came to you and I tell you to drink,
no less than in recent years,
where we were much younger.
unknown author

Funny birthday poems

In the past, poems were often perceived as particularly sad, they made people cry and made them think. Today, good poetry can sound very funny and be peppered with a good dose of humor and charm. Especially on a birthday, it is important to create a good atmosphere in the booth and to give the birthday child great pleasure with very special words. Boring greeting cards or birthday cards with well-known lines of congratulations are a thing of the past, because multifaceted poems with a lot of charm and wit are well received. Whoever is stylish on the big jubilee day funny birthday poem lectures and still fully relies on humor, will surely cause a lot of enthusiasm and tears of joy. Of course, you should write yourself funny birthday poems give a little thought and weigh exactly what suits the recipient. After all, you just want to impress the jubilee with his poetic lines and not just his guests. Birthday poems written in a funny way should always be written individually and personally, perhaps aimed at certain life events or anecdotes that make you smile.

You get older by a year,
but we think it’s wonderful.
You will now be in thrombosis socks
rock the booth with great joy.
And then with a loud age cough,
blow out all your candles.
We will then give you a lot of applause
for birthday, old house!
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

It’s still a gray hair alone,
but it won’t be that long.
I think as early as next year
there are probably a lot more.
But shit on the gray mane,
on the third loose teeth,
and let’s just lift one
for the rest of the beautiful life!
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

We were really thinking a lot,
what we give you for your birthday …
An anti-aging cure
or a senior tour?
A new pensioner sleigh
or care for the third party?
I think we’re just gambling,
can’t attract you like that.
So let’s just lift one
with good friends for life!
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

Age does not stop at any,
but you still don’t look old.
You can still understand us well
and the guests dance,
you can also run straight,
drink a lot with us.
So enjoy your cradle party
as long as life allows.
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

The years you have under your belt
no one can take that away from you anymore.
Even if there is a crack in the joints,
remember: that’s life.
unknown author

What number is on the cake that day,
in the end, no cock crows afterwards,
only the birthday child is important,
and why we are all together now,
happy birthday,
Your best friends, we are.
unknown author

Wrinkles on the face and thinning hair,
Another year has passed.
As you say, the time flees.
Gravity pulls on your muscles.
Even if the youth don’t come back,
I wish you all the luck.
And know your birthday today,
will bring many people together.
We have known each other for decades,
scattered in all the winds but we were missing.
unknown author

You have been around for years.
It has not always been easy for me.
I often suffered from you.
Nevertheless, I would like to ask you:
Don’t change so much,
otherwise I have no more trouble.
unknown author

Birthdays come, birthdays go,
as soon as you have guessed,
it’s time again,
the next birthday is ready.
Now it’s your turn again
and stand to celebrate your husband,
if it’s all about you,
just because time flies so quickly!
unknown author

A wonderful evening begins,
because we’re celebrating your birthday, man,
You are now older and smarter
and luckily a bit further.
We all think that’s good,
we wish you much strength and courage.
unknown author

Slept in, partying,
Champagne cork popping, cocky,
sway, sing, be cheeky,
Birthday kids are fine.
unknown author

The guests are already storming the house,
a bouquet of flowers here and there,
the card names the sender,
even if you don’t really know it,
you enjoy everyone
and birthday wishes.
unknown author

You wouldn’t have been trusted to do that,
you are only so young.
But your hair is already gray
and yet so young, oh my goodness.

May you be so ancient,
that you match your look.
And rejoice on earth every day,
that you have such nice friends.

I hope you understand a lot of fun,
and don’t resent our mouths.
Let’s open a new barrel,
and toast to tired and lazy.
unknown author

Congratulations, old house,
you look more wrinkled every year.
You won’t do it for long anyway,
so prepare your will quickly.
unknown author

Welcome to the club of the elderly,
now you too are wearing the first folds.
The hair very light, the teeth loose,
but nothing blows you off your stool so quickly!
We wish you all the best today,
have a lot of money in the sack.
Because we collected for your party
and now hand over the coins to you!
unknown author

The pension is approaching in big steps,
The third ones are on your bedside table.
The back doesn’t matter anymore,
Having a birthday is really difficult.
unknown author

Dear birthday child, the time has come
the ravages of time are gnawing on you
can deny it, can ignore it
But you will soon lose your hair anyway
Your face has also had the best of times
many folds adorn it, but this is not surprising
Because today you will be … year,
and you see it’s really true
Nevertheless we like to celebrate with you
and hopefully don’t drink the last beer with you today!
unknown author

I read correctly?
Are you really 2-9 now??
Then I don’t want to waste time
and send you my warmest congratulations
Celebrate beautifully, enjoy the time
But remember, don’t go too far.
unknown author

Nice birthday poems

Poems have always been perceived as particularly beautiful. Many classical works by famous writers and poets were written in rhyme only and are still very popular with friends of poetry. Poems just sound enchanting, let you dive into another world and forget the current surrounding for a short moment. Whoever receives a birthday poem will surely listen spellbound to the profound verse and honor the beautiful verse.

If you decide to write an expressive birthday poem for the birthday child, you do so in a particularly original and unique way. Just adopting a poem because it just sounds nice is not the way to go. Rather, your lyrical lines should target the mentality of the recipient, the current big day and the current situation. Of course, you can contact us using ready-made text templates beautiful birthday poems get the necessary inspiration, but the jubilee must clearly recognize the writing for himself in order to identify with it. Decorate one nice birthday poem So just send it off and send it in style in a pretty card, in a festive speech or as an oral congratulation.

Today’s for your jubilee party
we wish the very best!
Celebrate today, that’s clear,
the beautiful coming year of life.
So today’s a lot of people wishing you
a future full of joy,
with good luck and sunshine
and health on top of that.
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

We wish you all the best
to your party today!
Stay alert and healthy,
every day at every hour ’.
We look forward to celebrating with you,
to celebrate the new year.
We happily lift our glass
for a life of happiness and fun!
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

Today the sun is shining brightly,
so full of bliss that day.
Because you will (…) year ’,
we think that’s wonderful.
So we want to be with you today
that day full of sunshine.
We hope you stay fit for a long time,
You’re lucky on every step.
Happy birthday to you
and only the best from the heart!
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

This day is worth so much,
that’s why you’re revered today.
You are showered with beautiful gifts,
because we love you so much.
We want you for life
Giving health, happiness and love.
Cheers to our anniversary
and the next year of life!
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

Long live the birthday child
and happy in all years.
Only people who are always happy,
good things will happen!
So stay as you are today,
a happy person on earth.
Because every good optimist
can be more than 100 years!
unknown author
Let it be written on the beautiful day!
Often its bright light shines for you.
You don’t stop loving us,
but we ask: don’t forget us.
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Who smiles soberly three times in the morning on his birthday,
when it’s raining, don’t frown,
and in the evening laughs that everything sounds,
is over 100 years old!
Happy Birthday!
unknown author

From me to you
I congratulate warmly,
because today is your day of honor,
everyone is happy for you,
because everyone particularly likes you.
Let yourself be celebrated and given,
because today is all about you,
many will think of you,
but especially me.
unknown author

It is so beautiful that you exist,
if you weren’t what would it be?
We don’t know what we’re doing today,
but since you are here, we arrive,
to celebrate you for hours,
so your birthday takes its course …
unknown author

Today is a special day,
where everyone congratulates you who likes you.
Because it was announced with rays of joy,
many years ago today, you explored the world.
That day everyone thinks only of you
therefore I congratulate you very warmly.
unknown author

Good luck for your birthday,
always forward, never back,
little work quite a lot of money,
great trips around the world,
feel healthy every day,
play six correct numbers in the lottery,
now and then a glass of wine,
then you will always be happy.
unknown author

Your Lenze are lucky,
You just ask too much of happiness.
Give measure and limit to your wishes,
and the goal comes towards you.
Let it rot like dull weeds,
what is still of faith in you.
You would have to claim twice
happiness of life because it is you.
Luckily, no rider will hunt,
it is not there, it is not here.
Overcome learning, learn to renounce,
and unexpectedly it blooms for you.
Theodor Fontane

Stay happy and always healthy,
carefree at every hour;
Happiness and a lot of sunshine
should be granted to you.
Happy Birthday !
unknown author

You walked so many streets.
You have seen so many places.
So few who understand you,
and maybe you have no desire for it.
But you are dear to me
and I’m always happy,
when in my room
a sign of you getting lost.
So I send you from afar
birthday greetings and happiness.
And you are back,
be sure i like to see you!
unknown author

How many stars there are
should you, birthday child,
good wishes, happy words,
Present and birthday cake
float into your heart through your eyes and ears.
To cheer us up, let’s raise the glass!
unknown author

To today’s happy festivities
I sincerely wish you
the most beautiful and the best
and your love me!
Take my wish
out of a pure sense
and faithful love
unknown author

We all come together on your birthday,
we celebrate, let them Pop corks and the shreds fly.
Today the bear is quilting and the hut is on fire,
we drink over thirst, because tomorrow we’ll stay in bed.
Let yourself be celebrated and given plenty of presents,
because today everyone thinks of you and your birthday.
unknown author

Tomorrow another year older,
do not take it so hard,
because of getting older
you don’t change anything anymore.
Count your years
and always remember;
they are like treasures to you,
that nobody can take from you.
The best for your birthday!
unknown author

Short birthday poems

Who says that a beautiful birthday poem has to fill an entire page so that it reaches the recipient? It is often the short birthday verses that inspire the most to reflect and rave about and cause enthusiasm among the jubilee. Short birthday poems are ideal for dedications or to add a little value to your dear gift, but they can also be sent perfectly as WhatsApp or used on Facebook as a new status.

Maybe are you also not the friend of long speeches and many words, but rely on conciseness in every respect. In this way, your birthday poems could also be briefly and briefly anchored in the memory of the anniversary celebrant faster and more sustainably. On birthdays in particular, countless and long wishes are conveyed. There comes one short birthday poem, which is very stylishly designed, certainly wonderful. It is only important that it also fits the jubilee and that the first best poem is not used as a template to congratulate. You should always adopt a poem as your own, because it should come from the heart and not be copied or sound universal.

Every year, again and again
let’s put our work down.
We do partying, laughing, singing
and bring you lots of gifts.
Do a happy lifting too
to the beautiful long life.
That the new year of life
will be just as wonderful!
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

Today on your big day,
we come, yes no question!
Because we want to congratulate,
celebrate the new year.
So that your path is never rocky
and you are always happy!
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

We wish good luck today,
You age a bit again.
And we are all delighted
to celebrate these days today ’.
We drink beer and good wine,
come with gifts, big and small.
We love you and wish you
all the best now and here!
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

People dance and laugh a lot
and dressed up today.
Because (…) year of life ’
are really wonderful!
A good reason to lift one
for the good life.
We wish you the best today
to your big jubilee party!
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

Happiness surround your days,
be happy and cheerful your mind,
without pain and without trouble,
May your life move on.
unknown author

It is so beautiful that you exist,
because each of us loves you,
we find you wonderful,
and your birthday is really great!
unknown author

Grief is lame
Grief is lame!
Worry be blind!
Long live the birthday child!
Theodor Fontane

My short wishes are
a good thing
today for the birthday child:
Survive! Love! laugh!
Friedrich Morgenroth

365 days of joy, always be as happy as today.
8 760 hours in health and that the sun is always shining for you.
525 600 minutes of happiness and contentment, always have a good time.
I wish you all of this today for your festival of honor,
for you, always the best.
unknown author

To be born
you don’t decide.
Another decides
and you’re just watching.
But how you fill it out,
Your life and loved ones,
is with every birthday
Your decision remained.
unknown author

I wish your luck
to renew itself every day,
that a good deed
enjoy every hour!
Friedrich Rückert

Birthday is without question
the most beautiful of all days of honor.
So we don’t want to waste time,
to congratulate on the cradle festival.
Even if we don’t always say it,
we know what we have in you.
unknown author

Recipe for a happy year:
Take some luck,
a piece of love too,
Patience, some time,
Success and satisfaction.
The whole thing stirred well,
leads to long life.
unknown author

What is imperfect,
that should be perfect;
because only to become,
not to be, we are on earth.
Friedrich Rückert

See what nice presents we have for you,
Today you can feast on the beautiful sides of your birthday.
Gifts and no end in sight,
all that’s missing is a celebration, don’t you think?
Let me tell you, we love you very much,
and celebrate and celebrate today because you exist.
unknown author

Three angels may accompany you
in your entire lifetime;
and the three angels I mean,
are: cheerfulness, happiness, satisfaction.
unknown author

Become what you are not yet,
Stay what you are now,
In this staying and becoming
Everything beautiful is here on earth.
Franz Grillparzer

Birthday poems

The birthday is a special celebration in a person’s life. Children look forward to your personal day of honor all year round, and adults usually celebrate the beginning of the new year with many friends and family. In addition to loving birthday wishes, above all beautiful birthday poems wonderfully suited to express his heartfelt wishes to the jubilee. Poetry is an art and relies on the power of beautiful words – perfect for celebrating a dear person with dignity.

You can wrap a poem wonderfully in a birthday card, but also write it as a dedication. It enhances every solemn speech and gives a certain degree of charm, style and profundity to an oral congratulation. It doesn’t matter whether the birthday poem is written in a soulful, particularly intimate, funny or very cool way, because it depends on the recipient! If you want to transmit a birthday poem, you should be well prepared for the birthday child and simply combine and personalize suitable lines. It is important that the birthday poem comes from the heart and contains a particularly beautiful and unforgettable message.

Not every public holiday in the year
is so beautiful and wonderful.
But because you’re something special
and today is your birthday,
we hurry to you very quickly
and we congratulate warmly:
All the best for life,
always give everything.
Stay healthy and always so cheerful,
just keep going!
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

On this beautiful day of the year
are you our superstar.
Are cheered and given gifts,
because everyone thinks of you.
And I’m also thinking of you today,
because you are the most important thing for me.
I wish you all the best now
on your further life route.
May dreams come true,
You are always loved here on earth.
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

Today is your cradle party
and many guests come.
Because everyone from near and far
loves the birthday child.
Cheers to the new year,
that all desires come true.
May health accompany you,
The future gives you Freud.
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

The sun is shining,
people laugh,
This day does Freud ’kindle.
It’s your birthday,
a great festival for everyone.
Because everyone wants to greet you today,
Sweeten your beautiful day.
Wish you from the heart today
all the best and a lot of joy ’!
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

Do you want to make a nice life for yourself?,
you don’t have to worry about the past.
The least must piss you off,
always have to enjoy the present.
Especially don’t hate people
and leave the future to God.
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

You celebrate your birthday,
As long as you can celebrate it.
Anyone who gets older is amazed,
How everything passed so quickly;
The youth carefree time
Was soon past.
And later, in the many years.
You also learned a lot;
Some of them Freud,
But also a lot of suffering.
Joy and sorrow, they are like brothers,
Keep coming back to us;
That we can deal with it,
Is man’s lot on earth.
Happy Birthday!
unknown author

A festival day should strengthen you
to your work day,
that you do business
bring fresh strength.
You cannot be in the joys
waste the powers themselves;
they should sprout again
out of moderate enjoyment.
Friedrich Rückert

It’s a birthday every year,
that is clear to everyone.
But only once in a lifetime,
we want to lift the glasses on it.
We drink on you, we celebrate with you.
All the best, we wish that here.
unknown author

Melodies of life,
with notes of courage.
Some short, some longer;
even a break is good.
Sometimes loud and sometimes quiet,
sometimes minor and sometimes major;
with every birthday
a new break.
With every birthday
you become a new conductor,
so stop
for that moment.
unknown author

Want happiness according to its meaning
give you something good,
say thank you and accept it
without much concern.
Wilhelm Busch

We wish you a happy birthday,
only the very best to you!
What you want to happen,
Dreams come true.
Above all, stay healthy,
then you will always succeed.
You should also in the next few years,
only good things happen.
unknown author

Happiness should accompany your day
Joy should guide your ways.
Health and wellbeing
you should only ever see.
I wish you all of this from the bottom of my heart,
so blow out the birthday candles now.
unknown author

Enjoy quietly satisfied
the sunny clear day.
You don’t know if they’re down here
the same may come.
There are so cloudy times,
it makes our hearts heavy,
then billows from all sides
a sea of ​​fog around us.
It grows deep inside
the darkness with power,
didn’t go a sweet reminder
as moonlight through the night.
Julius Sturm

Want happiness according to its meaning
give you something good,
say thank you and accept it
without much concern.
Every gift is welcomed,
but above all:
What you strive for,
may you succeed.
Wilhelm Busch

You must never lose your laugh,
Health is your permanent guest.
Fortuna should always direct
and reject any burden from you.
unknown author

birthday poem

Would you like to congratulate yourself on your birthday in a very special way this year? Then do it with a nice one birthday poem. Poems have always been a great way to express someone’s appreciation, desire, and connectedness. They caused enthusiasm and jubilation in the Middle Ages and are still very popular today, provided they are skillfully written and transmitted. lyrical Birthday verses simply exude a certain charm, they sound meek and inspire you to rave about it. So why not give the jubilee great pleasure and put on a big appearance as a poet. You don’t even have to upgrade your congratulations with hackneyed phrases and old-fashioned phrases, but you can also rely on modern poetry, which sometimes sounds very funny and particularly timely. Depending on your preferences and the taste of the recipient, your birthday wishes should be lyrical accordingly shape, perhaps get the necessary suggestion below and precisely match the right moment to transmit your words.

This message short and sweet
should be for birthday today.
Because I like you so much
I wish you a happy anniversary today
all the best and good luck
for the coming piece of life!
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

Today your cell phone does PIEP,
because I love you very much.
Feel free to write these lines,
which should overtake you very quickly.
I wish you a happy birthday,
only the best of mine today!
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

I would like to congratulate you extensively on your birthday,
Wish you all the best in the world,
but unfortunately I only have limited space.
So a warm HAPPY BIRTHDAY must be enough!
Best wishes for today’s jubilee day!
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

I’m super happy to send you today
best regards from afar.
I send you good luck and joy ’,
‘A great party with lots of people’.
Enjoy the day so wonderful,
cheers for the coming year!
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

We don’t want to waste time,
Congratulate you from the bottom of my heart.
Would like to celebrate and laugh a lot,
make a big party with you.
Because you are (…) years old,
the prosecco is already cold.
So we happily raise our glass
and wish you out loud: Have fun!
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

We’re coming today, no question,
on your great day of honor.
This day, it will be perfect
with cakes, flowers and sparkling wine.
Let’s swing glasses today
and sing birthday songs.
We wish you and mean it,
stay happy and happy too.
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

I wanted to serenade you,
but unfortunately I can’t sing well.
And I didn’t bake it either,
To wrap gifts for you.
That’s why I’m giving you a few lines today,
that linger for a lifetime.
I wish you the best
to your (…) cradle festival!
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

We wish you all the best,
we’re all happy today with you,
let yourself celebrate, let it rip,
today we only hear your laughter.
No worries, no tears,
no boredom and no yawning,
Today fun should rule:
Your birthday – we congratulate!
unknown author

Every day in this life
is given to you only once,
just like every year,
that was once.
But a year has many days,
full of trouble, full of pest,
full of joy and happiness.
Think back in love!
Remain true to your principle,
enjoy every day anew!
Live consciously and joyfully your life,
it is given to you only once!
unknown author

You have to strive restlessly forward,
never tired stand still,
do you want to see the completion;
have to unfold broadly,
should your world be shaped;
you have to go deep,
let the being show you.
Only persistence leads to the goal,
only abundance leads to clarity,
and the truth dwells in the abyss.
Friedrich von Schiller

There is only one rose at the house
and this one makes it up,
that this house shines so homely
as if by their nature
everything about them.
And so you are here for us too
and we like to celebrate with you
Your big day of honor!
unknown author

Birthdays let the sun shine,
whether in December or May,
may the sky cry sometimes,
the sun shines in the heart.
Because today you shine like the sun,
we celebrate you and shine with you,
also splashes into the rain barrel,
Your birthday will be a hit.
unknown author

Oh, how nice that you were born!
Congratulate us on having you,
that we have good gifts from your heart
often enjoy without cunning.
Your shortcomings, your mistakes are
against the weighed harmlessly small.
You will be today after forty years
still a birthday girl.
Do you want: never sad or sick for long
his. And not experiencing ugliness. –
We say thank you to your parents
for giving birth to you.
God wave to you
all your steps;
Yes, we wish that,
Your friends and below …
Joachim Ringelnatz

Your day should start happily,
run away with satisfaction.
Health should accompany you throughout the year,
Happiness prepare your way.

Wish you a nice time,
that the sun always shines on you.
All of these wishes just for you,
hopefully they are eternal.
unknown author

So many stars are in the sky,
so many clouds go over it,
so much fish ’swim in the water,
jumping so much deer in the forest,
so many swallows move south,
good luck to you.
unknown author

Your Lenze are lucky,
You just ask too much of happiness.
Give measure and limit to your wishes,
and the goal comes towards you.
Let it rot like dull weeds,
what is still of faith in you.
You would have to claim twice
happiness of life because it is you.
Luckily, no rider will hunt,
it is not there, it is not here.
Overcome learning, learn to renounce,
and unexpectedly it blooms for you.
Heinrich Theodor Fontane

Your birthday is just great,
and we find you wonderful,
because we are happy about you
and congratulate,
because it’s your birthday today,
we hope we are not a burden;
because today big and small celebrate,
that’s why we want to be with you!
unknown author

Video with birthday poems

Interesting facts and information about birthday poems

The poetry is an artistic way of conveying certain messages to the reader or listener by means of beautiful words. For example, it was used many centuries ago to pass on life experiences, to process grief, to express feelings or to convey beliefs. poetry are not just written words with a lot of depth of thought, but also include an incredibly large imaginary repertoire of images that evoke ideas and fantasies in people’s minds and arouse emotions. Above all, great emotions such as joy, love, grief and pain are often processed with poems, but fun, entertainment and wit can also excite a beautifully successful poem.

In the past, poems were considered rather sad and painful. Most of them were written by lonely poets who wanted to share their experiences with their lyrical verses. Later on at the court they served more for entertainment and got a very humorous character, which made for a lot of joy and joy.

Even today, poems are an integral part of society. It is no longer a question of lonely poets sitting sadly and alone under their weeping willow and writing poetic verses, but rather of very modern works that sometimes replace Facebook status or are used to congratulate them. Poems can always be rewritten and adapted because they reflect the moment and are unique and original in every respect. So also birthday poems that you can create with a little creativity and joy. You can fall back on really classic elements of old poems, but you can also completely reinvent yourself and thus create a unique and very personal congratulation.

Why transmit a birthday poem?

Traditionally, big birthday parties are always Birthday cards as well as classic birthday cards presented to the jubilee. It is often a loving verbal congratulation that starts the jubilee day with a nice hug. But who wants to be one of many nice congratulations and maybe go under in the crowd, especially if it is a really loved person who is celebrating his special day? A poem is a very personal and truly unique gift of great intellectual value. It is not affordable, it touches hearts and remains in the memory for a long time. Many people want to express and emphasize their love, friendship and attachment to the birthday child in a very special way. Poetry has long been an adequate means of wonderfully enhancing large events and celebrations.

Successfully present a birthday poem – how it’s done step by step!

What good does it do you to have written a wonderful poem if you cannot pass it on to the recipient with dignity? The effort was not in vain, but it would be a shame not to express his beautiful poetic verse in style. So do the right thing and express your written poem with dignity and style. It certainly cuts a fine figure on a pretty card, but doesn’t really let anyone share your verses. Even if your words are intended exclusively for the jubilee, you should also inspire the other guests, friends and family members with your words and thus underline your loyalty to the recipient again. Poetry is an art that is waiting to be presented in order to really touch hearts. So be creative in this regard and give your lyrical lines to the best, for example in a profound or witty speech, or even play an extraordinary sketch in which you successfully integrate your poetic verses. You see – yours Birthday wishes can be presented very multifaceted in the lyrical sense!

Of course, a beautiful poem also looks great when written and arouses emotions. Since poems have a very old tradition, they sound enthusiastic and sometimes also very romantic, it may be worth an idea to write your lines in an original handwriting in order to make them an absolute eye-catcher. Various old fonts are increasingly available on the Internet today, which can serve as a template. Make unique birthday cards this way by adding yours Birthday card Give a very personal touch or create a birthday card that touches, moves and inspires!

Whether a poem is well received is also up to you and how you convey it to the birthday child. If you are a great friend of poetic sounds yourself, it will certainly not be too difficult for you to give it the appropriate style and expression. If you are not a born lecture artist, it makes sense to team up with good friends and work together on an unforgettable birthday poem.

In today’s society, where a lot is transmitted via digital news services, birthday poems are also very popular as WhatsApp. You can convey beautiful poetic verses for your birthday by making them even more expressive and unique with music, for example. Also on Facebook you can let many people share beautiful words and often even get great praise and approval in the form of “likes” and lovely comments.

For whom are birthday poems best suited??

Actually, a birthday poem can be sent to every jubilee as long as he or she is not necessarily a despiser of this art. Poems are now available in many facets and variants, so that there will always be suitable lines for the birthday child. Whether your best friend, the friend from the sports club, the grandmother or the boss – you would appreciate your effort and creativity very much and would certainly be happy about the profound and very original lines. Of course, it always depends on how close the relationship between the writer and recipient is and what you would like to convey with an extraordinary poem for your birthday.

While you write a particularly lovely birthday greeting to the nice boss in the form of a short and very concise poem, the verses for the best friend are certainly much more intimate and also more profound. Grandma may start to cry because you met your zeitgeist with your heartfelt poem, the best buddy laughs at your funny words and is happy that you have written a poem that is perfectly tailored to him. You have to adapt well to the mentality and personality of the recipient and then you have to take pleasure in writing your personal birthday poem.

You would probably even be able to touch the greatest despiser of poetry with your profound words if you succeeded in expressing them, thereby expressing your enthusiasm and best Happy birthday underline. No one who is so gracefully and exceptionally congratulated on their birthday would consider their type of Birthday Congratulations annoyed, but happy that you took so much time and effort for him.


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