Birthday sayings – beautiful birthday wishes – sayings

Birthday sayings - beautiful birthday wishes - sayings

The most beautiful sayings for your birthday and warm birthday wishes for a successful congratulation with style

Here are birthday slogans for round and crooked jubilee days and sorted by topic: Get the perfect birthday congratulations that move, inspire and give pleasure!

The birthday is the very personal day of honor in the year. As a rule, big celebrations are held on round birthdays, you let the jubilee celebrate and bring wishes and congratulations that move, inspire, arrive and provide all-round joy. If you too want to ensure a real birthday joy when congratulating, simply push aside a simple "Happy Birthday!" Or "Happy Birthday!" And instead use our congratulations words. With us you will find the most beautiful and best birthday wishes for congratulations of the special kind; Whether short birthday slogans for jubilee days, smart lines for the best buddy for a birthday, sweet and happy birthday wishes for mom or a few funny wishes that make the laughing muscles shake – we have content, formulations, sayings, poems and congratulations for every individual taste!

Sayings for your birthday also look great in greeting cards. Give your birthday greeting card an original introduction or place a beautiful poem in a birthday invitation that increases the anticipation for the upcoming birthday party. Perhaps you would also like to hold a successful table speech? Our impressive birthday wishes for the 18th, 20th, 30th, 40th, 50th, 60th, 70th and 80th birthday make a birthday speech with originality and uniqueness with your very personal words, which you give to the jubilee with a loving dedication for the new year.

In the following you will find selected wishes, sayings and congratulations for your birthday – each in appropriate categories and sorted according to main topics:

Birthday congratulations don’t always have to be nice, sweet and charming. Naughty, brisk and nasty is also possible – and we will show you what really nasty birthday wishes can look like. Skilfully and successfully take the birthday boy on the job, work with nasty swipes, funny allusions as well as loud punch lines and create nasty, mean and provocative birthday sayings! Various quirks, fimmel and ticks of the jubilee, who are mentioned, can top it all and mix it up perfectly.

The birthday is a real happy day – although you will be one year older again, everyone is looking forward to celebrating with family, friends and acquaintances. There are sweet birthday wishes that flatter, touch and move, exactly what you are looking for on the personal day of honor of a loved one. We offer you all sorts of sweet birthday sayings for greeting cards, speeches and also invitations, which are often designed with a few loving words as an inspirational card entry.

Short birthday wishes in the sense of "The spice is in the shortness …" are perfectly formulated and impressively summarized. When congratulating on your birthday, don’t talk around the bush, but get straight to the point. Nobody is interested in miserable ramblings and chatter – and certainly not when you just want to bring a few short wishes for your birthday. That is why we say – short, concise and concise, because this is how short birthday slogans with pepp and whistle must look!

"A little bit of fun must be …" – Roberto Blanco has already given us that! Mix in your funny birthday congratulations with a little humor and create funny birthday wishes that really get the jubilee laughing muscles going. Funny birthday sayings ensure that the world is full of sunshine – and if, after your funny birthday congratulations, you play the song by Roberto Blanco on top of that, then you can definitely look forward to gaudy birthday laughter.

With umbrella, charm and bowler hat – that’s how you congratulate a woman on her birthday! Birthday wishes for women, ladies and real ladies are usually flattering, sweet, loving and designed with a lot of feeling. If you add a warm and charming note to your chosen birthday slogans for women and also hand over an umbrella and a watermelon when congratulating, then you are guaranteed a real woman’s laugh.

Men are the strong sex – Herbert Grönemeyer also gives this in his hit with “Men are terribly strong”. Congratulate a man correctly and above all successfully on his birthday; the best birthday sayings for men are here with us – from warm to funny and funny to smart, crispy and spiced up, everything is included!

Work colleagues often become real friends in life, so completely away from work, work and job. And how could it be otherwise? After all, you spend many hours together every day, laughing and letting your everyday work go through. If the valued colleague at the table or in the office next door has a birthday, you can come up with something special: We have birthday wishes for work colleagues in many variations and styles, suitable for greeting cards, short speeches during lunch break and more. So donate a suitable birthday saying to your work colleague, mix in a little joke, work in a warm tone and congratulate the staff on a human level.

The best friend is soul mate and consolator in one. She is always at your side, has an open ear for problems and provides good advice when they are sorely needed. Yes, such a person is simply irreplaceable in life. Congratulate your best friend on your birthday in a really original way, conjure up heart-grabbing words by yourself and work with a lot of feeling and deep intimacy. Appreciation, admiration and gratitude can also come in successful birthday wishes and birthday sayings for the best friend flow with.

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