Birthday sayings for children and congratulations for children

Birthday sayings for children and congratulations for children

Birthday sayings for children

Children often find their own childhood like an eternity; the same applies to birthdays, which are only celebrated once a year and are longingly longed for. In short: For children, time just goes too slowly – especially when their birthday is almost at the door. For children, their own birthday is associated with excitement, joy, happiness, excitement and a lot of curiosity. A delicious birthday cake that mom bakes, lots of colorful balloons floating around the house, streamers, confetti, funny birthday mood and of course lots of great gifts are what make a birthday so perfect. A children’s birthday is a real joyful day; especially when children can invite their friends from kindergarten or school.

Child-friendly and understandably written birthday wishes for children Of course, there should not be neglected either. Colorful greeting cards are presented and many nice words are dedicated. The well-known “Happy Birthday!” Or “Happy Birthday!” Is very important to children; after all, those are the words you know and understand. In combination with a few more childish lines, this can create a loving birthday congratulation for children – feel free to take a look at us and get textual suggestions and the necessary inspiration to help yourself a really great children’s birthday card to stand on!

The most beautiful birthday sayings for children – sayings, poems and beautiful words for children’s birthday

On their own birthday, the birthday child likes to be the center of attention and enjoys the full attention of his “little guests”. It is an exciting day that is spent with family, relatives and above all friends from kindergarten and school. Are particularly popular beautiful, sweet and nice birthday sayings for children who like to find a suitable place in a nice birthday card would. Years later you are guaranteed to think back to this really exciting children’s birthday party; the birthday cake has already been eaten, all the presents have already been unwrapped and the invited little guests have returned home, but one thing remains – the birthday greeting card, which children also like to keep, to keep as a keepsake and to take a look at again years later.

Birthday poems for children, beautiful sayings and loving words, who also understand little birthday children are made for birthday cards or classic children’s birthday cards. They congratulate them with nice lines on their birthday, are rather short and get straight to the point. Our children’s birthday sayings are often written in rhymes; this facilitates understanding and helps children to better understand the words of congratulations.

Birthday wishes for children – Childish and age-appropriate congratulations for the little ones

Anyone who wants to congratulate a child on a birthday should do so in a way that is particularly child-friendly and understandable. Childlike and age-appropriate birthday wishes for children are available in many different variations with wonderful words. With children’s birthday wishes you wish the little girl or boy a lot of luck and joy in the new year. And just don’t think children won’t understand your words. In short: small birthday children should not be underestimated; they often understand much more than one would like. It is precisely for this reason that it is very important to choose the right birthday congratulations. How about a nice congratulation that gives the child confidence, optimism, joie de vivre, trust and courage to live? Bring birthday wishes for children who on the one hand are very lovingly written and speak from the bottom of their hearts and on the other hand can serve as advice, a guide or a way of life.

Children’s birthday sayings are just as popular as children’s birthday poems. Dedicate words of a special kind to the little jubilee and choose your birthday wishes for children with great care. The fact is that words can shape children and accompany them for a lifetime. And basically there is nothing better than when a small child remembers your birthday saying back then …

Suitable children’s birthday sayings – lovingly written, understandably worded and suitable for birthday cards!

Birthday cards for children are usually made by yourself. Little well-wishers who are invited to a children’s birthday party have a lot of fun designing loving birthday cards for children with creativity and flair. True to the motto "The more colorful, the better …", real small map-technical works of art can be created in this way. No matter whether with colored pencils, crayons, water colors or finger paints – everything is allowed as long as it is fun and looks good in the end!

Outside hui, inside OHO – who thinks that self-made children’s birthday cards are only a real eye-catcher on the outside is wrong. Both a beautiful children’s birthday saying, an original children’s birthday poem as well a dear and nice congratulations will be happily added to an expressive birthday card for children’s birthday. And if you can write your name yourself, you can of course sign it personally and personally …

Birthday sayings for children usually express exactly what little jubilees can understand perfectly. Short, concise and concise, do not talk around the bush and instead get straight to the point – so congratulations and sayings on the birthday for children must be missing! After all, you have to unpack the many great gifts and have no time to read miserable congratulations – so much for that!

How good that you have your birthday today,
a burden falls from my heart.
I have a big present with me,
and I think I’ll just give it to you now.
Do it very quickly,
and tell me what’s in my child.
unknown author

We are so glad that you exist
and love you very much
that’s why celebrate birthday today
and invite a lot of people!
unknown author

Hard to believe, but true. Today you will be a year! Every day passes in no time, and you are constantly learning something new. You can already crawl, rave, laugh – all super great things to do. You are a real ray man with whom you can have so much fun! I wish you the very best for the first cradle party!
unknown author

The lucky beetle
A point for health,
one for fun,
a point for relaxation and rest in the grass.
Number four for a lot of joy,
the fifth for courage,
the sixth for love, because it is good for you.
Point seven for good luck and greetings from me,
because I give you this beetle!
unknown author

Two hands, two feet, a nose, a mouth.
Ten fingers, two ears and eyes all round.
Were you not smaller last year??
I can’t remember that everything was so big already.
But you won’t become 2, not 3, not 4 …
but already (insert number) and that is exactly why we are here.
Happy Birthday.
I hope that I was right with the gift.
unknown author

Always stay what you are,
a happy child,
the happiest ever
are the happiest.
unknown author

Happy birthday, your parents wish you.
Get big quickly and look at the world.
Travel around and enjoy life,
go to school diligently, you have to give everything.
Then you can become everything you want.
That’s why it’s important that you don’t chill too much.
Do what you like, be happy and free,
then everything runs very simply and as if by the way.
Find a woman, love is important,
nothing in the world is so abysmally correct.
Be you and stay as you are,
always be friendly when you talk to others.
Then you will get very far, and we wish you that.
You are our child and just four today.
unknown author

Three angels may accompany you
throughout your lifetime;
and the three angels we mean,
are: cheerfulness, happiness, satisfaction.

A big children’s party is taking place in your honor today. And all guests bring gifts and wish the best.
unknown author

Today is your big day that every child likes so much. We wish you happiness and carefree laughter from the heart. You should always enjoy the new year of life a lot. Happy Birthday to You!
unknown author

Radiant with a lot of sunshine,
that’s how your birthday should be.
With lots of friends, fun and games
and gifts very, very much.

Candles, cakes and also cake,
lots of visitors and nice words,
I wish you birthday child
and congratulate very quickly.
unknown author

A long life blooms towards you,
laughing happiness come to you.
Joy be with you in all ways,
bright spring and sunshine.
unknown author

A cake, gifts and candles,
and we also congratulate from the bottom of our hearts.
Long live the birthday child
and now blow out the candles.
What you wish for will soon come true.
All the best for the new year!
unknown author

You little person,
without any idea,
what is life and what is life,
you are a serious warning to us,
because you are the symbol of life.
So I wish you for your life:
Let God give you goal and direction.

We congratulate with cakes, games and gifts because we all think of you on your birthday.
unknown author

Today there are cakes, everyone comes to visit you.
Today you can try to blow out the candles.
Today is your birthday, everyone is happy with you,
All your friends are all here too,
The best day of the year, that’s for sure,
because today you are real, the greatest star.
Happy Birthday, the whole pack wishes you.
Everyone loves you and makes you happy today.
unknown author

Never forget to laugh like that,
how you laugh now, happy and free;
because life without laughter
is a spring without May.
unknown author

Hooray, it’s birthday time,
Congratulations come from far and wide.
There are gifts, flowers and cake
and sweets of some delicious kind.
Have fun, have fun and a lot of hustle and bustle,
we congratulate with great cheers!
unknown author

It’s your birthday today,
many people are invited.
They don’t just want to think of you,
they bring great gifts.
A ball, a game, a teddy bear,
maybe a bike for traffic.
Also a nice book to read
and a colorful cloth for the neck.
We toast all of this
with green, red, yellow lemonades
and tell you
how we love you.
unknown author

Your birthday should be great
full of fun and also full of sunshine!
There are all sorts of gifts,
We wish you lots of fun!
Happy Birthday!
unknown author

Rejoice in the beautiful, learn to love it.
Find the good, learn to practice.
Make the truth always reside in you,
as the most glorious crown of your heart.
Because in the jewelry of these eternal stars,
God and people like you.
unknown author

The whole house for our little birthday mouse is decorated with colorful balloons and garlands.
unknown author

What do you wish for your birthday?
Colorful balloons, I have them here.
Or do you want a cake?
You should try the chocolate one.
There are many colorful sprinkles on it
and chocolate beans abound too.
Or, you tear the paper from the gift
and see what I gave you.
unknown author

You little person,
without any idea,
what is life and what is life,
you are a serious warning to us,
because you are the symbol of life.
So I wish you for your life:
Let God give you goal and direction.
unknown author

Parcel, cake and a light,
for blowing all alone for you.
We congratulate like the wind
and love you birthday child!
unknown author

Today is your big day,
whom you love ….
We want with you today
play and laugh,
also make fun faxes.
We wish you luck from the bottom of our hearts
and give us a large piece of your cake.
unknown author

Red tulips, yellow carnations,
green leaves that never wither,
blue violets and a lot of fragrance,
from the flowers in the air.
I’ll send it to you with this bouquet,
looks like a rainbow.
unknown author

The ladybugs are crawling to your house today
and shake out their lucky points on you.
So that your birthday will be fun and funny,
and only good things happen today.
If you like, let the beetles in,
so we can all be happy.
unknown author

We sing Happy Birthday today,
It’s your birthday and everyone knows that!
You get gifts and there are cakes,
relatives also come and want to visit you.
There would be your aunt, your uncle and your grandma,
the neighbors, your friends and of course your grandpa!
Everyone is here today because you are for us,
the biggest star! happy Birthday to you!
unknown author

It’s your birthday today, that’s why we’re celebrating,
Your whole family and all your friends, enjoy
Today you have this big day pretty strong and have balloons ready.
Of course, streamers and confetti are also at the start.
There is a real mood, that’s how it should be,
we congratulate you with this rhyme.
unknown author

When you were born it was a rainy day.
But it wasn’t really rain,
but the sky was crying,
because he had lost a star.
unknown author

You are XX years old,
the time passed in no time!
Get bigger, keep growing,
stay cheerful and cheerful.
Happy Birthday!
unknown author

… it’s a birthday, it’s not nice?
You are sunshine for us.
Your friends come to visit you,
there is a lot of fun and cake too.
The crowd then sings loudly in the choir:
good luck in the new year!
unknown author

Today you are our princess / prince. That is why we will celebrate the day royally with fun and delicacies.
unknown author

For a day you can be princess today
and also a crown is yours today.
Hopefully your every wish will come true,
yes such a birthday is just wonderful.
There are cakes until you almost burst
and a chocolate focus when eating.
In addition juice, cola and chocolate,
until the day is over, what a shame!
So only do what you like today,
we wish you the best birthday in the world.
unknown author

I wish you by hand and mouth
and from the bottom of my heart:
Be happy always
in the newly started year of life!
unknown author

Confetti, candles, children’s laughter,
Parcels, cakes, nice things.
I wish you that day,
that everyone particularly likes.

Joy, fun and warmth
are ready that day.
So it should go on in the year of life
and consist of many happy moments.

Happy Birthday!
unknown author

I know about a little mouse, today there’s a birthday feast for you. So I wish you the very best, for your colorful children’s party!
unknown author

Beat pots, run eggs,
Eat sausages and catch your breath.
We wish you lots of fun
and also dance in stripes.
It will be a very special festival.
Live high – now blow now!
unknown author

Happy birthday,
a piece for birthday,
delicious cake or cake,
plus a lot of dear words.
Everyone is here today,
because of your birthday,
and congratulate you.
Today is only about you,
everything is in a good mood,
and there is no bad mood today.
Everyone loves you so much,
You are a sparkling star for us!
We love you the way you are.
You can become what you want: Muslim or Christian.
Banker or carpenter, soldier or atheist.
We are always there, that’s for sure.
Happy Birthday, o you our star.
unknown author

With XX you are already quite tall,
and today there is a lot going on.
Because today is your birthday at last,
that’s why many guests arrive at your home,
to celebrate and to bring gifts,
this day will surely be great!
unknown author

I heard it’s time again
and candles and cakes are ready.
I want to congratulate you warmly
and decorate my lines with wishes:
Good luck, good luck for the next year,
many dreams come true.
Let yourself be celebrated and enjoy the festival:
To the birthday child – you are the best!
unknown author

The birds sing trallala,
and all the children are already there.
Wish you for cradle parties,
Joy and only the very best.
Now blow out the candles
and finally unpack the presents.
unknown author

… you will be years now. You will soon be out of your infancy.
unknown author

Today is a big day,
because it’s your birthday.
I wish you all the best
and a nice cuddly toy.
This is there for cuddling
and for comfort, it’s clear.
Cakes and cocoa will be available soon,
yes, I know that very well.
The party has just started,
the hours have passed quickly,
when we play, eat, laugh,
I have to go home soon.
And next year at that time
we are ready for the next birthday party.
unknown author

You are now XX years old,
There is a lot to do today:
Unpack the gifts, quickly,
because you are the birthday boy!
Happy Birthday!
unknown author

Today there are gifts and a cake with candles,
the great things wrapped up in wrapping paper with hearts.
Today there is a celebration for you and your friends,
the biggest party that everyone dreamed of as a child.
You should have it and everyone will say:
The party is the best of all there was,
this is your birthday and everyone is at the start
at this great celebration, on your special day.
unknown author

You should get lots of kisses,
because we all love you heartily.
And when mom kisses you really great,
she wishes you to be happy.
unknown author

The year went by in a flash,
the (number) light is already on the train.
We congratulate and wish good luck
and eat a piece of cake with you.
unknown author

happy Birthday to you!
You won’t find peace today.
We celebrate a party with you
and you get a gift from me.
Maybe two or even three,
but definitely not a baby porridge.
Because you’re too old for that now,
get your first salary in a few years.
But you will live with mom for so long,
I’m sorry, what a shame.
But there is something good about it:
If you fall down and then bleed,
mom is quickly on the spot
and patch up your dent.
Now the celebration starts,
it will be an experience, very grand.
unknown author

For my birthday I will give you a ladybug, a horseshoe and a cloverleaf so that you are always lucky next year.
unknown author

The birds chirp a song for you
and the bees hum.
The crickets also chirp happily,
and the frogs croak to their birthday hit.
Beep, beep, buzz, buzz, chirp, chirp and croak.
All the best for your special day.
unknown author

It’s your birthday today,
and big and small have great joy ’.
Your parents shout loudly: "HURRA!",
and grandma and grandpa are already there.
Great gifts and a huge cake,
and for you there are only sweet words.
Our very best congratulations!
unknown author

You whirlwind,
You little cute mouse,
there for you,
a colorful bouquet.
You will be hugged and kissed,
you have to go through it the way it is.
This day will be wonderful,
for our little, cute mouse,
The Sunshine.
Happy Birthday!
unknown author

Today you are a birthday child. I wish you all gifts are great.
unknown author

Gosh, how time flies,
You are a teenager now, not a child anymore.
Gone are the days with stupid children’s games,
Your eyes are now aimed at the opposite sex.
The first love, the first kiss,
with being a child is now finally over.
All your old toys
make a trip to the basement.
Enjoy the joy and enjoy the life,
may there be many birthdays for you.
unknown author

Those with a birthday like to invite,
Have guests, oh that’s fine.
It should be a big party,
because celebrating alone is mean.
unknown author

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