Birthday wishes for children, congratulations on children’s birthday

Birthday wishes for children

The children are the flowers of life, they are little angels that make life brighter, friendlier, and more colorful. They are sincere, kind and direct and they see the world in bright colors. The children love holidays, attention and gifts. The children should be made to take direct responsibility from parents and relatives.

When the children have a birthday, the joy is great. For most children, the birthday is often like a second Christmas. This day is associated with excitement and the children are waiting for this holiday.

The child looks forward to this festival and enjoys colorful balloons, garlands, funny and funny games and spends time with dear guests and parents. The guests gather at home, they celebrate this day and the birthday child is the focus and it enjoys full attention.

One of the best gifts for the child is congratulations. These birthday wishes should be written in such a way that they are full of feeling.

Below you will find various birthday sayings and birthday wishes for young people and children. These wishes give an opportunity to congratulate the birthday child with the right words.

Birthday wishes for children

  • It is very big and thick in the calendar, you can see it at a glance. An important day with a big party, where you can let yourself be vigorously celebrated. Happy Birthday!
  • Today is your big day that every child likes so much. We wish you happiness and carefree laughter from the heart. You should always enjoy the new year of life a lot. Happy Birthday to You!
  • I wish that your happiness is renewed every day, that a good deed pleases you every hour!
  • A long life blooms towards you, laughing happiness returns to you. Joy with you on all paths, bright spring and sunshine.
  • Everyone knows for sure that the 3 is a lucky number! That’s why your 3rd year of life will be really great – that’s for sure! We wish you day in and day out: lots of love, happiness and sunshine!
  • Today there is a snack with chocolate cake and raspberry spray, with candles and with sunshine, your birthday should be so beautiful!
  • Our good wishes for our birthday child: happiness, health, joy and of course many great gifts!
  • I hope your birthday was funny and fantastic, have a wonderful year.
  • Happy birthday, my little darling. I am particularly proud of you that the little bundle of joy has turned into a sweet, large treasure of gold.
  • Today you will be six years old and you will soon go to school. There you will learn to read and write and I can show you this poem. Then you know how much I love you, not just for your birthday, no, every day. You, my darling, are my greatest happiness and every moment.

Birthday wishes child

  • Always stay what you are, a happy child, the happiest are always the happiest.
  • If today you were lucky enough to hit a whole alley of somersaults, then it is surely your birthday today!
  • We wish you sunshine for your birthday. Every day of your childhood should be something special.
  • Your birthday should be great full of fun and also full of sunshine! There are all sorts of gifts, we hope you enjoy it! Happy Birthday!
  • Even if we cannot be with you, we have not forgotten your birthday. We congratulate warmly and wish you the very best of health and a long life!
  • Many people have birthdays, but someone has a special one today. I think of you and am with you – and on my birthday I congratulate you!
  • A long life blooms towards you, laughing happiness returns to you. Joy with you on all paths, bright spring and sunshine.
  • Sweet sixteen, time flies so quickly! Soon you will be fully grown, but you should never forget: you always get old too early, so enjoy life!
  • The sweetest greetings to the most beautiful child on the planet! May your special day be filled with moments of endless joy and fun!
  • Our little sweet sweetheart is a four year old Fratz from today! We wish that – it is clear, a beautiful, new year of life!

Young birthday wishes

  • Confetti, candles, children’s laughter, packages, cakes, beautiful things. I wish you that day, which everyone particularly likes.
  • I would say today is celebrated for a change! This is exactly how it should be when you have a birthday as a young person. But never forget to give yourself a little time for yourself and do something good for yourself. Because you should also do that after celebrating your birthday. happy Birthday!
  • If you want to make a nice life for yourself, you don’t have to worry about the past. The least must annoy you, must always enjoy the present. Especially hate no one and leave the future to God.
  • I wish you luck, that you can tell yourself tomorrow that I succeeded because I tried to succeed.
  • Well you plum, you are getting ripe and ripe and clumsy you are falling fruit. Well, that can also be delicious. Happy Birthday!
  • Well, that would be a laugh, we also thought of you. We congratulate with birthday wishes, health happiness and sunshine – may be your constant companions!
  • Cakes, sunshine, great gifts, fun games, nice friends and lots of laughter – I wish you all of these for your birthday!
  • Finally the day has come that makes me so happy. I laugh like the sun and say with great bliss: it’s so beautiful, I want to see you all again.
  • The most beautiful, best lot on earth should be given to you today: health, happiness, money and good, satisfaction and joyful courage!
  • You have been in this world for 14 years now. You laughed a lot and sometimes cried! But today you can celebrate, because this day is only for you1 So we wish you fun and joy at your party today!

Congratulations on children’s birthday

  • I don’t care about Superman, Pokemon, Balu the Bear and Sponge Bob: Today you are the superhero, have grown a bit, become stronger and faster! Happy Birthday!
  • Today you are our princess. That is why we will celebrate the day royally with fun and delicacies.
  • Put out the tongue of the teacher cheekily and shouts: "Hello, school is over now! We are celebrating our birthday and celebrations, the school has nothing to test today.
  • It’s your birthday today, that’s why we are celebrating, your whole family and all your friends, are enjoying this big day pretty much today and have balloons ready. Of course, streamers and confetti are also at the start. There is a real mood, it must be, we congratulate you, and with this rhyme.
  • Because I like you very much, I wish you a nice day. Wish you a delicious cake and lots of friends to visit you.
  • For my birthday I will give you a ladybug, a horseshoe and a cloverleaf so that you are always lucky next year.
  • Birthday boy, birthday boy oh come in to us, quickly. We are all here and congratulate you, you will get something for free. We hope you enjoy it, come up to the table and take a look.
  • What could be packed in the beautiful, colorful, big gifts this year? A railroad? A doll? A cuddly bear? A coloring book? A toy car? I know you are very excited, so unpack quickly and celebrate a wonderful birthday!
  • Today the little caterpillar rises again a year old. Not long, then she is a pretty butterfly.
  • A cake, gifts and candles, and we too congratulate from the bottom of our hearts. Long live the birthday child and now blow out the candles quickly. What you wish for will soon come true. All the best for the new year!

Short birthday wishes girls

  • Many wishes, many dreams should come true. Mixed with love, happiness and joy you will pass the year of your life.
  • We wish you the best of luck from the bottom of your heart and stay healthy!
  • The whole house for our little birthday mouse is decorated with colorful balloons and garlands.
  • Always stay what you are, a happy child, the happiest are always the happiest.
  • We congratulate everyone who likes you on their 15th day of honor. But we don’t say a lot of words, we wish you fun, gifts and cake!
  • There are ten candles on the cake, my wishes come from the heart, you should always be happy, healthy and lively on top of that.
  • My birthday child, today’s your day you were born. You are the best I like, lucky that you were born!
  • Sun in your heart and friends for life – this should give you next year!
  • We are so glad that you exist and we love you very much so celebrate your birthday today and invite a lot of people!
  • I wish you all the best for the 8th. To give you my blessings on all your life paths. Feel depressed, I love you, it is so beautiful that you exist.

Happy birthday child

  • Happy birthday, little man. You really are the coolest 8 year old boy I know.
  • You were always my little mouse, but now you already look huge, you will be 10 years old today, and therefore, when I tell you now, listen: All love on all your ways, health and joy and my blessings!
  • We wish you the best of luck on your 3rd birthday and God’s blessings! May the sun always shine for you and life only has beautiful surprises in store for you. Happy Birthday.
  • Good morning birthday boy. For today’s cradle party, I wish you the very best.
  • I wish you all the best for a healthy and successful new year!
  • Happy birthday and all the best for your future. I wish that every rain gives you a rainbow.
  • A thousand brightly colored butterflies, only wish you good things, today is a special day when you may be lucky!
  • Congratulations little princess! We wish you all the best for your birthday and good luck, as well as lots of sunshine, a bevy of nice guests and a large pile of presents!
  • We congratulate you on your birthday! Our wish for the new year of life: May your most beautiful dreams come true!
  • Happy birthday, for my sweet sugar nose.

Children’s birthday sayings

  • A small wish comes today, mysterious and well-weighed. Calm, wisdom, happiness and peace, let life always love you.
  • Our little sweet sweetheart is a four year old Fratz from today! We wish that – it is clear, a beautiful, new year of life!
  • I wish you all the day, not a lie – no question, at school and in the afternoon, in winter and on sunny days, in everyday life and at festivals only the very best.
  • Let’s go on an unforgettable day, where everyone can feast as they like. Colorful balloons decorate your room – congratulations, we love you forever.
  • This must be celebrated with a delicious cake and lots of presents! We wish you a super cool day and call out loud: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
  • The birthday child should live high! Bring it to me, very quickly. I want to hug it, cuddle it and push it hard and give it a present. After all, you don’t live to be 4 years every day, you have to celebrate – no question! Happy and happy birthday.
  • Birthday boy, birthday boy, oh come in to us, quickly. We are all here and congratulate you, you will get something for free. We hope you enjoy it, come up to the table and take a look.
  • Hooray – your birthday is finally here! You woke up full of joy today and we brought you something beautiful. We wish you all the best for the next year of life!
  • For our birthday we want to tell you how happy we are to have you with us. With you our life becomes richer and our hearts bigger and softer. You’re always happy, funny, lively and make the world a little bit more colorful.
  • We wish you all the best for your birthday, all the best! May many, competent guardian angels accompany you on all your ways and always let you go through life happily and with zest for action.

Birthday poems for children

  • You are now 12 years old, today there is a lot to do: unpack the gifts, quickly, because you are the birthday child!
  • I wish that your happiness is renewed every day, that a good deed pleases you every hour!
  • At 7 years old you are completely smart and cool, with such a gorgeous guy all girls fall off the chair. But let’s tell them one thing: you’re the greatest boy in this world, I wish you rum, success and lots of money!
  • Children’s land, you magical land, house and yard and hedges. Behind the blue forest wall, the world is playing hide and seek. Happy Birthday!
  • You have grown – no longer small, that’s how a 12-year-old should be. If you also do faxing sometimes, that’s part of it – it makes you grow.
  • We would like to share our best wishes with you on your 5th birthday. Linger in short lines with our birthday wishes. You will get a lot of strength, peace and quiet. At the end I say all the best for your plans!
  • Just stay as you are, just great, then you will soon get the 18 full, now blow out the candles on the cake, then more people can visit you.
  • You shine as sweetly as the greatest light, congratulate you, I want my little one quite simply. Celebrate beautifully in this room and make your dream come true!
  • You turned 6 years old that day. We all want to tell you how much everyone likes you. Finally, with kind regards, sweeten your very special day.
  • It’s your birthday – that’s great, you’ve grown – pretty big. We are so happy with you that we can celebrate here.

Congratulations on your 1st birthday

  • Congratulations on the 1st birthday of your little bundle of joy. I wish him and of course his parents a great start into the second year of life!
  • You will be 1 year old today! It’s really hard to believe! We wish you all the best for the coming year and have fun exploring the world. Continue to make your parents happy and remain such a bright and friendly child!
  • Today we let the corks pop and candles burn, your 1st birthday is here and nobody wants to miss it. You little Fratz have been a year now, time passed too quickly, but wonderfully, if you let us shine with joy and happiness, we will never give you back to the stork.
  • Future and past are a wonderful time with you, with none you had more fun than with me. I wish you all the best for the 1st anniversary because I like you so much.
  • You have been in the world for a year. You know how to hold the bottle. You can almost walk, you can play and shop. I wish you health and joy and fun.
  • You have been in the world for 1 year and have experienced so much. There will be many more adventures to come. I wish you lots of fun and send you my warm wishes to your cradle party.
  • We would like to send you the very best greetings for your sweet little racer and wish you all the best for the future.
  • Your birthday, which is today Many people congratulate you a year, you are already here all the best I wish you!
  • Congratulations on your 1st birthday. We wholeheartedly wish you all the best, especially a lot of health and happiness.
  • I wish you all the luck in the world and fantastic gifts for your 1st birthday. There is actually baby porridge with the taste of a birthday cake?

Sayings for 2 birthday

  • My dear godchild, I wish you all the best for your 2nd birthday! May God always keep a protective eye on you and accompany you reliably in all your ways. I also want to assist you with advice and action and try to always be there for you.
  • My dear child, the wind is dancing, the bear is quilting, we are very happy! Good luck and blessings, in the sun and rain, birthday feast, this song is over!
  • Congratulations on your 2nd birthday for the best grandchild there is! Grandma and Grandpa brought you something nice and would like to give you the very best blessings on the way.
  • I wish you a lot of fun on your 2nd birthday and a lot of fun with your friends. I hope that all of your wishes are fulfilled today and that you can do it >Congratulations on your 3rd birthday

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