Birthday wishes for children – original pictures and texts

Birthday wishes for children

HAPPY BIRTHDAY little sunshine, one way or the other could be the introduction for your Birthday wishes for children kick off. You will find ideas for special and appealing birthday greetings, original and child-friendly pictures and short texts that boys and girls simply like.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY – pictures for children’s birthday

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Pictures are totally hip, which are just per Whatsapp can be posted. Would you like to use this uncomplicated and inexpensive option to get yours quickly? birthday greetings to send to the birthday child? Then feel free to browse through the following picture gallery. Pictures for children from small to large are waiting for you and, ultimately, to travel and delight a child’s heart.

The warmest congratulations for you, my little kitten.

Hello little sunshine,
today is your birthday.
Many warm greetings come here,
a lovely hug and a kiss for you.

Hello little princess,
today is your big day,
to which I would like to congratulate you.
happy Birthday!

Hello dear birthday boy,
greetings come between clouds and wind.

Today is a very special day, your birthday.
I wish you a mountain of gifts,
a delicious cake and a funny birthday party.
Stay healthy and as nice as you are.
Be hugged by me.

The world is upside down because it’s your birthday today.
I wish you a motley one
Good mood day with romp and a lot of fun.

. even the little birds join in.
Happy birthday and best wishes from us.

Dear snail,
the most fragrant floral greetings for you for your birthday!

Strong birthday greetings.
Feel warmly cuddled.

Do not be sad because I am today,
can’t be with you on your birthday.
I congratulate you from afar and think dearly of you.
Big kiss from me!

Sayings and texts for children’s birthday

The birthday is especially important for children. Long before THE day, the excitement is great and the tension increases with each new day. Invitation cards are designed and sent in advance, and advice is given on what can make this day even more beautiful. Yes, and then the budding birthday child can also wish for something. More is probably not possible and so it is all the more understandable that the excitement before the special day is really great. So the birthday itself becomes a test for the nerves, not only for the birthday child, but also for the parents and guests. Only tolerance, keeping calm and turning a blind eye can help, sometimes both ;-)

For well-wishers, we have put together short verses, sayings and texts for the greeting card. Let yourself be inspired by the ideas or adopt them as they are here. The children or parents are happy to keep cards for later. Be sure if your card is special and it can be a small verse, it will be very well received, today on the special day, but probably even later when it is pulled out of the memory box.

Juchu, it’s your birthday today
we are all very pleased.
Stay healthy, happy and cheerful,
stay as nice as you are, just keep going.

Always stay what you are,
a happy child,
the happiest ever
are the happiest.

May three things always accompany you in all your ways;
Happiness, satisfaction and confidence.

Every minute you laugh,
extends life by an hour.

Therefore, dear birthday child, have lots of happy moments and laugh a lot in your new year.

Run swiftly in the whirlwind
through a field of flowers of happiness,
pick a big bouquet out of it
and use it if necessary.

I warmly congratulate you on your day of honor today. Let yourself be celebrated and have fun!

Your birthday should be fun,
full of joy and with sunshine.
Bring your friends to your home,
then make a party together.
We wish you all nice presents
and that everyone thinks of you.
Have happiness and joy in the new year,
then it will surely be wonderful.

Feel free to include a suitable saying in your own congratulations for the child, for example the following, which is ideal for slightly older children:

Become what you are not yet,
stay what you are now;
in this staying and becoming
everything beautiful is here on earth.

In addition, the following words can be chosen:

In this sense, we wish you happiness and health and all the best for your new year.

Today is a nice day,
the way I like it.
What is so special today?
It’s good that you ask and don’t forget it.
You little sunshine have a birthday today,
a day that delights you and me.
Today you are particularly cuddled and hugged,
today people fool around and joke.
Let yourself be celebrated and spoiled,
It’s hard to believe who’s going to moan.
This day is yours and only for you,
you are special, don’t forget that.

I’m thinking of you today
and wish you without question,
only good and also plentiful
Health and happiness for all days of life.

Believe in yourself and everything will be possible!

For your new year we wish you confidence, happiness and deep trust in yourself.

You shine with happiness and sheer joy,
because today is your big day.
Everyone who thinks of you now,
like to congratulate you.
Enjoy fun and games,
laugh loudly and a lot.

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