Birthday wishes for children

Birthday wishes for children

Here you will find many popular birthday wishes for children. Whether funny, funny, warm or loving – we have collected the best birthday sayings for you.

Today is your big day,
that every child likes so much.
We wish you luck from the heart
and carefree laughter.
You should have the new year of life
always a lot of fun.

The very best birthday wishes!

For your birthday, dear child,
we are quick to imagine.
And wish that in your life
the very best, there will be.
Health, joyful courage and happiness,
they may accompany you every moment!

We wish you a happy birthday!

We wish you
the most beautiful BIRTHDAY in the whole world!

My dear birthday child

The sun should shine for you today
and no cloud of rain cry.
We wish you the very best
to your … .. cradle parties!

My best wishes on your Birthday!

Happy birthday

Blackbird thrush, finch and star
all the birds all,
wish you for next year
Happiness with a loud sound.
Chimney sweep on the roof
look after the little singers,
beckons with a big bouquet of flowers,
brings our congratulations to you in the house!

The very best birthday wishes for you, my child!

Happy birthday

Just like the rainbow spans the sky,
be lucky to you and banish adversity.
He comes on rainy days, even though the sun is shining,
and wants to tell you: It cried itself out!
Life’s play shows itself in the spectrum of its colors
in all its size: so beautiful, so colorful, so much.
Enjoy it on all your days,
nothing bad should bother you, cause you annoyance.
The birds sing with us loudly and quietly
a birthday way: you should always be happy!

Best wishes for your birthday and all the best for you!

For your birthday I wish you:

A way you like to go.
A way with few stumbling blocks,
and you can walk lightly.
May this path bring you to the destination of your dreams,
I wish you from the bottom of my heart.

It’s nice that you exist! Best wishes for your birthday!

For your birthday:

The elephant has a trunk.
The TV has a big bowl.
The crocodile has expensive leather,
but you have what not everyone
and what makes me particularly happy:
It’s your birthday today.

The mouse loves cheese, sausage and ham.
The frog loves water. Not for drinking!
The eagle loves to fly high.
Some love to lie in the sand.
But I love you and hug you tight
with congratulations on the cradle festival!

for birthday!

The mouse beeps in front of the mouse hole
even cheer the fish:
“We want now and today
Congratulations to you. ”

We all hug you,
because we really loved you
and also the stars heavenward
are particularly kind to you.

With all my heart all the best wishes for a birthday!

Dear birthday child

The sea rustles, the wind murmurs,
the birds are chirping from the trees:
“We know a birthday child,
you cannot miss the congratulations. "

We all congratulate you on your birthday!

Ruth Ursula Westerop

Birthday is without a doubt
the most beautiful of all days of honor.
So we don’t want to waste time,
Congratulations on the cradle festival.

Even if we don’t always say it,
we know what we have in you..
Always remember, don’t forget:
We love and we need you!

The very best birthday wishes!

The frog croaks –
the mouse beeps
and all the birds sing:
“We want the birthday boy
serenade today. ”

Grandpa and Grandma too,
they hum with, very quietly
and send the birthday greeting
for you on the journey now.

Are still too small to read it.
That comes later. Does not matter.
Because all children are getting bigger
and that often happens too quickly.

Childhood is blown away too quickly,
so stay child as long as possible.
Finally, just one sentence:
"We love you, you little fool!"

Best wishes for your birthday!

Happy birthday kisses, kisses ….
You should get a lot of Bussis-
by everyone who loves you warmly.
Some who don’t dare,
will shyly look sideways
and feel terribly embarrassed
and make an air kiss.
Others will hardly be ashamed
and take your breath away.
They firmly believe you are happy,
when you are pushed like crazy.
And a few specialists have to
kiss as juicy as a hippo.
If something comes up, you have to run,
otherwise you will drown miserably.
Then there are the gentle, quiet ones –
that really prove with emotion,
that a loving kiss,
doesn’t have to smack loudly.
But no matter how you are kissed –
I wish you are happy!

Happy Birthday!

it is the only GIFT,
that you don’t get twice.


Best wishes for your birthday!

Always stay what you are,
a happy child,
the happiest ever
are the happiest.

Brave life
with a lot of joy and energy.
And if a cloud comes
remember – the sun never fades!

My dear child!

I would like to take your birthday today as an occasion;
to let you know how much I love you.
You are the most valuable thing in my life and you should know:
Whatever you do, whatever happens:

It’s nice that you exist! Happy Birthday!

I wish you a happy birthday
the strength and wisdom of an elephant:
Believe in yourself, then you can do anything!

Happy Birthday!

… I bless you with your old blessing on your birthday,
with whom I once stood at your bed every night:
Live serious, determined, fearless for the realization of the ideal in you and outside of you! Amen.

Malvida Freiin von Meysenbug

Let the long preparation. Start your life at times!

Eduard von Bauernfeld

Every gift is welcomed, but above all: what you strive for, may you succeed.

Youth is the time to learn wisdom. Age is the time to exercise it.

Learn to grow old with a young heart. That is all art.

Make the best of yourself. You can’t do anything better.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Last but not least: Do you have a poetic streak and have you written a beautiful saying for birthday wishes for children? Then we look forward to your birthday wishes, which you can send to us using our contact form. Thank you very much!

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