Birthday wishes – unique sayings and greetings

Birthday wishes for original greetings for the annual jubilee celebration, in writing, as texts and claims, for greeting cards, are waiting for you here now. Take the lines listed one to one or see them as a guide to create your own and individual, heartfelt texts. However, if you are the fastest way to send your Wishes prefer, then simply choose one of the unique pictures from our collection and post it via social media or send it quickly and easily via WhatsApp or email.

We know it and we all have it, this event is repeated every year. The birthday is meant. Mostly yearned for at a young age, finally one year older again, after all you finally grow up and grow up. But when the years go by, you know it yourself? The joy becomes cautious over the years, but then increases again in old age, according to the motto ". and reached another year". Happiness about getting older or not, it’s always nice when someone thinks about this special day. This is exactly why you will quickly find very original texts for greetings, funny pictures and beautiful sayings. Clearly arranged, you can expect various ideas for your wishes, with which you can ensure a successful surprise for the birthday child.

And then there are the many presents, a birthday party and generally there is usually a state of emergency with special rights and excitement, sometimes even stress. But, all in all, every birthday child is happy about small and bigger surprises. If there are still happy congratulations in the birthday card, email, SMS or Whatsapp, on Facebook etc., everyone is more than happy and the day will be perfect.

Birthday wishes – pictures

Sending via social media works the fastest, how Whatsapp or Facebook. The pictures are just right here.

Happy Birthday to you- Long live the birthday child.

As time goes on, luckily you don’t get older, you just get better and better.
Happy Birthday!

Everything beautiful, everything Quality,
all the happiness in this world;
stay healthy and happy,
do what you like.

Hmm, smell it. I picked the flower especially for you for your birthday.

ღ Best wishes for you ღ

I wish you
the tender impatience of spring,
the mild growth of summer,
the silent ripeness of autumn
and the wisdom of sublime winter.

You take off with sheer joy because today is your birthday.

. Before you grow wings, I would rather congratulate you quickly!

The whole world is upside down today because it’s your birthday.
The warmest birthday wishes come from me.

. the day after your birthday.

But today it’s really going to crash,
let yourself celebrate and have fun!

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Birthday wishes – sayings for special greetings

Such a saying can act like the proverbial icing on the cake. When using a saying, make sure that you limit yourself to just one and then insert it into your wishes with reference words. Because only the saying as such would perhaps come along somewhat poorly.
Include the author under the saying, even if you have a saying somewhere "unknown" gets your hands on it.
Oh and another tip, if you write all your words on a classic greeting card, the birthday date and the place (place of residence of the card writer) should be in the lower area of ​​the folding card (preferably in the left inside because the text is on the right)..
Example: Berlin, February 10th, 20XX
One last hint for the date on your greeting card, if you don’t know the day exactly (sometimes occurs ;-)), write the place, the month and the current year. Example: Berlin, February 20XX.

Survive! Love! laugh!
Do this
your new year for a festival,
that lets you celebrate your life.
It should be the new year of life
be even better as it was old.

You don’t just need money in life alone,
you also need love, joy and happiness-
I wish you a piece of everything!

Birthday wish via SMS:

I wish you birthday 12 months of health, 52 weeks of happiness, 365 days without stress, 8760 hours of love, 524,600 minutes of peace and 31,536,000 seconds of joy.

Every year for your birthday you get the chance for a fresh start.

Congratulations just for you:

I wish you a cloudless sky,
the scent of the most beautiful flowers,
a song, a laugh,
a wish that comes true.
Everything that gives you joy
and makes you completely happy.

Birthdays are an opportunity
to joyfully make plans,
to dream and hope dreams,
that they come true.

Wander through joyfully and cheerfully
your life year after year,
happiness is your companion,
your heaven eternally clear!

Want happiness according to its meaning
give you something good,
say thank you and accept it
without much concern.
Greet each gift,
but above all:
What you strive for,
may you succeed.

Turn away from worries,
leave all things to fate;
rejoice in the good that is laughing at you today,
and forget everything vegan about it.

Anyone who maintains the ability,
To recognize beautiful things,
will never grow old.

Life becomes rich and incredibly diverse,
as you get older.

As long as you can still admire and love, you are young forever.

Our birthdays are feathers
in the broad wings of our time.

Why not hand over flowers with a short saying?

I picked some flowers for you,
to bring you her life.

Don’t grow old no matter how long you live.
Stop like a curious child
to be faced with the great miracle,
into which we were born.

Who smiles soberly three times in the morning,
when it rains, don’t frown
and laughs in the evening so that it sounds,
easily turns 100 years old.

Individual texts for birthday wishes

With the following text samples we would like to show you original wishes on the one hand, but also inspire you to create your own texts from the sample examples. As an idea, feel free to use one of the sayings listed above to add even more depth to your own words.

How beautiful, that you are here,
you are a very special person who can still celebrate today.
For your new year, I wish you courage, strength, health, self-confidence and a head full of ideas.

Today is a special day
and whether you believe it now,
you will today. (insert appropriate number) year ‘.
The crowd of guests congratulates them with joy and heart.
We only wish you good things and a great deal of luck,
may you succeed, in small as in big things.

Always sun in your heart, a smile on your lips,
Joy of life, happiness in the world – that’s exactly how your life is,
that’s why I wish you that it stays exactly the same for you.

Be happy, happy and happy in the world,
have sun in my heart and enough money.

Life is a gift,
accept it gratefully and enjoy it at every moment.
The warm wishes from me.

Today is yours (Insert number) hatching day,
you thought you were pretty good for your age-
keep up the good work.

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As a tip for you:
Please also have a look at our large overview for congratulations on (almost) all important occasions in life.

Last but not least:
Do you have any interesting ideas and tips for another one birthday wish? Then write us an email, we look forward to your mail. Thank you for visiting this page and we look forward to seeing you again.


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