Bishop mixa renews criticism of von der leyen: childcare remains an issue

Bishop Mixa renews criticism of von Leyen childcare remains controversial

Discussion about childcare continues.

HB HAMBURG / BERLIN / OSNABRÜCK. According to the "Bild" newspaper, Mixa declined to apologize for the allegation. "My criticism is against a policy that unilaterally promotes that young mothers should give their young children outside government care shortly after birth, instead of devoting themselves entirely to their children in the first three years of life," said the Catholic Bishop according to the sheet. Anyone who does not grant mothers freedom of choice in this regard and yet demands more political births, the degraded mothers, to put it drastically, speaking of childbearing machines. "I’ll stick to it," said Mixa.

The Evangelical Church has protected von der Leyen against the attacks of the Catholic bishop. "I am amazed at the choice of words and the statement. I cannot see any factual contribution to the discussion, ”said Bishop Wolfgang Huber, EKD Council Chairman, to the“ Berliner Zeitung ”. The federal government’s plans for one The Evangelical Church fully supports the expansion of childcare. It is about the important topic, what spectrum of possibilities one offers parents, so that they could assume their responsibility for the raising of children. "I very much regret that it is discussed in such a petty manner," said Huber.

The fatal point is that a bad conscience is generated on all sides in the family policy debate. Women are particularly affected. "Housewives are accused of withdrawing from the job market, working mothers, withdrawing from their children, and childless people are accused of not having children," said the EKD boss. The men watched and looked comparatively well. That was unjust and unacceptable.

Meanwhile, SPD parliamentary group leader Peter Struck has claimed the leadership role in family politics for his party. With reputable financing concepts and the The SPD guarantees the necessary assertiveness in the coalition to renew the family policy, Struck told the "Tagesspiegel am Sonntag" according to advance notification. According to Struck’s ideas, the next increase in child benefit could not take place in order to expand crèches and kindergartens. Several billion euros would have to be shifted gradually in the budgets of the federal, state and local governments. He accused Family Minister Ursula von der Leyen (CDU) of not being able to enforce her right policies. Although she took over social democratic positions and continued the course of her predecessor Renate Schmidt (SPD). However, the minister is pretty alone in the Union with the demand to create more crèche places. In addition, she could not say how she would finance her plans.


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