Bishops' resignations called for

Bishops' resignations called for

Symbolic image of abuse: teddy bear in a church pew © Harald Oppitz (KNA)

An Internet documentary sparked horror in Poland. A poll has now found that more than half of respondents are calling for the bishops to resign. The blame lies not only with the individuals, but especially with the institution.

In light of the abuse crisis, 54 percent of Poles in a poll favored the resignation of the country's Catholic bishops. 20 percent, however, rejected this, according to a survey by the Pollster polling institute published by Polish media on Monday. According to the survey, the remaining 26 percent did not yet trust themselves to make a statement.

No trust in the church

A Polish documentary film about sexual abuse of children by priests and the cover-up of such crimes by the Catholic Church, which was published on the Internet about a week ago, caused horror in Poland. 54 percent of the approximately 1.100 adults said they did not trust the church.

The church is trusted by only 33 percent of the people, it was said. 84 percent are reportedly in favor of setting up a commission independent of the church to investigate child abuse by clergymen.

"Just don't tell anyone"

According to another survey, almost every second adult Pole (45 percent) has already seen all or part of the abuse documentary "Nur sag es niemandem" ("Just don't tell anyone"). 60 percent blamed child abuse not only on individual priests, but also on the church as an institution, according to a study by the Kantar Institute. 34 percent, on the other hand, held only the individual clergymen responsible for their pedophilic acts. Kantar interviewed on behalf of the newspaper "Gazeta Wyborcza", the online portal "" and the radio station TOK FM around 1.000 citizens.

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