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Autumn Feeling: Family outing on the Hornisgrinde

As so often at the end of the year, a hundred things come to mind that you actually wanted to do but somehow did not work out. On my list are at least 15 blog posts about excursions, travel, hotels and other ideas that I would like to share with you. Let’s see if I can do it, but I’ll just post one or two posts a week to update this journal and record our experiences. That must be possible, because what has been photographed and described remains in your memory forever. Criss-cross and at your whim I take you to New York, Austria, Sri Lanka, Hamburg, Aruba and the Hornisgrinde. Hornis What? The Hornisgrinde! The highest mountain in the northern Black Forest. Sonntagsausflugsziel Schwarzwald When our dear friends Jasmin (look at her blog Elbmadame) and Torben visited us in October we went outside. The autumn called! After the wonderfully long and warm late summer, we were looking forward to cool and windy days. From the Mummelsee (about the excursion in spring …

Hotel tip in the Black Forest: Hotel Bären in Titisee

Yesterday we said goodbye to winter. Finally! Now it is early March and it is high time that the spring shows up. The daffodils are already blooming here, but there is still a lot of snow in the mountains. Even in the low mountain ranges like the Black Forest. We took the opportunity and went again to the Feldberg. After we were totally lucky with the weather in January – after which there was no snow over Christmas, it had snowed a day before our arrival – we were allowed to enjoy yesterday’s finest fresh snow. It was lovely and not busy on the slopes. From Karlsruhe it takes just under two hours to get to the lift. Since this winter, there is the new parking garage on the Feldberg, which greatly relaxes the traffic situation on the summit. The parking fees can be charged with the lift ticket and a new chairlift connects the Grafenmatt area with the Seebuck. A great value for the area! Since yesterday we just wanted to drive, drive and drive, Antons rushes …

The Rainhof barn and why we went skiing in the Black Forest

Actually, I could put it in a few sentences on the point: we wanted in the snow, but did not need a huge ski area, but we wanted a nice accommodation. We found what we were looking for in the Rainhof barn and on the Feldberg. It really does not matter if you’re traveling and planning for six weeks, or just looking for a nice week for a week. We always research our fingers sore, i. Ronald does that. What did we think about how, where and if we go skiing at all? Pretty much all families who want to get into the snow as a family for the first time are confronted with this discussion. In the past, before the children, we are for a week every year, and when it was time to go snowboarding for a few more days. In the morning on the slopes, in the evening down and six days in a row away. We wanted to live well then, but otherwise drive, drive, drive. But yes, times are changing and with children are suddenly other attributes for evaluation in the room: travel, ski lessons, alternative activities with Ida, food and yet ne accommodation, …

Tobogganing with the Pistenbully in Bernau in the Black Forest

I throw you to snow pictures of sledding! Even if we do not really see white on our doorstep, winter happiness is only an hour away: the Black Forest is a winter wonderland in its purest days. Over a meter of snow hats there and not only skiing, but also great tobogganing. Even with the Pistenbully! The story of our skiing holiday was not so easy this year, so at least not the decision where to indulge. What did we search and compare … in the end we decided on the obvious and did not regret it for a second. Anton spent the first days on boards and rode like a big man. The last day we wanted to spend together with friends and have met my dear photographer’s colleague Alex Stehle and the future to go sledging. As mentioned in the Pope from the beginning of the year, we had the exit of the Krunkelbach hut at Bernau out. The is 3.5km one of the longest toboggan runs in the Black Forest and has a fundamental advantage: you do not have to run high, but …

Sledding in the northern Black Forest. Slopes and slopes for sledges and co.

Okay, at the moment we do not have that much snow out there, but we believe in the winter and he’ll come back. Most certainly! And sledding is so great. Just stupid that Karlsruhe is as flat as a pancake. Except for a few artificial hills in the Günther Klotz facility there is not much. But why do we have the Black Forest at the door? A few kilometers out of the city and up the mountain! Here are some of our finds, which we recommend for a day trip. We still collect more toboggan slopes, so if you have something, always bring it with you! Bad Herrenalb am Dobel Very wide slope with small hills, which is ideal for sledding. For larger children as well as for small enough space and different slopes. A short lift is available, but has to be paid and does not really pay for the toboggan run, because on the edge. There is also a small hut warm drinks, but unfortunately no way to warm up inside. Hundseck on the Black Forest High Road On a side slope of the ski slope …

The White Black Forest – snow days and tobogganing between the years

Spontaneous ideas are usually the best. Maybe that’s why we always book our trip at a very short notice? But this time we were not the trigger for a spontaneous two – day trip, but Kerstin, the me on 28.12. wrote that she wanted to travel with husband and children for two days to the Mummelsee (you remember the trip in spring?). Finally, it is snowing heavily and that would be something. Yes, it is snowing! So why do not we just come along? Exactly, there was no reason and so we packed our things in the morning in the grandmother in Hesse, drove home, rearranged, ate noodles and drove on into the nearby mountains. It was a dream! Since my time in Freiburg I love the snowy Black Forest. Honestly, in Canada, the trees look no better. As if they had been sprayed with snow from above, below and on all sides. The firs bend under the load and soft, foamy bonnets cover stones and tree stumps. Eye leave is that. I think that a snowy landscape in the sun more …

Heimatliebe for Christmas: Christmas tree beating and the Christmas market in the Ravenna gorge

After our return from Oman we actually only had one Advent weekend, where we gave everything to really get into the Christmas spirit. This works best with a little tradition, right? Since we live in Karlsruhe we are beating our own Christmas tree. With good friends we drive on the third or fourth Sunday in Advent to Durchbach in the Black Forest to beat our tree at the Springbauer Hof. Even though it is mostly muddy and too warm, but we have been there once as snow, this trip puts me in a dramatic Christmas mood. The tree is expertly selected on the fields. This, or the? Too big, too bushy, too narrow? No, it’s over there, mine! Man, do not you see that? Yes! And now saw hard! Man and son then climb up the mud with the saw to cut it and are as proud as real fellows can be if they hold a tree (!!) in their hands. Is the baby then in the …

Short break in the Black Forest? Here you live really nice!

The theme hotel is a big hobbyhorse of Ronald and therefore we are trying after each trip to post a post with hotel or accommodation recommendations, so you might find a nice place to stay. Granted, the Black Forest is not exactly a design center, but one or two sweethearts can also be found here. In these hotels can mom & Relax alone dad alone wonderful – hiking and relaxing in the Black Forest is still wonderfully relaxing for a quick trip without baby monitor! The Rössle in Todtnau The Waldsägmühle in Pfalzgrafenweiler The Elztalhotel in Winden in the Elztal (for sporty and Saunagänger great!) The Alemannenhof on the Titisee (charming boutique hotel in old walls) If you prefer to travel with the children in the Black Forest, stay here very nice : Hotel Bären am See in Seewald-Erzgrube (childcare!) Hotel Ludinmühle in Freiamt (nice swimming pool!) Forsthaus Auerhahn in Baiersbronn (also have family rooms) Hotel Feldberger Hof in Feldberg (at the top and also in winter great!) Simonshof in Schiltach ( nice apartments & Play barn) Jäckleshof in St. Georgen Brigach (new cottage in log house style!)

Summer tobogganing and open-air museum. A day in Gutach in the Black Forest.

A report on our 2Mamas4Kinder project, I still had open. After the Schauinsland tour and the panoramic tour including waterfalls on the third day was back home. However, only in the evening, because we had chosen Gutach as the destination of the day, which was a pretty good decision. In Gutach there is not only the open-air museum Vogtsbauernhof, but also a summer toboggan run, which is really fun. You rush across the meadows and feel free as a child, lovely! Great fun for young and old (children over the age of two can ride well)! Incidentally, being there in the morning is a good tip, as we have noted, because in the holiday season, the queue at noon but quickly longer. The Vogtsbauernhöfe are simply interesting and beautiful! We could have spent there a few hours without children, but with an audioguide, because if you have to constantly keep an eye on all four, you have almost only superficial impressions and insights. And yet: it is definitely a destination for families, because there is enough to discover even for the little ones. Typical farm animals, houses that are so …

Full Lotte mountain and valley and waterfall. Our panorama route and the highlight of the motivation.

Hello dear tour group. Today we dive into the deepest darkness of the Black Forest. We pass through narrow valleys, where even in summer the sun never shines for more than 2 hours, let our eyes wander over beautiful meadows, strengthen us with cheese and ham and marvel at real sights. After breakfast we leave the Glottertal to the south and meander along pretty meadows and wonderful views over St. Peter to St. Märgen. This is the Black Forest as you know it from the Black Forest clinic. That was also here … The detour to the Hexenlochmühle leads far down into a narrow valley, but worth it, because the old mill is super quaint and gives a good insight into the former way of working. In addition, you can buy all sorts of wood products there. Also cuckoo clocks, even blue. I’ll show it on occasion when I’ve photographed her in the living room. Then continue towards Furtwangen and Triberg on the B500, a part of the Black Forest Panorama Road. About noon is spotted on the Rainertonishof, where you can also great pony rides, which we conceal our kids but. Homemade bread, smoked …


Nice that you are here! We are Katja, Ronald, Anton & Ida and we like to travel.

With our first parental leave to New Zealand everything started on this blog 2011. There are now four of us and we still love to travel and be on the road. Will you come with me??

Also in the second parental leave we were on tour again: Florida, the Caribbean and Mexico were on the program.

And now there are all sorts of nice things for mobile families. Are you there??

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