Black molar tooth? (Dentist)

Black molar tooth?

Hello people out there, I have an important question for you today. I have not had a toothbrush on my molars for weeks. Today I noticed that everything is black, my whole molar tooth. What should I do now ? Can I somehow cure it again or do I have to go to the dentist? If I have to go to the dentist, what does that mean for me? Drill or just a syringe? Please get in touch. Thank you !

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I don’t understand why you brush your teeth no more up to your molars. Everyone comes with the toothbrush. If your whole molar tooth – as you write – is black (and it wasn’t just a few weeks ago), then it has huge tooth decay and it is time for you to go to the dentist immediately. Since nobody here knows how big and how deep the caries is, nobody can tell you what exactly needs to be done. However, there is no syringe to heal the tooth. You will be given an anesthetic injection so that you do not have any pain when drilling. You won’t get past drilling.

If he has gone black, he may have died. In any case, you should go to a dentist who can tell you what is best for you. It may be that you get pain in the middle and then it is usually Friday evening, you could see the walls high and far and wide with no emergency service in sight. Dental care is really important, you should try brushing them all, otherwise you are sure of juicy tooth decay.

The way to the dentist can no longer be avoided, but in the future I would also use dental floss to brush my teeth. This will get you to many places where the toothbrush does not get. :-)

If the whole tooth is black, it should be gone. Of course you can get an injection at the dentist.

Why can’t you get your molars when you have a toothbrush? This has never happened to me in 66 years of life, where I use a toothbrush on my own.

I think the tooth is rotten, so syringe and out

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hey hers! Have a small hole in the left molar tooth (below) – also pulls from time to time! Wants to go to the dentist tomorrow and would like to know if it hurts badly? I’m totally afraid of syringes – the syringe hurts a lot (never got one)?

caries, molar tooth. the drilling will hurt?

i have a dentist appointment on monday and just checked my teeth again. I noticed the black dot on a filled molar tooth, I thought at first that it was something else and I scrubbed the tooth for a few minutes. the point is unchanged, so i think it is caries. it looks smaller than the one in the tooth before, but i can’t judge it that way. will the drilling hurt? before I had a syringe, but I would like to get along without it, because I only had my mouth open for two weeks.

Drilling hurts at the dentist?

Hello, I have a dentist appointment in 2 hours and I have found a brown spot on my molar tooth, now I believe that the doctor has to drill because I am afraid that this brown spot is caries. Now I wanted to ask if it actually hurts when the dentist has to drill. Please reply quickly, thank you!

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A couple of years ago, the two front teeth were pulled out, and I got an injection in the top of my mouth. You can get the syringe somewhere else if you have to drill a hole in the lower right of a molar tooth?

I have to go to the dentist tomorrow, first on one, then on another on the second. I was there before, 2 upper molars were pulled.

what do I get for a filling? I’m 14.

How long does it take to drill each tooth??

i get a local anesthetic injection. since my two molars have to be made in the lower jaw, it may be that it hits my nerve with the syringe or?

I have to go to the dentist today and I have 1. shit in front of the syringe and 2. shit that I notice something when drilling I really don’t notice anything when drilling?

Hello, a piece of my molar tooth broke off a few weeks ago. I am not in pain and the piece I chewed off is not particularly big either. Nevertheless, the dentist would like to grind and fill the tooth. Now my question: I am very sensitive to pain, especially in the mouth area. The dentist wants to numb the area around the broken tooth (without a syringe!). Does the drilling or grinding hurt with anesthesia or you feel nothing at all?

Hello, I noticed an almost perfectly round black dot on my upper molar tooth this morning. This was not easy to remove with the toothbrush. Have researched on the Internet and was already afraid that it could be caries. (I have never had any holes, my dentist was actually always satisfied with my teeth) I looked at the point again in the evening and pissed it off with tweezers. Suddenly the poppy seed-like point was gone. Now you can see nothing on the tooth. The point, however, could not have been a leftover meal, because it couldn’t simply be scrubbed away. Should I still go to the dentist or can I be calm so far? The point looked about the same as in the photo.

Of course, this only happens on weekends. I am totally afraid of the dentist and I find it extremely difficult to go to my usual dentist. I still go to the regular controls, but it’s always a fight with myself :-( !

Now my molar tooth has broken off —– HELP.

Does anyone have experience with this? Will I get pain tonight? Do I have to go to an emergency dentist on a weekend at the dentist or can I wait until Monday?

What will the doctor do? Drill? Pull? Etc.

was at the dentist yesterday..

had to drill down on a molar tooth. Given the syringe did not work. Then give another shot. Everything was numb even my eyelid. Couldn’t move it anymore.

Today I can not open my mouth properly because it hurts other muscles at the back, for example when yawning or swallowing. is that normal?

Does that go away after a few days? It feels like sore muscles..

Good evening, I (16) was at the dentist today, just to have two molars sealed (yes, the molars came out late, I know) – but then the dentist starts talking about the fact that my molar is completely right on the top does not come out at the back, but the roots have almost been formed. Now I should quickly (so it seems to be important ?!) make an appointment with the orthodontist. I should bring the X-ray picture taken there. Now my question: Does the tooth have to be removed? How is that supposed to work if he sits in the gums .. -.- You really get scared. best regards.

is it very painful to have the dentist drill without a syringe? Experience please

Hi there!
My visit to the dentist takes place in a few hours afterwards and my fear is so great that I could throw up now. A filling is made in the upper molar and it is drilled. The hole is not deep and I don’t feel any of it myself. The problem is that I am very panicked and afraid of the boring and the pain, but I also cannot bear the thought of an injection. Recently, drilling was done without a syringe and it didn’t hurt directly – it was over relatively quickly. Does anyone have any tips? Before the treatment, my legs start to tremble, I feel sick and my heart is racing. I couldn’t go to the dentist without my mother. Are there brave people here who can drill without an injection? As I said, the hole is not deep and I don’t want an injection.

I have to go to the dentist on Friday and he has to drill for tooth decay. I’m totally worried, even though you had to drill. I want to get an injection and I wanted to know where it was stabbed and whether it hurt.

How much does drilling at the dentist actually hurt and how is it better with or without a syringe? And how does the syringe hurt? I am always totally scared when I lie there on the chair and the doctor comes and takes the drill in hand and says, now open wide ". And I’m afraid of it? And how is drilling with syringe the feeling?

I had been to my dentist two hours ago because two carious molars had to be treated.
I had refused the anesthetic injection because I do not want to spend half the evening with numb cheeks and lips.
It hurt for 2 minutes while drilling, but I have no restrictions for that now.
Always let yourself be given an injection??

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