Black spot on the gums (pain, teeth, dentistry)

Black spot on the gums (pain, teeth, dentistry)

Black area on the gums

Hi there! I have a little black dot on the gums between two teeth. It hurts too. Was normal at first and then bled when I brushed my teeth. In the meantime, a small black dot has appeared. Is this just a foreign body? The tooth doesn’t only hurt the gums! Please FAST ADVICE.

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Check whether there is any food residue stuck between the teeth – The gums can catch fire in the space between the teeth, inflate and then the outer skin bursts. – Rinse with a mouthwash, possibly warm it up a little in the microwave. You have to do the rinsing with your teeth clenched so that you exert pressure that cleans the space between them – you don’t need to worry. But showing at the ZA makes sense, especially if the gums are dark red. (Healthy is pink)

Maybe something got stuck in the gums and inflamed. If it doesn’t get better, go to the dentist.

Hi there. maybe you are there, e.g. injured while brushing my teeth without even realizing it. Then what you see there is just a little pouring of butter. Wait a few more days and see if it goes away. If it is still there after a week, I would go to the dentist with it. lg

After bleeding, maybe that’s just blood.

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Gums between two teeth hurt: /

Hello, for about 2-3 days it hurts when I chew in a certain place in the mouth. I’ve also looked at (as far as I can) what it could be, and it seems like the gums between two teeth are either inflamed or something else. I didn’t want to go to the dentist yet because I don’t think it will go away quickly and it’s just a bit irritating..

But I still want to ask what could be there? : /

small black dot on the tooth and bleeding gums!

I have a small black dot on the tooth and on the tooth I bleed on the gums. I was already at the dentist, he never saw aba karries. Does anyone know what that might be?

Gums behind last molar tooth hurts a lot?

Actually does "just" brushing your teeth hurt. So in everyday life I don’t feel any pain, but when I brush my teeth I can’t brush my molars on the right side because I’m afraid to get the back gums. So no real ones "tooth"pain special gum pain .. hope i could explain what my problem is.

Gums hurt when you get it.

Hi there. Since last night my gums hurt behind my last molar. I have no pressure or pain in my teeth. Only the gums hurt slightly when touched and are slightly swollen. The pain is only when I get it. But they are perfectly tolerable. Can it be my wisdom tooth that wants to get out or is it an inflammation?

Black dot on the foot

Hello, I have had a small black dot on my hoe for a long time (roughly since I was in the swimming pool). It feels like it’s a splinter that sits in the skin, it looks like a little mole. Today I wiggled it with tweezers and it was bleeding .. Friends said it could be a wart growing inside .. and since I wiggled it it hurts terribly! Can anyone tell me what that is? Thanks LG

I have with my snow >. to the question

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I can’t properly brush the lower, foremost teeth. They touch at the top, not at the bottom, so there is a hole between the teeth. There is always a lot of tartar collected there (I think?).

Now I have just removed it thoroughly and see a black dot on my left tooth. It does not hurt.

What’s this? Can I get it back? It MUST be removed at the ZA or so?

doesn’t hurt and is right over the tooth, someone knows what that could be?

Hi. since the weekend my right side, or a certain place, hurts when chewing. Was just at the dentist and she removed the plaque that was on the teeth or between the teeth. It hurt a bit, especially when she flossed there. She said that the pain comes from the gums because the teeth are not straight, but one of the 5th molars, where it hurts, has tipped inwards. And I don’t get well with dental floss. I had my last teeth cleaning a month ago.

I am afraid that there is caries on the molar that is tilted inwards. So that it hurts now is normal. That was just an hour ago when I was at the ZA. And it was bleeding when she cleaned it.

There is a very small black dot on the occlusal surface of the 5th molar. I have such spots on several teeth that come from old fillings. A filling was also made on the molar a year ago. But the ZAin said that the surfaces of my teeth always look good.

I’m on a short vacation over the weekend and will be back on Monday afternoon. Even if it is tooth decay, I can wait until Monday?

Now wanted to wait and see if the pain only comes from the gums or if it still hurts when everything is clean there. So I can wait for the weekend and if it still hurts on Monday to the ZA? She put fluoride on me wherever she cleaned it, so a white layer that comes off when I brush my teeth.

Or would it hurt if it was really caries? And can caries develop so quickly? I only had teeth cleaned a month ago. Caries can develop within a month or 2 weeks?

My gums pull up and bleed when I brush, it also hurts and the pain reaches my teeth?

my teeth can fall out i’m only 16

I have had fixed braces since Monday (already 4 days) and my gums behind the front teeth are swollen (had a tooth gap) .. Is this normal? Should I go to the doctor? Does that go away? It hurts a lot when I brush my teeth when I get there..

I have a white border on my gums, right on my teeth. The edge is particularly strong on the lower front teeth. It is only on the edge of the teeth, underneath everything is pale pink. It often bleeds heavily when cleaning, but it doesn’t hurt. Touching the gums doesn’t hurt. As far as I can tell, the gums have not decreased. I had a time a month ago where I rarely cleaned. Sometimes there are small dark spots in the white border. I can eat anything without pain. After cleaning the gums of the lower incisors, moving the lower lip for 10 min is sometimes uncomfortable. As far as I can tell, your teeth are pretty tight. I am 14 years old, I was wearing braces at the age of 11-13, and I am currently wearing loose night braces, which are really MUCH too small for me, especially below.

I have no pain so far.

I brush with a normal non-electric manual toothbrush, directly on the gums at a 45 degree angle to the gums and with small circular movements.

It does not bleed normally, only with heavy cleaning.

I’m going to the dentist next week.

Maybe someone here has any idea?

Hi, I had a foreign body sensation between my teeth earlier. As if there were still food. After that after brushing my teeth didn’t go away I checked. The interdental space is swollen (I prefer to leave the photos) When I continued looking I found a foreign body. He was right between the teeth. In a hint of panic, I pulled the thing out myself. It didn’t hurt (nagut pulled a little) but it bleed like hell. Was that right or a bad idea? What do I do with the wound now? That looks pretty inflamed. Should I go to the dentist directly tomorrow or won’t I go until Monday? Or is it now that the foreign body is gone by itself?

"So I recently looked at my teeth like this. Then I noticed that I have a bruise on my gums. It doesn’t hurt when cleaning, but when I print with my finger it hurts. I have to say I don’t brush my teeth every day now, but I don’t always try to forget. Well now my question is what could that be?"

So, brushing teeth is generally normal. However, there is a point where my gums hurt like a cramp as soon as the brush surfs over them. This is very uncomfortable, does anyone have any idea what it could be? The spot is particularly sensitive to brushes, it wasn’t before.

Hello I was recently at the dentist because of my pain, so far everything was fine just now it hurts under 2 teeth so I just pressed between the teeth and jaw from the outside. .. now it hurts it is a sharp pain. what could that be! ? And how do you notice cysts in the gums?

I have gum pain between two upper teeth, but only when I eat and when I press on it. I was at the dentist for a check-up and forgot to ask him about it, but he checked everything and asked me nothing So what can it be? It has not been like this for a long time and radiates from the gums into the teeth

My gums hurt, especially in the lower jaw. I can only go to the dentist tomorrow but it bothers me a lot, so I ask you if you probably know this and know what I should do best. Especially when eating or brushing teeth, the gums are very itchy and painful. I guess it’s an inflammation. Do you know what helps there?

If you see the blisters next to the teeth, what could be there, the part of the gums also hurts

I noticed that I have a black mini dot on the surface of my molar. It does not hurt. Is it tooth decay? I’m afraid that I have tooth decay.

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