Black teeth! (Health, teeth)

Black spots on the tooth!

I noticed that I have black spots on two molars. I will make an appointment with the dentist tomorrow. I brush my teeth every day without exception, with mouthwash & dental floss! I take great care of my teeth. where does it come from ? I am totally embarrassed to go to the dentist, they will definitely think ‘omg, they never brush their teeth’. what should I do? oh by the way, i’m 14 if that suits me.

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A ZA would see that immediately if you didn’t brush your teeth thoroughly. Brown spots are often caries or beginning caries. I have some tips for you so that your teeth stay healthy for a long time.

Here are some tips for dental care:

Dental floss, interdental brush (Tepe), cleaning the interdental space is very important because here tooth decay often begins, tongue cleaner.

After enjoying acidic foods and drinks (fruits, salads, orange juice, etc.), you should wait around 30 minutes before brushing your teeth to give the enamel surface enough time to remineralize.

A conscious diet and economical consumption of sugary foods and beverages is important for keeping teeth and gums healthy.

Brush teeth 2 – 3 times a day, possibly 1x week Elmex Gellee, regular visits to the dentist and tartar removal.

e.g. Aronal&Elmex, you can take any toothpaste that contains fluoride.

Images: Dental care 1. = 6 2. >

The dentist already sees that you always brush! These black spots could be fissures, indentations in the tooth surface, where easy "dirt" in the worst case, caries has formed there. But you can’t do anything with cleaning because the toothbrush can’t get there. You can only seal that.

Or maybe you just ate something dark (licorice?). There may have sat in there and make the black dots. ;-)

Good. – no, I’ve had the job for a long time. & somehow it seems to me that they become more.

What do you think the dentists get to see? And if you take good care of your teeth, they’ll see it too. Now just go before it gets worse and you really don’t have to be embarrassed.

So black spots mostly arise from caries. You can get that and the dentist thinks nothing of it, they have seen worse

This is just tooth decay. Almost everyone has that.

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I have 3 holes in my molars. Are these normal holes? Don’t think because they’re black. And before people come: brush your teeth: I’ll brush them

Brown spots on the tooth?

Hello, I have recently had small brown spots on my canine and when I checked again today there were also brown spots on four other teeth. I brush my teeth every day and have already bought toothpaste and mouthwash with Flurid but it hasn’t gotten any better,

What can i do And how does it go away? my dentist said that if you don’t brush your teeth, that’s not the case with me.

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Hello, I was at the dentist about 3 months ago. There he then gave me a filling and said everything else fits. The day before yesterday I took a look at my teeth because I’ve felt a pull lately. I saw that I have a light brown spot on one of my upper molars. Of course I panicked immediately. In addition, I have been pulling on the side for about 4 months now but my dentist said he would not see anything. The discoloration is on the outside of the teeth.

I just looked at my other teeth and saw more brown spots. One molar tooth even has black spots but does not hurt. Another tooth has black spots too, but I’ve had them for about 2 years and the dentist didn’t say anything.

Now of course I’m afraid that my teeth are rotten. My dentist is currently on vacation and won’t open until Monday. I will of course make an appointment immediately.

The question now would be how quickly decayed teeth because as I said I was only at the dentist about 3 months ago and everything was ok. My oral hygiene is not bad either. I brush my teeth regularly twice a day and use a mouthwash. Sometimes I forget or I’m too tired, but that’s very rare.

Do you think that everything could really be rotten or maybe just discoloration? I know that you can judge everything badly without pictures etc..

Thanks in advance.

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