Black Z – hne – 28 answers, That helps against it!

The most important things in a nutshell:

“Black teeth differ from removable tooth discolorations by their permanent tooth color.

“Caries and progressive tooth decay are common causes.

“Dentists remove black discolorations using ultrasound or professional dental cleaning.

“The necks of the teeth have a rough surface and appear darker than the crown.

“If a tooth looks black and does not cause toothache, this indicates that the tooth root is dying.

“Dark discolorations are caused by black tartar, which the dentist removes professionally.

QuestionAnswerWhat are the causes of black teeth? Black teeth can have different causes. These include, for example, tooth decay, progressive decay but also black tea, nicotine and coffee as well as the consumption of acidic drinks and fruit and foods that contain acid. What is the difference between black teeth and black discolorations? Black tooth discolorations are usually discolorations that lie as a veil on the tooth and can be removed. Black teeth, on the other hand, mean that the tooth is blackened through and through so that the black tooth colour remains permanent and cannot be reversed. Why do some crowns have a black edge? A crown made of metal and then coated with ceramic can have a dark edge. How is the black plaque removed? If the black plaque is on the surface of the tooth as a discoloration, it can be removed with ultrasound or another professional method of tooth cleaning. In the case of slight discolorations that have not yet been removed by tartar, dental plaque can also be combated with careful oral hygiene at home. How do black spots appear on the teeth? Black spots appear on the teeth if, among other things, those affected consume too much coffee, tea or nicotine (discolorations) or if caries develops (tooth substance is permanently damaged). This is a consequence of the fact that food residues found on the tooth surface and not regularly removed are an optimal breeding ground for the caries bacteria. Why are some tooth necks black ? tooth half have a rougher surface than the rest of the tooth. Black teeth are not painful – why is that? If a tooth is black but does not cause any pain, it may be that the root of the tooth is already dead. If a tooth becomes black, it is advisable to go to the dentist immediately with a tooth that has become black. If the tooth becomes discoloured after a fall, the nerve may become inflamed and attack the germ if the patient does not take any action. How is the black tartar removed? Black tartar can only be removed professionally by a dentist. This is a specific compound between iron sulphide and bacterial metabolites (sulphur) that make this black tartar very solid. What are the causes of black interdental spaces? The causes of black interdental spaces can be excessive consumption of nicotine, tea, coffee, acidic drinks or red wine combined with poor dental hygiene. Sometimes the black discoloration can be attributed to tooth decay, tartar or plaque. Black small spots on the teeth, which means ?black small spots on the teeth can mean that superficial caries spreads. But it can also be that it is just a discoloration of a rough spot on the tooth surface caused by tea, nicotine, red wine or coffee. If teeth turn black from smoking cigarettes. Excessive nicotine consumption can cause teeth to turn yellowish-grey, which is a plaque that can be removed. Why do the teeth turn black from coffee? Coffee contains secondary plant substances that are like colouring agents and which accumulate on the surface of the teeth in combination with milk and possibly also sugar or other aggressive (acidic) food residues. Why do the teeth turn black from the tea? The tea contains secondary plant substances (flavonoids) which act as colouring agents. They combine with sugar, milk or other food residues to form a substance that accumulates on the tooth surface and can cause discolouration. What can be done about black teeth? If teeth are black because the tooth substance is damaged, the only thing that remains is the optical veneering (e.g. veneers) or crowning if the tooth does not have to be completely removed and replaced. If it is a matter of discolouration, professional tooth cleaning with subsequent consistent dental hygiene can work wonders. Black edge under the gums – what does this mean? If a black edge is visible under the gums, it does not have to be a problem. It can be either a harmless discoloration or a discoloration of the tooth root that shines through the thin bone. Is there a home remedy?

Caries update – Black teeth and the caries project – self-healing possible ?

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