Bleaching berlin, teeth whitening, teeth whitening at dr

Bleaching berlin, teeth whitening, teeth whitening at dr

Bleaching Berlin in the dental practice med. dent. Khasin & colleagues

Teeth whitening, the so-called bleaching, offers the possibility to lighten teeth in a chemical way. Bleaching uses a variety of materials, including hydrogen peroxide.

There are several methods to choose from:

We are happy to advise you in our dental practice on bleaching in Berlin in the field of dental aesthetics and show you which procedure is suitable for you. Over-the-counter remedies available in drugstores or supermarkets usually do not help and may even damage tooth structure and gums. It is better if you get advice on bleaching in Berlin from a specialist. When it comes to teeth whitening, individual treatment is the key to success.

Bleaching in Berlin – what really helps – and how does it work?

There are several methods to gently lighten teeth in the dental practice in Berlin. Prerequisite for in-office or home bleaching is the health of the teeth.

In Office Bleaching takes place in the dental practice in Berlin. The number of sessions depends on your individual tooth color, usually 1-3 sessions, 40-60 minutes each. It is applied to the teeth a special gel, which is correspondingly high doses. The dark pigments are dissolved out of the enamel, making the teeth lighter. The gel must be applied for 20 minutes each time, in one session 3-4 passes can be made until the desired shade of tooth is reached. In addition, your dentist covers the gums at the In Office Bleaching in Berlin to protect it from the bleaching gel.

A little less high-dose and therefore less effective is the whitening gel for home bleaching. This special gel is applied on individually made rails and should be worn once a day for 90 minutes. This should be done 30 minutes after brushing your teeth. The treatment duration is 12 days on average. As a rule, the desired result is achieved.

For teeth that have become darker after root canal treatment, the above bleaching methods do not help. In this case, the agent must be introduced directly into the root canal and replaced by the dentist after a certain period of time. The procedure is repeated until the desired hue has been achieved.

What do I have to consider when bleaching teeth??

In any case, the teeth whitening in Berlin should be done by an experienced dentist and not in self-experiment without professional guidance and special resources. Before a teeth whitening in Berlin your dentist will examine the teeth thoroughly. Professional teeth cleaning is required 4-6 weeks before. Teeth whitening should only be performed on healthy, intact teeth.

How much does a bleaching cost in Berlin??

The costs of bleaching in Berlin can vary considerably and depend on the method chosen and the extent of treatment. Basically, the following guideline values ​​can be defined:

      • In office bleaching procedures in practice: upper and lower jaw, from 20 teeth: between 360 and 400 euros
          • Home bleaching procedure at home: 250 to 400 euros, including rail

          In a first consultation we would be pleased to give you more information about the procedure and the costs of bleaching in Berlin in your particular case.

          More questions about whitening at a glance

          In connection with whitening, there are still many questions that can be answered in advance. Below, we have listed the most common questions and answers related to whitening. An alternative to bleaching are veneers.

          How long does a tooth whitening last??

          Various factors play a role in the durability of teeth whitening, so that the question can not be answered blanket. An important point is the daily, thorough oral hygiene. Decisive are also the eating habits. For example, tea, coffee or red wine ensure that unpleasant discolorations on the teeth can quickly develop again. As a rule, the results are visible for a period of up to two years or longer. Thereafter, the bleaching in Berlin, if desired, be repeated.

          How long can I not drink coffee or tea after bleaching??

          After the whitening you should for a period of 24 hours on the consumption of tea, coffee, coke or even red wine. Especially in the initial phase, the brightened teeth are very sensitive. On the sensitive tooth surface, discoloration can quickly re-emerge immediately after bleaching in Berlin. It is therefore advisable to abstain from the said stimulants for at least one day. Home Bleching should be free of coloring food and beverages for the entire period of treatment in order to achieve the best possible result. The consumption of fruit juices and citrus fruits should be avoided if they cause dental sensitivities.

          How long can I not smoke after bleaching??

          Cigarettes are also taboo in the first 24 hours after bleaching. The same applies to cigars or similar, nicotine-containing stimulants. We will gladly give you more information on this topic and show you how the result of your teeth whitening in Berlin can be maintained for as long as possible.

          Do you have questions about whitening? Need an appointment?

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