Bleaching costs: price of teeth whitening, whitening test

Updated on: November 24th, 2019

The Whitening costs the dentist is different for every doctor. This is because they use different methods to make your teeth lighter. One speaks for example of zoom bleaching or power bleaching.

The whitening Prices or the costs depend heavily on whether you want to have your teeth whitened at home or in the clinic. Office bleaching is a teeth whitening at the dentist and you do the home whitening at home. There are also some bleaches that are made with products from your dentist.

The prices for a whitening at home are far lower than at the dentist, but there are noticeable price differences for very similar products. Here we can recommend the Super White Whitening Pen to you.

How much are the whitening costs usually?

The price fluctuates so much because dentists in big cities have more customers than in the country and can therefore afford to keep the price lower. There is also a fierce price war in cities with many dentists. The costs in Berlin or Munich are often lower than in other smaller cities. Bleaching in Munich or Berlin can therefore be a little more expensive.

The dentist costs are usually between € 200 and € 700 for one or two applications. In addition, a tooth cleaning is actually done before each tooth whitening, which is usually included, but can also cost 50 € extra.

The application with the highest Whitening costs is the laser method. Gel is also used here, which additionally with a Laser is irradiated so that the oxygen gets into the discoloration faster and dissolves it. Due to the high acquisition costs of a laser, the price here is € 600 and more.

Many dentists rely on the hydrogen peroxide procedure that is applied to your teeth on site. This gel is far stronger than anything you can usually buy and will keep your teeth white for much longer. This procedure is sometimes available from € 200, but can sometimes cost € 500 with teeth whitening. You should keep in mind that you have something from it for much longer and do not have to bleach as often.

How much does teeth whitening cost at home??

The price of items for home lightening depends on which product you choose and whether it is a branded product or one from the drugstore.

Stripes or strips are available from € 30, the normal price but is around 50 €. Here you shouldn’t necessarily take the cheapest product, because the strips are sometimes very thin and stick to each other or do not hold properly on the teeth. However, the products from Crest or Blend-a-Med are all recommended.

Gel or splints usually come together and cost around € 10 to € 35. Here, regardless of the name, a very similar gel is always used because the strength of the active ingredient is limited. With the more expensive gels, there is more gel so that you can get your teeth even lighter or try tooth whitening with someone else.

toothpaste get You from € 4.50 and it gives you the opportunity to whiten your teeth without having to do anything actively. Toothpastes from € 8 contain finer micro-grains that polish your teeth even smoother. Powder works in a similar way, costs almost the same, only natural remedies such as mint or flowers are used here.

Pens are becoming increasingly popular and, like the gel, are priced between € 10 and € 35. When used correctly, a pencil is even more effective than a splint because you can even distribute the gel precisely on your teeth. It also fits in every handbag and is not so noticeable in the bathroom. The bleaching costs differ from case to case.


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