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There are many reasons for unsightly tooth discoloration: Over the years, substances such as nicotine, caffeine or tannin (present in red wine) accumulate on the teeth. A professional teeth whitening ensures that your smile is back bright pretty is!

When it comes to the question "Why have teeth whitened at all?", Opinions differ widely. However, the decision is your individual well-being. Undisputedly leave white teeth and a bright smile an optimal first impression and thus increase the chances of going through life more successfully. Because the first impression is crucial for getting to know each other and the sympathy between two people. However, it is very important: For a professional implementation and a really gentle bleaching procedure, you should always use the advice of an experienced dental practice. Not all teeth are suitable for whitening.

Can you bleach "dead" teeth, crowns and implants?

The bleaching of "dead" teeth is also not a problem for our dentist’s practice. As a result of root canal treatment, the affected tooth often turns grayish over time. How does bleaching take place here? First the tooth has to be opened. Then a cotton ball soaked in hydrogen peroxide solution is inserted into the cavity of the upper tooth nerve. This should remain there for a few days so that the teeth whitening is lastingly effective. At the end of the treatment, the tooth opened for whitening must be adequately closed again.

Bleach your teeth – indiv >

By the way: tooth bleaching can generally only natural materials brighten. This means that any form of dentures, such as crowns or dental implants, cannot be whitened by bleaching. That is why individual dental advice before whitening is particularly important.

Whitening – at home alone or at the dentist’s?

In order to have teeth bleached for as long as possible, evenly and gently, it is recommended to have the bleaching done professionally by the dentist. Tooth substance and gums are sensitive and bleaching is not recommended for every patient. You can only count on a long-term, completely satisfactory result if you have a professional teeth whitening examination and treatment.

Have your teeth cleaned first and then bleach

Before your Teeth whitening , it is advisable to have a PZR (professional tooth cleaning) carried out first. This frees the teeth from tartar and deposits that can be easily removed without tooth whitening. In addition, professional tooth cleaning also cares for the gums. Any gum infections can thus be alleviated or effectively prevented. It is obvious that a largely healthy gum provides the best conditions for the subsequent bleaching!

Intact teeth in the visible area – that is, without fillings and crowns – are of course always the best starting point if you want to whiten your tooth shade. But even before a necessary restoration of fillings or crowns, you can still consider whether you are basically satisfied with your tooth shade. In coordination with our dental technicians and dentists, we can individually check with you which changes are possible. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Expert whitening in the group practice Dr. Schlotmann in Menden

In our group practice we use the whitening system Philips zoom one, which is one of the most modern and effective methods for teeth whitening.
Our patients and we are very satisfied with the aesthetic results as well as with the gentle method and the long-lasting success. The innovative Philips Zoom teeth whitening also offers you the advantage of an extremely attractive price-performance ratio.


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