Bleaching – remove tooth stains and prevent

Bleaching – Remove tooth stains and prevent

Through the years discolour with each person the teeth. That’s natural and is one natural aging process This is about the decades of Enamel less and less and thus transparent. The behind it Dentin (dentin) then starts more and more yellow shimmer through. However, the discoloration is not always the same. While most people who take good care of their teeth, only a slight yellow tinge is noticeable, there are also people whose teeth, despite intensive care, are strikingly yellow, or even have really dark spots. The yellow teeth are associated with poor oral hygiene and bad breath, which is why sufferers often struggle with prejudices and / or complexes. In order to get gleaming white teeth again, or to preserve them at best, the question arises for many of the exact causes of tooth discoloration, how best to counteract them and what can be done against existing discolorations.

Causes of tooth discoloration

Summary Causes of the 2 types of tooth discoloration

Extrinental (outer) tooth staining Superimposed on the tooth surface Intra-dental discolorations discolored enamel and / or dentin
foods (e.g., curry, berries, vinegar, balsamic, soy sauce) aging process (Enamel gets less and less with age)
beverages (for example coke, red wine, black tea, fruit juices, coffee, green tea) Acidic foods (speed up the aging process)
Related products – e.g. Smoke Certain Antibiotics in pregnancy or childhood (e.g., tetracyclines)
mouthwashes (e.g., chlorhexidine, stannous fluoride) Hereditary diseases (e.g., congenital erythropoietic porphyria)
drugs (e.g., bismuth preparations) Marketote teeth / dead teeth
Lack of oral hygiene (Brushing, flossing) trauma / Accident of milk teeth
Bacterial coating fluorosis (Overdose fluoride)
root canals
calcium deficiency
Rhesus intolerance mother – child
Congenital bile duct closure

Dentistry is different >

Extrinsic tooth discoloration, ie external discoloration is usually formed by the Food and beverage selection (for example, coffee, red wine, black tea, fruit juices, curry), others stimulants (e.g., smoking) mouthwashes (e.g., with chlorhexidine, stannous fluoride) drugs (Bismuth preparations for Helicobacter pylorii eradication) and a deficient oral hygiene (e.g., brushing, flossing). The causes are dyes, which are contained in food or luxuries and are based on the Surface of the teeth (→ often in Tartar, plaque) deposit and thus coloring the tooth externally, so to speak.

Intrinsic tooth discoloration on the other hand will be on one Change in the structure of the teeth or on the Storage of discoloring substances recycled. They are much harder to treat. For one thing, it can be through Acidic foods (Vinegar, citrus fruits, etc.) cause erosion of the enamel, which becomes increasingly thinner and hence more transparent as a result of this excessive exposure to acid. The thinner it is, the more the dentin will shine through. This appears yellow and thus gives the impression as if the tooth was discolored. Other intrinsic tooth discolorations go from different drugs, in particular from the group of antibiotics and arise during tooth development. For example, antibiotics containing the active ingredient tetracyclines may not be given to pregnant women, nursing mothers and children up to the age of 8, as they cause irreversible yellow or gray discoloration. Also, there are hereditary Metabolic diseases which is associated with a discoloration of the teeth. For example, in congenital erythropoietic porphyria, an excessively produced dye is embedded in the teeth, resulting in reddish-brown discoloration of the teeth. The internal discolouration also causes such as Caries, dead tooth nerves (black tooth) and root canals in question.

From proper brushing to bleaching – a bright white smile

method description
Proper oral hygiene brushing, flossing Should always be done regardless of discoloration!
Proper nutrition / way of life Consumption of coffee, tea, red wine, cola in moderation! Stop smoking!
home remedies Do not use! Speed ​​up the aging process
Professional tooth cleaning Irrespective of discolouration twice a year, more frequent in cases of severe discoloration!
Whitening toothpaste Can show slight improvements with intact tooth condition!
Home bleaching – drugstore May show slight improvements, but price performance is usually not right!
Home Bleaching – Dentist Improve tooth discoloration!
Walking bleach technique For intrinsic discoloration! Very good effectiveness!
In-office bleaching Very good effect! Improvement by2-3 color levels!
Veneers / crowns Especially for intrinsic discoloration an alternative to the walking bleach technique

Oral hygiene – brushing and teeth > Woman brushes teeth

Extrinsic tooth stains have simple causes and are therefore easy to remove. Since the Dyes off certain Drinks, food and beverages (Coffee, black and green tea, coke, curry, tobacco etc.) mostly in the covering on the teeth (plaque) or in the tartar deposit, is the best way next to the Waiver of excessive consumption of such foods, the daily thorough removal of these toppings. This is 3 times a day Brush teeth recommended for 3 minutes and use one daily floss, to efficiently remove tartar between teeth. However, it is important between last meal and the Brush your teeth for at least ½ hour To let time pass. The enamel is attacked after each meal and takes about that time to calm down again and be stable enough for brushing your teeth. If, in principle, the plaque on the teeth (plaque) and tartar is given no chance, then the color particles are difficult to fix and dental plaque forms to a much lesser extent! So pay attention to the correct dental care!

Proper nutrition – healthy lifestyle

It will not surprise anyone that health should stop smoking love! But also for beautiful white teeth has a smoking cessation, in terms of extrinsic tooth discoloration, only benefits! The tobacco, especially the tar, discolored not only fingers, walls, fabrics, etc., but also the teeth of smokers yellow. Smokers are also clear more tartar and dental plaque (plaque) as a non-smoker These then form an ideal basis for discoloring over time yellow, brown or gray. But even without smoking it can get through Food and drinks for tooth discoloration come. Play here Red wine, cola, curry, coffee, black and green tea, citrus fruits, cherries, berries etc. a big role. In addition to a stop smoking, which should happen for health reasons alone, all these foods can be consumed, but just like everything in life in moderation and not in bulk! Proper dental care and proper nutrition form the basis for healthy and strong teeth!

Home remedy for tooth discoloration – a cheap alternative?

Many people come to the idea when they see prices for whitening toothpaste, whitening methods, professional teeth cleaning and so on To remove tooth discolorations with home remedies!

A very popular remedy is the lemon juice. And it’s true! If you regularly brush your teeth with lemon juice, you will have a surprisingly good result after just a short time. However, the bill comes after some time. The lemon juice represents one natural acidity This permanently attacks the enamel extremely, rough it up and eventually make it disappear completely. By additional rubbing with the toothbrush, this process is also reinforced and accelerated! In addition, one has the negative effect that through the dwindling tooth enamel, the dentin (dentin) more and more through and this is yellow. It accelerates, so to speak, the aging process of the tooth.

A similar result will do that Home remedy baking soda! Again, the tooth discoloration is first effectively eliminated because the baking soda a abrasive effect Has. So it works like sandpaper. However, here too, as with baking powder, the aging process is accelerated. That The enamel is gradually rubbed off and the dentin (dentin) begins to appear more and more yellow.

Therefore, you can to topic home remedies as a summary, say that this not very helpful in terms of tooth discoloration and are the Even harm the tooth permanently! If you want to save money on expensive dental products and treatments, you should pay attention to a healthy oral hygiene and enjoy foods and drinks that color your teeth only to a healthy extent.

Professional teeth cleaning – best care for your teeth

In recent years, to support the oral hygiene and thus as a supplement to the normal brushing teeth at home, the Professional teeth cleaning at the dentist established. Here, a normal check-up at the dentist is carried out and, if necessary, treatments are initiated. Afterwards, a specially trained dental assistant removes the tartar and all plaque with various devices (Sandpaper, brushes, dental floss, ultrasound scaler) from the teeth. After that, usually in a further step, either after the Air flow system or the PROPHYflex approach, even the finest deposits and discoloration solved. Here, the teeth are radiated with a powder-water-air mixture. Unfortunately, the Costs, about 80 € -90 €, for the professional tooth cleaning, which is not to be confused, with the calculus removal which is reimbursed by the health insurance companies as part of the annual check-up at the dentist, of the statutory health insurance is not reimbursed. It is recommended the professional teeth cleaning 2 times a year to be carried out, with appropriate complaints even more often. Therefore, for all who regularly carry out a professional dental cleaning, the conclusion of a dental insurance makes sense that secures this area as high as possible. These include the dental supplement tariffs, e.g. the Ergo Direkt Premium (unlimited reimbursement for PZR), DFV mouthguard exclusive or the Bavarian ZAHN Prestige (each up to 200 euros per year).

Lightening toothpastes – Weissmacher toothpastes

This Whitener toothpastes There are plenty in the drugstores. she contain abrasives, which work like little brushes. These are rubbed by brushing with the toothbrush on the tooth, removing the paint particles and plaque. Before you start home with this “self-treatment”, you should take a check-up appointment with the dentist. This can determine whether the tooth condition is harmless for this procedure. Because whitening toothpastes are contraindicated in people who have untreated tooth decay, enamel defects or gum disease! Also, the dentist should be interviewed regarding the corresponding product, as some have too high a proportion of abrasive particles, so that the enamel can be damaged! It is also important to inquire about the frequency of application in advance, as the aging process is accelerated by applying it too frequently, as the enamel becomes less and the dentin becomes more and more yellow!

Home bleaching from the drugstore – whiten teeth at home

Many people who feel the dentist’s costs of teeth whitening are overdone Home bleaching considering. This is carbamide peroxide, So the substance carbamide as a carrier gel, mixed with hydrogen peroxide, on a dental splint applied, which then lingers on the teeth for a certain time. This then penetrates Hydrogen peroxide in the enamel one and discolor the color particles. Act in the same way Whitening Strips with the same active substance, which are stuck on the teeth. Even with these two procedures, you should make an appointment with his dentist in advance to rule out that there is an enamel defect, or a gum disease. Should be e.g. Caries, this must be treated in advance, otherwise the hydrogen peroxide can penetrate into the tooth and irritate the nerve root. Also, one should not think of this whitening method too big effect expect. The home bleaching products from the drugstores is the Concentration of hydrogen peroxide in the whitening gel much lower, as in the products used by the dentist. Also, the gel is at Dentist applied much more accurately. The included Plastic rails are not individual adapted and the Strips can not be exact be glued into every crack. Thus, the effect can not develop 100% as the dentist, this enhances the result in some cases even in addition UV light.

Home Bleaching From The Dentist – At Home Bleachen With Professional Assistance

A middle ground to take action against extrinsic discoloration Home bleaching systems by the dentist This is after a consultation and examination in the dental practice a accurately fitting plastic rail made for the teeth. This rail then becomes home Hydrogen peroxide-containing gel applied. This is then used depending on the desired result and starting situation for 1-2 weeks, 1-8 hours per day. Compared to pure home bleaching it has the advantage that the Plastic rail made to fit and the gel used can interact well. However, here too is the hydrogen peroxide Share in the gel clearly less as the dentist and thus the Effect worse.

Whitening of marketed (devital) teeth – walking bleach method

Through a dead tooth pulp Blood breakdown products and protein decomposition products are formed, which releases iron and then reacts with bacteria in the tooth channels to form hydrogen sulphide and the tooth gray to black tooth color gives. This type of tooth discoloration is the intrinsic tooth discoloration! The tooth discoloration So start from the inside! This method of whitening is first followed by the dentist Access to the root canal created and then a gel that hydrogen peroxide included in the Root canal injected. After filling the belaching gel is the Tooth closed again and the gel can be eliminated within the next few days. After a few days it will be Result controlled and if still inadequate, the bleach exchanged with a new one. As soon as the desired result is achieved, it will Bleach removed and the Rinsed tooth. Thereafter, the tooth is closed again and supplied with a filling. In this way, it is also possible to bleach internal discoloration. An alternative in internal tooth discoloration form the Walking bleach method the Veneers (veneers) and Crown, which should cover the discolored tooth.

A Hollywood smile thanks to whitening at the dentist – in-office whitening

For permanent tooth discoloration, as z. As heavy smokers have, the color pigments have embedded in the enamel. The discoloration can not be sufficiently removed by brushing your teeth. In such cases, many people opt for one dental bleaching (in-office bleaching), to get again bright white teeth. The dentist first checks whether there is damage to the teeth and removes tartar and plaque as part of a dental procedure professional teeth cleaning. After that, the It’s on by means of a Color scale documented and discuss how “white” the teeth should be, here it should be noted that mostly at most 2-3 color levels can be achieved. Then the gum is covered with gum or the like and that Bleaching gel with hydrogen peroxide directly on the teeth applied. The substance is therefore the same as in the home bleaching, however, the concentration of the Hydrogen peroxide much higher. Additional treatment may be with Reinforced UV light be, this is then the so-called laser whitening. After approx. ½ hour exposure time, the Result by means of Color scale controlled. Should it not yet correspond to the desired result of the Process repeated become. After the treatment, avoid all strong coloring drinks, food and beverages for the next 2 weeks, as the enamel is especially soft and therefore susceptible to discoloration during this time. After completion of the treatment, ie after reaching the selected color level, no further bleaching should take place for the next 3 years. It should also be noted that existing dentures have been adapted to the old tooth color and this should be taken into account in the selection of the desired shade level.

Then there is the cost issue: The Cost of about 500 € For a bleaching are not taken over in Germany by the statutory health insurance, as it is a cosmetic surgery. However, there has been one recently dental insurance the services for bleaching with the dentist with covers. The ARAG offers recently the tariff ARAG Dent 100, which takes over the costs for cosmetic tooth whitening up to 300 euro.


Who his teeth tidy, at Drinks, food and beverages not permanently beating the strings that Check-up appointment with the dentist takes up and 2 professional teeth cleanings per year his brilliant white smile will be allowed to last for a long time!

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