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Everyone knows how attractive a bright white smile is. White teeth not only look more beautiful, younger and healthier, they also make us more attractive to our conversation partners. Studies have shown that the first time people come into contact with each other, they always pay attention to the smile and the eyes first. Whether you are 20 or 80 years old – white teeth strengthen your positive charisma and are your natural jewellery.

In the uppermost layers of the enamel, discoloration occurs over time – intensified by smoking, coffee, red wine, tea or other colour-intensive foods.

This is quite normal and the discolorations occur despite proper care in all of us, but you do not have to accept it.

Professional oral hygiene

Daily oral hygiene at home means that only about 70% of the tooth surfaces can be cleaned. Treatment by a dental assistant can lead to a significant improvement. Professional oral hygiene not only completely removes tartar, discoloration and plaque, but also thoroughly cleans all interdental spaces.

The tooth surfaces are polished and smoothed with special polishing pastes and brushes in order to prevent new deposits from settling.

A plaque free tooth surface certainly leads to a better bleaching result and thus to whiter teeth.

Often, whiter teeth and a satisfactory result can be achieved through oral hygiene alone.

In-Office Bleaching

In-office bleaching has become the preferred method in our practice, as the short treatment time of max. 1.5 hours is much more pleasant for the patient. Even after treatment there is almost no hypersensitivity. Professional tooth cleaning is recommended before the bleaching treatment. In-Office bleaching is carried out by the dental team. A highly concentrated bleaching gel (20-35% hydrogen peroxide) is applied to the teeth and irradiated with a special UV light to activate the gel. After the treatment the bleaching gel is rinsed down and the teeth are treated with a fluoride gel. The bleaching of teeth has long been an established procedure and in countless clinical studies no side effects have been observed apart from a slight temporary temperature hypersensitivity of the teeth.

Costs: on request Effect: strong brightening Time: 1 treatment appointment in the office, approx. 1-1.5 hours Side effects: moderate hypersensitivity for 1 day Shelf life: years

Home Bleaching

This method is also used in our practice, but it is much more time-consuming. After a thorough examination, the practice team will make an exactly fitting elastic splint from plastic after taking an impression of the teeth. The patient fills this splint at home with the special bleaching gel and should wear it daily for 1-2 weeks (1-2 hours daily). The long wearing time naturally results in increased hypersensitivity of the teeth over a longer period of time. This bleaching gel (20-35% carbamine peroxide) is also harmless for the tooth. According to the latest studies, these special gels make teeth even more resistant to tooth decay.

Cost: on request Effect: strong whitening Time: 3-14 treatments at home Side effects: moderate hypersensitivity of teeth for 1 week Shelf life: years

Bleaching of root-treated teeth

Discoloured, devitalized (dead) teeth are also a case for In-Office Bleaching. They can be whitened again by so-called internal bleaching – a crown or veneer often becomes superfluous. The tooth then appears white again from the inside out and even where it shone through dark, the gums have their pale pink colour again after the treatment. After the dentist has checked the root canal treatment, the bleaching agent is injected directly into the pulp canal. The tooth is then closed for two days. The treatment can be repeated if necessary.

Costs: on request Effect: strong whitening Time: 2-5 treatments in the office, 1 treatment step 15 minutes Side effects: no hypersensitivity of teeth Durability: years

Whitestrips, teeth whitening sets

They are available in pharmacies and must be glued to the tooth surface 2 times a day for 30 minutes (2 weeks). These strips also contain a bleaching gel but only in small doses. The whitening results are correspondingly lower.

Cost: on request Effect: low whitening Time: 14 treatments at home Shelf life: 6 months

Tooth jewellery (jewellery stones)

Also the tendency to the tooth jewellery, to the beautification of the teeth more and more increases.

In this treatment the tooth jewellery is simply glued to the tooth surface with a special plastic without damaging it. The jewellery can be removed at any time without leaving any residue and without damaging the tooth. Only Swarovski crystals in various sizes and jewellery made of 24 carat gold are used in our surgery.

Risks & Durability

Nowadays, tooth whitening treatment can be regarded as safe and has few side effects if used properly and under controlled conditions. It is undoubtedly much more minimally invasive than veneers if they are used primarily for aesthetic reasons.

A significant side effect of whitening vital teeth are hypersensitivities, which sometimes occur during treatment. As a rule, they are fully reversible and disappear a few hours or days after the treatment.

In addition, we offer special gels that reduce this hypersensitivity.


The durability of the bleaching result essentially depends on the patient himself. If the teeth are kept thoroughly clean, it is much harder for dyes to migrate back into the enamel. Therefore, a good personal dental care and a professional oral hygiene at the dentist is a prerequisite for a long preservation of tooth whitening. Thus the whitened colour of the teeth remains stable for years.

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