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Teeth whitening at DentAL Zahnarztpraxis Frankfurt

The natural aging process of the teeth also changes their colour over time. Typical causes of discoloration are tobacco, tea, coffee, red wine, cola and some medicines. Whitening teeth (bleaching) destroys the dyes.

The active ingredient used is always the same, regardless of whether bleaching is carried out with over-the-counter strips (although the concentration is lower here), splints or applied directly to the teeth: Hydrogen peroxide, H2O2.

Hydrogen peroxide used to be used to disinfect the oral cavity, but the effect of teeth whitening was discovered by chance. The unstable H2O2 disintegrates into water and reactive oxygen, which splits dyes.


Please note that fillings and ceramic restorations (e.g. crowns) cannot be whitened.

In the course of life, the teeth wear out and the enamel discolours. Most people only know bright white teeth from children. It does not matter how well and thoroughly you brush your teeth. The natural discolorations cannot be reduced by brushing normal teeth. Even root canal treatment is often to blame for the discoloration of teeth and cannot be avoided.

What is Bleaching?

Bleaching is generally understood to be artificial tooth whitening. Similar to the whitening of hair, teeth are whitened with hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide ensures that the colour pigments on the teeth fade and the tooth becomes lighter as a result.

Requirements for tooth whitening Frankfurt

The basic prerequisite for bleaching is that the teeth are clean and healthy. Therefore, professional tooth cleaning should be carried out no more than six weeks before teeth whitening. It is important to know that only natural teeth can be whitened during tooth whitening in Frankfurt. The PZR has no influence on crowns or fillings.

How long does the effect of bleaching last?

The duration of the effect of tooth whitening in Frankfurt depends on the personal habits of the patient. Those who have their teeth cleaned professionally on a regular basis and also take good care of their teeth will be able to enjoy their white teeth for longer. Especially smokers or people who drink a lot of coffee may have discolorations on their teeth after only a few months. However, there is no reason why teeth whitening should not be repeated in Frankfurt after a few months in order to achieve the whitening effect again.

What types of teeth whitening are there in Frankfurt and how do they work?

The first step before bleaching in Frankfurt is to thoroughly examine your teeth. The gums must also be healthy before bleaching. Therefore the teeth are cleaned by a PZR before the actual bleaching, and plaque is removed. This enables the optimal effect of the bleaching gel.

There are three different types of tooth whitening in Frankfurt:

Freely marketable bleaching agents

In the past, bleaching agents could also be purchased in the drugstore for free sale. However it turned out that the use of these means is not harmless. Therefore a Bleaching may be accomplished meanwhile only in a dental practice.

Homebleaching with a splint made by the dentist

In home bleaching, the dentist makes plastic splints for the patient. In Frankfurt bleaching, these plastic splints are then filled by the patient at home with an appropriate whitening gel and used for several days and nights. In order to achieve the desired success with tooth whitening in Frankfurt, the progress of bleaching must be checked again and again.

Bleaching Frankfurt directly in the dental practice

This is the most common bleaching method nowadays. The bleaching gel is applied directly to the teeth in the dentist’s office and then irradiated with a UV lamp. The advantage of this method is that the entire bleaching process in Frankfurt is monitored by the practice staff. In addition with this procedure the tooth whitening is locked with a dentist meeting.

From our before-after gallery:

Does the patient have pain during tooth whitening in Frankfurt?

The actual bleaching is normally painless. You only feel the warmth of the UV lamp on your teeth and gums. The bleaching gel can cause a slight prick on the gums and teeth. This feeling disappears after twelve hours at the latest and is completely harmless.

When should I not have a bleaching session in Frankfurt?

Normally, every patient can have tooth whitening performed in Frankfurt without any problems. In a few cases, however, it is advisable to refrain from bleaching:

  • if the patient is a minor
  • if the patient is pregnant or breastfeeding
  • if the patient is currently taking antibiotics
  • for leaky fillings or carious teeth.

Is Bleaching Frankfurt harmful for the teeth?

Teeth whitening is normally completely harmless if performed by a specialist. Bleaching in the dentist’s office does not damage the tooth substance and is therefore medically harmless.

How does bleaching in Frankfurt work in the dental practice?

During teeth whitening in the dentist’s office, the following steps are carried out one after the other in order to achieve an optimal result:

  • Checking the teeth, whether fillings are leaky or teeth suffer from tooth decay
  • If possible, carry out a professional dental cleaning in a previous appointment
  • Cleaning of the tooth surfaces to be bleached
  • Coating the gums with a protective gel
  • Application of the bleaching gel
  • Irradiation of teeth with a UV lamp to intensify the bleaching effect
  • 2-3 times renewal of the bleaching gel
  • Cleaning of teeth from bleaching gel
  • Assessment and discussion of the results
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