Bleeding gums, dentist hall

Bleeding gums

How can I effectively stop bleeding gums??

A problem that many know.

Who does not know that? First a funny taste in the mouth and then suddenly this blood. When brushing your teeth daily, when biting into the crunchy apple, even a crusty crust of bread is no longer fun when eating. And it hurts too! Why am I suddenly and when will that finally stop, this gum bleeding?

If it always just burns in the mouth

That is exactly what many patients ask themselves. The term “bleeding gums” is one of Google’s most popular terms on the net. A sure sign that you can get it here has to deal with a real problem.
This shows also our little video.

First of all, nothing to worry about

If the gums are short and occasionally bleed, then that is no cause for concern. Slipped when brushing your teeth, a stupid core of the grape or a sharp bone from the steak, the delicate gums hurt quickly.

A sharp bone in the steak as a harmless cause?

Then a short-term bleeding is completely normal. But the situation is different when the gums are bleeding all the time and over a long period of time. Then you probably suffer from a gingivitis that later becomes one Can develop periodontal disease.

Dentist Roger Barz: “In gum bleeding, our behavior is often very strange.”

A first warning

“Our behavior is sometimes a bit strange,” says dentist Roger Barz. “If it bleeds on other parts of the body, we often react immediately: Get on the pavement! Quick ointment on it! Off to the doctor! – But bleeding the gums, many patients think that it will eventually pass. No, it often does not. “

Visit to the dentist helps to find the causes

Who thinks that one loses his teeth mainly by caries, that is wrong. Almost 95 percent of our teeth are lost due to pathological changes in the dental prosthesis. And this often announces itself with one banal bleeding gums on.

Bleeding in the mouth: do not relax when brushing!

A first hint

If you notice that your gums bleed suddenly, then restraint in oral hygiene is by no means advisable. Many patients fear that in such situations too much brushing, flossing or dental brushing may irritate and inflame the gums even more. But that’s exactly the wrong strategy.

Here the gingivitis has no chance.

Intensify your dental care. If the bleeding gums do not disappear then visit a dentist. Of the then research for other causes.

Dentist Roger Barz: Good periodontists know what to do.

A first test

The reasons why the gums bleed can be very different. Sometimes even a defective filling, a not optimally closed interdental space or an undetected caries cause local bleeding. That can be recognized quickly. But if it is a general problem, the dentist will find out with the PSI test. He uses a special probe to examine the gums at several and defined locations. It blooms a lot and often the problem is somewhere else to look for and a quick action asked. Designated Periodontists then know what to do.

A good treatment can quickly remedy.

A first measure

In most cases, soft plaque or stubborn tartar is the cause of inflammatory processes in the mouth. A first mechanical removal of the deposits and a subsequent Professional Dental Cleaning (PZR) quickly ensure a significant reduction in bleeding.
The statutory health insurance funds have already recognized this and support their patients with a financial subsidy for this private service. How much you can expect from your health insurance here in this article.
If at home the oral hygiene is intensified again and supported with special mouthwash solutions – such as with Chlorhexamed – learns quite soon a noticeable relief.

Water is not for bathing but for rinsing!

A first guess

If all else fails, the problem is probably elsewhere. Here the dentist has to do some research. An unhealthy diet, constant stress, a lack of certain vitamins weaken the immune system and promote the occurrence of bleeding gums.

Unilateral diet can also be the cause

Also, people who suffer from diabetes mellitus or are exposed to hormonal fluctuations, such as at puberty, during the period or pregnancy more often observe a change in their gums. It may also include the use of blood-thinning or hormonal drugs increasingly lead to bleeding.

The old horse dealers knew already

Skin is the mirror of our soul

“People like to say that. And he’s right about that, too. Gums are also skin and a very sensitive one as well, “notes dentist Roger Barz. “If the gums bleed, it does not always have to be due to a bad cleaning technique or even a neglect of the oral hygiene.

It does not always have to be the wrong cleaning

It can also be a symptom of another condition. Not for nothing did one look at the horses in the mouth earlier in the horse market. Even the old horse dealers knew then, a healthy horse recognizes one a healthy gum. “

A team for your dental health!

The name is program

The practice Zahngesundheit Halle has specialized in the health care of your teeth in their treatment spectrum. A well-groomed look includes not only bright white teeth, but also an intact gum. An imminent periodontitis is recognized early by dentist Roger Barz and his team and by trained staff in our prophylaxis department treated effectively and sustainably.

Good prophylaxis helps your dental health

“Not only does a thorough cleaning (PZR) take place here, our patients also receive valuable tips for effective oral hygiene. This includes the use of the right toothbrush or the recommendation of special toothpastes and mouthwashes. After all, we also want them to be able to bite powerfully tomorrow, “concludes the owner of Zahngesundheit Halle.

So that tomorrow the bite into the apple is fun!

Photos: Matthias Vogel, Roger Barz, Hartmut Friedrich, Pixabay

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