Blessings for many occasions


Genesis 12: 2: I will bless you and you shall be a blessing.

Jeremiah 17.7: Blessed is the man who relies on the Lord and whose confidence is the Lord.

Irish blessings

The Lord is below you to catch you when you fall.
The Lord be with you to comfort you when you are sad.
The Lord be around you to defend yourself when others attack you.
The Lord be over you to bless you.
So bless you the good God, today and tomorrow and always.

May God hear even the smallest of your prayers.

May you increase the number of the heavenly family.

My wish for you

My wish for you is,
that you keep grateful in your heart
all precious memories your life,

that you go on bravely,
when a hard cross presses your shoulder,
when the high peak in front of you
seems out of reach
and even the light of hope fades,

that the gifts that God gave you,
grow in you and help you over the years,
to make the hearts of those you love happy
and that on days of suffering and joy
the smile of God be with you
and you feel so close to him,
as he longs for you.

The way I light this fire,
ignite in my heart
a flame of love.
Love to warm my house
and all that are dear to me.
Love to my neighbors
and cheer up this church.
Love to comfort my friends and enemies.
Love to illuminate the way i walk.

What appears to be a difficult test often turns out to be a blessing." Oscar Wilde (1854-1900) Irish poet, playwright and stage writer

Surrounded by love

May your happiness have no edges.
May no bad thought enter your heart,
that could harm your soul.
May love surround you that has no limits.
Irish blessing

Joy for your heart

May every day give you happy hours,
that accompany you all year round.
May every morning bring you joy and every evening peace.
The worries against it should increase only little.
The blessings that reach you,
May multiply and give joy in your heart.
Irish blessing


Blessings for school enrollment

Blessings on anniversaries

Blessings for confirmation

"Our God bless and protect you. He gives you strength to resist evil and find the way to salvation."

Books on blessings in partnership with

Irish Blessings 2020: Party Favor,, Magdalene, 395748149X

Postcard book May a song be in your heart: 12 postcards with Irish blessings (to tear out),, St. Benno, 3746252970

Church service book in just language: prayers, readings, intercession and blessings for the Sundays and public holidays of the church year, Erhard Domay, Gütersloher Verlagshaus, 3579055291

Irish Blessings 2020, Magdalene, 3957481392

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If at any point I violate a copyright or your copyright, this happens unintentionally, please contact me and I will correct it immediately. Thank you!)


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