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Vitamin K2 / mk7 – another Super Hero among the vitamins?

On August 4, I was invited to give a four-hour lecture on biological dentistry and ceramic implants in São Paulo in front of more than 300 biological doctors and dentists as part of Dr. Lair Ribeiro’s state-accredited post graduate training. Dr. Ribeiro is the icon of Biological Medicine in South America. A cardiologist by profession, author of 140 scientific publications and 38 books, including 15 bestsellers in 40 different countries. Read More Vitamin K2 / mk7 – another Super Hero among the vitamins?

Titanium dioxide particles in our food

Titanium dioxide particles in our food – effects on the compatibility of titanium implants?

A study published in May 2019 by the University of Sydney on the effects of titanium oxide particles (TiO2) in the intestines rekindled the international discussion in institutes and the media about the use of titanium dioxide in our food, characterized by E171. (1) (2) (3)

Titanium dioxide: E171 and Cl77891 – where we encounter nanoparticles

Deep sleep = anti aging?

My personal and professional involvement for over 30 years in biological medicine and dentistry has shown me that there are a few key factors which, according to the Pareto principle (80/20 principle), have an oversized effect on our health and performance. Biological dentistry has an outstanding special position here, as the dead teeth and toxic materials in the oral cavity are responsible for about 60 to 80% of all chronic diseases according to estimates by the opinion leaders and our own observations. Read More Deep Sleep = Anti Aging?

Mobile radio and implant healing

Mobile radio reduces the healing of dental implants by disturbing the bone metabolism and increasing the tendency to inflammation. After Brussels, Geneva also rejects the introduction of 5G technology.

This exciting study was found by Dr. Max Riemann, an SDS user and member of our SWISS BIOHEALTH EDUCATION training center and communication platform. The Pubmed published study shows that titanium implants, which are exposed to mobile radio during the healing phase, heal less well, have less bone contact and are more prone to inflammation: Read More Mobile radio and implant healing

Swiss Biohealth Store & Café and Apartment

Since 1 April, our Swiss Biohealth patients and Swiss Biohealth Education course participants can enjoy additional services: The Swiss Biohealth Store & Cafè (Juicery inside) offers a large selection of the tastiest and healthiest products. In the Swiss Biohealth Apartment, freshly operated patients can expect perfect conditions for a healthy and healing stay!

Swiss Biohealth Store & Café

The Swiss Biohealth Store & Café is located in the same building complex as the Clinic and the Education Center. Stylistically, it is in no way inferior to the Swiss Biohealth Clinic and the Education Center and creates a healthy and comfortable setting for your stay with us. The spacious lounge area invites family members and accompanying persons to stay for a long time. Read More Swiss Biohealth Store & Café and Apartment

Calming, sedation or general anesthesia?

What is the best option for my upcoming surgery?

In this blog post I would like to inform you about the different possibilities and introduce our biological physician and anaesthetist Michael Jürges, who completes the medical department of SWISS BIOHEALTH CLINIC since last autumn under the direction of Dr. Klinghardt and Dr. Volz.

As you can hear from us again and again, the parasympathetic mode is an indispensable prerequisite for healing and regeneration as a counterpart to the stress mode. That is why we at SWISS BIOHEALTH CLINIC do everything in our power to promote and establish this healing state as often, continuously and deeply as possible around your treatment! By the “All-you-can-treat” My BIOHEALTH Week – lump sum, the cost guarantee of your treatment plan, by extremely well trained and emotionally intelligent team members, by the EMF shielding of the hospital, the personal friendly contact with each other and last but not least a high-quality minimal intensive atraumatic operation by experienced specialists. Read More Calming, sedation or general anesthesia?

My own ALL IN ONE operation – the weeks after

In this blog post I will report about the further regeneration after my own operation, which I continued in the completely radio-free nature of Brazil. This shows how important it is – especially after an operation – to me EMF as good as possible > Read More My own ALL IN ONE operation – the weeks after

Root Cause: root-treated teeth as the root of all evil?

The film “Root Cause” reports on the dangers of root-treated teeth and ischemic osteonecrosis as part of a ten-year personal search for the cause of the filmmaker and producer and actor Ben Purser’s own chronic fatigue. Rarely before has this topic attracted so much public attention as this film and the waves on both sides, the supporter of the theory as well as the opponent, made so high. You can currently find the film on Amazon Prime, iTunes and Vimeo.

The film team from Root Cause

Basically, we think it is good that the topic root cause, which affects hundreds of millions of people worldwide (in the USA alone, about 25 million new root treatments are carried out every year), is moving into the focus of public perception and will hopefully lead to dentists, immunologists, oncologists, cardiologists, orthopaedists and internists sitting down together and, in the interest of the health of patients and mankind, dealing with this topic somewhat more intensively according to the official rules of medicine and science! Read More Root Cause: Root-treated teeth as the root of all evil?

Biological dentistry 2.0 – my own experiences

Biological Dentistry 2.0 – Protocol about my own experiences to my ALL IN ONE-Operation and my My BIOHEALTH Week by Dr. Karl Ulrich Volz

The moment I had been waiting for for many years, perhaps even decades: On 14 and 15 February I spent a total of 19 hours on the treatment chair in my SWISS BIOHEALTH CLINIC. It was the first time that my extremely competent team, which had been built up over many years, had

  1. a) had my 100% confidence,
  2. b) the products, which I needed myself, were finished, and
  3. c) I knew that I would not suffer from My BIOHEALTH Week despite the big intervention!

Not only that this experience of the BIOLOGICAL DENTIST 2.0 was a grandiose experience and I feel even better since then – I have gained many valuable insights for my patients (“You don’t learn to swim in the bathtub …!”) and will be able to feel even more compassion and empathy for my patients in the future as a doctor! Read More Biological Dentistry 2.0 – my own experiences

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