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Day tour to the Cape of Good Hope

From Cape Town, the Cape of Good Hope can be well discovered during a day trip. The beautiful route of the M6 ​​leads over the western coastal villages to Hout Bay. Here and there a photo stop and on we go!

Chapmans Peak Drive

The view of the exhilarating bay is topped in the following section: The Chapmans Peak Drive is one of the most impressive coastal roads in the world.

9 kilometers leads the winding road along steep cliffs from Hout Bay to Noordhoek. It is easy to imagine that it was only possible to build this road under life-threatening conditions. Huge nets should stop falling rocks today, a small queasy feeling remains nevertheless, you look up and not out to sea.

Stopover: Imhoff Farm in Kommetjie

After the winding drive, we deserve a little break, and all are hungry and want to stretch their legs. The Imhoff Farm in Kommetjie is just right.

The perfect place to have a delicious meal, have a good coffee and let the kids romp. There are not only a few animals on the farm site but also an exceptional playground under a huge eucalyptus. In such a peaceful atmosphere, where the little ones can move freely, they like to hide a few hours … But we wanted even further!!

A short detour to the lighthouse and beautiful dune landscape of Kommetjie is still in it.

On to the Cape of Good Hope

Continue to the south. The Cape of Good Hope is a tourist attraction, no question. Nevertheless, the atmosphere is beautiful. The coast is rough and wild and the ocean currents are unpredictable. Nevertheless, or just because of that, she exerts such a fascination.

By the way, the most southern point of the headland is not by the lighthouse, but a good 30 minutes walk from the visitor center. A nice walk that you should definitely do!

South Africa: Little Karoo to Prince Albert

A section of our road trip in South Africa has particularly thrilled us: The Tour of Oudtshoorn – De Rust – Meringspoort Pass – Prince Albert – Swartberg Pass Oudtshoorn – Knysna. About the first part of this tour, i. from De Rust to Prince Albert, I report here.

Without great expectations, we started. From places like Stellenbosch or the wine areas we had big pictures in our heads, which were rarely fulfilled. Therefore, we started this section of our journey with restrained anticipation.

The more we were intoxicated by the impressions and landscapes that awaited us.

Meiringspoort Pass

Actually, we wanted to stay in Oudtshoorn, but thanks to a music festival, all accommodations were booked. In De Rust, a few kilometers east of Oudtshoorn, we have found it. Via Airbnb we have found a simple but clean accommodation on a farm. Barry and his wife greeted us warmly.

The next morning we left early, because the track that lay ahead was to take the whole day.

Directly after De Rust you turn into the Meiringspoort Canyon. The eponymous pass does not shine by altitude, but by massive rock formations and breathtaking curves of the low-lying road.

The Meiringspoort waterfall, which can be reached after 30 minutes, is worth a short stop. It is just a few minutes walk away and provides variety during the ride. On hot days you can even take a dip or at least cool your feet. Such small stops are always welcome when traveling with children!

Infinite widths: the little Karoo

We almost feel like in the southern states of America. We roar over dead straight roads through a large, wide landscape, which is limited only on the horizon by mountains.

A completely different vegetation awaits us on the other side of the mountain. Dry grassland as far as the eye can see, interrupted by a few farms or villages. Where something is grown, it is easy to see: lush green areas stand out clearly from the stony red environment. Otherwise, cacti, protea shrubs and woolly grass alternate in the semi-desert Little Karoo.

Even from afar, an ‘oasis’ can be recognized. A larger, green spot with houses. We approach him quickly: Prince Albert.

Prince Albert – real idyll

There he is! A place, as we have wished, but have not found in Stellenbosch Franshoek. Amazing, beautiful and untouristic.

Prince Albert is very pretty! And pretty means that there are not just a few historic houses here, but that the whole city is made up of them.

A brook ripples along the main street, small shops with great handicrafts or exceptional vintage treasures invite you to stroll and in small cafes, which are also located in art galleries, relax with cool drinks and homemade cakes. There are also particularly charming accommodations here!

Absolutely magical is Prince Albert Country Stay! Not only that you feel transported back to another time, because inside there are dishes and furniture from the time of the first settlers. The garden is just a paradise! Actually, it is reserved only for the guests of the guest rooms, but you can take a look inside and absorb the wonderfully quiet atmosphere.

The rooms looked beautiful too! We even had them in the narrower selection when booking, but they are only suitable for two people and would have become too expensive for us. I suppose I would not have set foot in the garden..

We were ready for the next highlight refreshed, recovered and well strengthened: the spectacular drive across the Swartberg Pass to Oudtshoorn. 70 kilometers, mostly gravel road with breathtaking views.

We’ll tell you about that in the next post …

Day trip – H >

We are in the middle of the travel planning for South Africa and think back to our tour with the Pentecost RV 2017. These road trips are just great and the chances are good that we will be back in the summer holidays with a mobile home.

Today, however, we take you to Hiddensee, an island that has become the Baltic Sea epitome for us. In the most beautiful weather we discovered them by bike, because Hiddensee is car-free.

By ferry and bike to Hiddensee

We have left the motorhome on the beautiful campsite in Schaprode. The route Schaprode – Vitte on Hiddensee is served throughout the day, current departure times can be found here.

After a good 40 minute mini cruise on a gloriously smooth Baltic Sea to reach the island. Right on the harbor there is already a bike rental, which, as we found out later, had the best wheels.

We had previously researched a cheaper rental in the center – in the belief that the harbor rather expensive tourist prices – but this was closed. A few feet away we found the nearest rental, which, to be honest, had the oldest, rickiest wheels.

But the children finally wanted to cycle and we did not run back, which is why we then decided in favor of the old bike and the little trustworthy bicycle trailer. Everything went well – so much in advance. But next time, the rental at the port would be our first choice.

Explore Hiddensee by bike

Hiddensee is really great for a leisurely bike ride that also makes kids great. Ida was in the trailer, at four, that would have been too much for her, but Anton has mastered the super with six.

It started in the north, because the first destination was the lighthouse. If you did not see it, you were not on Hiddensee. The bike path is well signposted and leads without local knowledge to the destination. We did not even need a map. Since the island is not big and you can orient yourself easily, we just drove off.

Along the coast, it is quite relaxed. It gets a bit more exhausting in the interior, because the lighthouse stands on a hill, which Anton could not climb with the wheel without gears.

But the hardships are rewarded with a wonderful view and a portion of gummy bears!

White Baltic Sea beach on the west coast of Hiddensee

This is what the Baltic Sea looks like! An endless, gently sloping beach of white sand, gentle waves and dunes with grass. Gorgeous! All clichés were met at the latest when it was fresh fish for lunch & Chips in the restaurant grocery store 11 gave. With your feet in the sand and the sun in your heart …

Along the beach we cycled south again and reached the port of Vitte again via the middle of the island. Quickly delivered the old wheels and sent a prayer to Heaven that the brakes have worked and the trailer is not broken apart …

The soft ice cream at the harbor was the perfect refreshment before it went back to Festlang on the ferry. So much fresh air and exercise make you tired and hungry.

Delicious dinner with fresh plaice and herring came to the end in the restaurant Schilling in Schaprode. The terrace is nice to sit in, service preclude and the dishes totally delicious.

Sounds like a perfect day? It was too!

You can find all travel reports for the Wohnmobiltour through Germany east here: Motorhome Tour 2017

8 tips for a successful children’s ski course

Kids, how time flies! I just rummaged through old photos of our trip to New Zealand almost seven years ago and both are big enough to whiz down the slopes with us.

Since Ida is also very stable on skis since this year, I like to summarize our experiences in terms of ski lessons for children. Here are our eight tips on how it works with the two boards and the little snow kings.

  1. At what age do you start with a ski course with children??
    Certainly that is his question, which varies from child to child. At the age of three and a half, both of us were on our skis in the form of a taster course on three days. But it really did make a good foursome.
  2. Borrow or buy equipment?
    You do not need to buy skis, boots and a helmet in the first year. Every ski school has a rental shop nearby that has everything ready. With a balaclava the helmet is hygienic. Cheap ski jackets and pants are available e.g. at h&m or Tchibo. The rich anyway. A sports shop in our area offers a barter system: you buy the first pair of children‘s skis and receives every year, when the children are grown, for 20 euros a newly prepared pair. The offer we use since a few years, because we like to go to the Black Forest on the weekend and do not want to borrow each time new. However, shoes have to be bought.
  3. What else do you need on equipment?
    A thin tubular neckerchief prevents the belt of the helmet from scrubbing and annoying. In addition, diapers make good service – even for children who have been dry for a long time.
    Sometimes in the cold something goes unnoticed in the pants or it is forgotten in all the enthusiasm to go to the bathroom. Washing ski pants by hand in the evening and blow-drying them is quite annoying.
    You should not save on gloves either. Here are worth models that are not immediately drenched.
  4. Large ski area or local mountain?
    In the first two years, small ski areas are enough. Anton and I learned to ski on the Feldberg. While I switched from snowboarding, he joined the children’s ski course. The courses in small ski resorts are usually also cheaper.
    If the kids can not get enough of driving anymore, it’s worth the trip to a larger ski resort.
  5. Ski course or private teacher?
    Both in his time. In the beginning, the playful approach to other children is exactly the right thing. If this is going in line but becomes boring in the third year, it makes sense to think about private lessons.
    Anton is now driving the fourth winter. We booked him for the first time this year with a ski instructor. The development was terrific. He was able to implement very quickly what the teacher showed him. His turns have a natural lightness that I will probably never reach again. On day three, they almost drove only black runs.
  6. How many days of ski lessons make sense?
    Three days in a row, we think the minimum is to make progress. Beginners courses for children often take place only in the morning, which is sufficient. In the afternoon you can proudly show your parents what you have already learned.
    Ida even did six half days of skiing this year, because she just enjoyed it and she really wanted to ski down the long slopes with us.
  7. Should the child be in the afternoon care?
    At first I found the thought difficult to leave the tired kids of the ski school for lunch. But only on the first day. Who drives himself and does not want to be down again after two hours to pick up the children, for the afternoon care, which usually goes to 14 clock, perfect.
    Last year, both children were in the midday care. There was delicious, Italian food (South Tyrol!), Games and a loving care by the ski instructor.
  8. How to overcome motivation lows?
    Enthusiastically! The little ones also have a lot of fun, because mom and dad and older siblings find it great in the snow. If the whole family is enthusiastic and praises the progress praising, the sprout is usually with enthusiasm.
    The ski courses are built i.d.R. There are also enough breaks in which the children can rest or play in the snow. A gummi bear awakens true miracles and the medal at the end of the course is the best reward ever.

As so often, it’s great to trust your kids with something. With each turn they gain safety and grow in what they have learned.

And there is no holiday where the whole family can do something so wonderful together as skiing. Everyone is together, everyone is having fun, they are active, in nature and in the evening they exchange the most beautiful moments, jumps and deep snow runs.

Travel Review 2017 and Plans 2018

2017 was good to us. In many ways and especially when it comes to traveling. We have discovered many beautiful places and experienced unforgettable moments. We were amazed, enjoyed and pleased, but also discussed and fought so many decisions. Travel is no different than life – why should it be different on the way than at home?!

Here are our 2017 travel highlights and an outlook on our 2018 plans.

Paris in winter

Because of a fair, I spent four days in Paris with my mom in January (blog post Paris). It was so cold and so beautiful! At minus ten degrees we explored the city mainly on foot. A special atmosphere lay in the freezing cold and the bright sun. Paris in winter: absolutely recommendable!

Wellness weekend in the Allgäu

Pure winter magic I was allowed to experience in the Allgäu. The hotel The Rübezahl had invited us to get to know each other. Snow, sun and wellness included. Not forgetting Neuschwanstein Castle. Also or just in winter a dream!

Stockholm in May

The long weekend in Stockholm we used for a girls trip. My mom, my sister, Ida and I explored the beautiful city in the north. The blog posts are still pending, but are firmly scheduled!

The city in the north we liked very much, even though the spring was not quite there. In cool temperatures and bright sunshine, we roamed the metropolis with its beautiful places and great shops. Shopping with the girls? Always goes!

Wohnmobiltour through East Germany

Holiday in your own country was the motto of our trip in the Whitsun holidays. We had planned a tour with the motorhome for a long time. Why dwell in the distance, when your own country has so many beautiful spots, we thought.

It was a special tour through East Germany. Interesting and varied Elbsandsteingebirge, Spreewald and Baltic Sea were definitely. But they have not managed one thing: to quench the wanderlust.

Graubünden in august

It’s no secret that we like the mountains the most with snow. Even though I realize that I have not often written here about winter holidays. But the current one is sure to come on the blog, because we now drive all four skis. At last!

The mountains of Graubünden we were allowed to explore in the summer for a few days. I must confess, that was no less great than in winter! The region offered so many opportunities … We were particularly fascinated by the Alp Flix.

Mauritius in September

After a really demanding summer in which we worked a lot, recovery was the only goal we had for September. Mauritius was just right for that.

Ok, a few days we drove around with the rental car, but most of the time we spent at the pool or beach. Very flat rate, but at least everything organized and booked this time.

Three wonderful hotels offered us a relaxed home away from home. The Shangri La Tousserok was amazing, but we also felt more than comfortable in the St. Regius Mauritius. All the batteries were refueled when we flew home two weeks later.

Autumn mountain excursion: Leogang in Austria

Yes, again mountains. But this time in Austria! More specifically, the neighboring valley of Saalbach-Hinterglemm: we were in Leogang. The two hotels Forsthofalm and Mama Thresl had invited us.

A long weekend for two with hiking and wellness. And the first snow! Because of our day hike was nothing because we stood in early October on the mountains in the ankle-high snow.

No matter, because the chilling weather with drizzle and cool temperatures was perfect for a few hours in the sauna and pool. The report is a honeymoon tip for Miss K says yes.

London in December

London, finally! Somehow, it should not be that we come to London. Not that the city would not interest us, but it just never happened.

I did a little ‘trial trip’ to London in December. Just be there for three days. Without a large tour program, but with Rumstreunen and existence. Very great and wonderful inspire.

The Ace Hotel in Shoreditch was the reason for my visit. A trendy hotel with great design, in the middle of the authentic scene district with a flower market, restaurants and cool stores.

Christmas in the snow: South Tyrol

South Tyrol again. Christmas not at home. We did that last year after much deliberation and were so enthusiastic that we repeated it again this year.

It was not easy to find a nice apartment that was affordable and above all free. But in St. Vigil am Kronplatz we have found something and feel very well here. The Alpine Mountain Chalet has everything we wish for.

Beautiful winter weather and great snow awaited us. And since Ida can now also run down the first slopes with us, this holiday was simply wonderful again.

Travel plans 2018

If you look at this list, I have to say for myself that I’m impressed. There has come a lot together. The small tours we Hamburg, Berlin and Munich are not even listed …

It feels so good to be able to travel this way. If it needs a motivation for our workload, then certainly the ability to travel in this way.

For 2018 the first travel plans are already forged. In February, it’s time to go to Amsterdam. Again Mass and again a few days to explore the city.

What else is still fixed and for which we have booked the flights: South Africa at Easter! Stand on our bucket list for a long time. Now we are looking forward to two weeks at the Cape!

We have the first ideas for the autumn and summer holidays, but they are not yet ready to go. Let’s see what else will happen during the year.

We wish you an exciting, fantastic 2018 with many beautiful surprises and new impressions!

City trip in winter: London

Today I take you to Christmas London. I spent a few days there to get to know the Ace Hotel. In fact, it was my first visit to London at all. Although only a good 90 minutes away, it has never happened to get there. We have never even changed in London …

With the invitation, I seized the opportunity and explored the metropolis on a long weekend in a completely untouristic way. The big sightseeing highlights remained untouched. At some point we will discover the city with the children, then there is still time for Tower Bridge, Buckingham Palace and the London Eye.

London’s real life Shoreditch

This time it was more about discovering real life. Beyond Christmas shopping and Christmas carols. Just the city, more specifically the Shoreditch area, just a few miles north of the center.

Street markets, trendy shops, creative cafés with notebook-work guests and many restaurants characterize the picture. That’s how I like it. Here people live with heart and soul. They work here, meet friends, go shopping, do sports. Wonderful. For a while, I thought of Brooklyn, where I felt equally comfortable.

Sundays in Shoreditch: Design, Handmade and Food Markets

We came in handy that we were in Shoreditch on Sundays. Sunday is the day everyone wants to get out and enjoy the many cool markets. A beautiful and varied tour results when you walk across the Flower Market on Columbia Road. On stalls, seasonal and exotic flowers and plants are offered in the narrow street. In the background are small interior shops, cafés and bookshops with their offer.

No less exciting, though with other goods is the Brick Lane Market. A street market bustling with small handmade labels, vintage stores and loads of delicious food trucks.

The shops in Spitalsfields appear a bit more comfortable in winter. Apart from many, many food stalls with extremely delicious and healthy dishes, there are also branches of larger chains such as anthropology, h&m and co.

Nevertheless, a roaming is also worthwhile here, because some smaller, independent stores also hide in between.

The conclusion of the Sunday round is the Boxpark. I was strongly reminded of the Dubai Boxpark, but with rain instead of 30 degrees and sunshine. However, the principle is the same: containers stacked on top of each other and next to each other form a unit for shops, restaurants and take-aways. Everything attractive, trendy and just not ordinary.

Ace Hotel London Shoreditch

The Ace Hotel in Shoreditch fits into this hood like no other. Not even the name is on the building. It fits seamlessly into the environment – as do the many freelancers who use the cozy lobby and free wifi to work.

The rooms are stylish and individual. Each is decorated with a different art object and scores with extra like turntables or musical instrument. The suites have a private terrace with views over the rooftops of the neighborhood.

The rooftop location can be rented for weddings and other events. Super urban and highly recommended!

Fancy getting a city trip in winter? In January I was in Paris – different but also very nice in winter!

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