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Buy Youtube Clicks? My experiences and serious providers

Buy Youtube Clicks – Who has not dreamed of getting 1000 Youtube subscribers in one fell swoop? Or just start with 5000 clicks on your Youtube video? For quite a bit of money, you can now buy Youtube clicks, subscribers and likes in many places on the Internet. But does it really work? What do I have to consider when buying Youtube clicks? You will find out in this article.

The 7 best calendar plugins for WordPress

Many of my clients like to manage events in their WordPress installation. The whole thing ranges from the simple monthly view to the booking of seats for events with connection to payment providers such as Paypal. Various calendar plugins for WordPress help you to cover the most diverse requirements. In this article, I’ll highlight the 7 best calendar and event plugins for WordPress.

7 Webdesign Tips from science – use neuroscientific findings!

The attention span is getting shorter and shorter. In the meantime, nobody is reading a complete website from start to finish. To catch the attention of the user (and to keep it as long as possible), you can use various scientific findings. Neuroscience (science of our brain) provides important guidelines for successful web design and marketing.

The 27 most important web design trends 2019

As a web designer one should know current web design trends. A modern website uses mostly these web design trends. Or should a professional web designer follow any web design trends at all? In this article, I’ll show you the latest Webdesign Trends 2019 and if you should use them.

The 128 most beautiful German websites

I would like to show you the most creative, great and beautiful German websites in this article. By 2019, almost every website looks pretty much the same due to WordPress and other frameworks. The best showering websites are supposed to inspire you to also go web design paths away from the layout trails.

WordPress Shop with WooCommerce? The advantages & disadvantage

Easily create your own online shop with WordPress? With the Shop Plugin WooCommerce there is a solution that is relatively simple and also flexible! The advantages, disadvantages and my experiences with WordPress Shop Plugin WooCommerce I present to you in this article.

The best WordPress Themes 2019

The Best WordPress Themes 2019 – This article gives an overview of the latest and best WordPress Themes 2019. The success story of WordPress will not end in 2019. Premium WordPress themes are mushrooming – but beware – not every WordPress theme lives up to its promise.

3. Problems are complex!

The fact that we now live in a world that is becoming ever more complex can be read today in almost every book about design but also in other fields of literature. But what does complexity actually mean in the context of design discipline and what does it produce??

2.17 Innovation planning by Kumar

Vijay Kumar is a professor at the IIT Institute of Design where he teaches strategic design planning and design methods. In that sense, his point of view is probably one of the most appropriate, because he comes directly from the design, but is also active as a business consultant.

2.16 Development process of Pacione

Chris Pacione, founder and CEO of the LUMA Institute, has also developed a model that should be very interesting for the design process. His perspective is closer to that of the designer, even if he is very multidisciplinary.


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Hello, my name is Rafael Luge and I am the founder of Kopf & Pen. In this blog I write about the tools, trends and basics in the online jungle. If you have more over your head & To learn about pencil, click here.

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Design vs. Design – Design. Process. methods.

What is design? What is design? This 360-page e-book is about Design Thinking. What types of problems are there? Which methods and methods are there? How is the design process divided …

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