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The best way to shed a few extra kilos is through a healthy, balanced diet and a regular exercise program. As a rule, if you take in fewer calories than you consume, you can lose one to two kilos each month.

But: elaborate diets and radical starvation diets only achieve the first that the nutrient supply of the body is thereby disturbed, secondly these measures have the yo-yo effect.

Placement table for overweight people

Degree BMI
(Overweight in the narrower sense)
25 – 29.9
Grade I obesity 30 – 34.9
Obesity grade II 35 – 39.9
Obesity grade III > 40

Major causes of obesity:

    – genetic factors
    – Metabolic disorders
    – Too little movement
    – too much or wrong diet
    – Increased consumption of alcohol, sweets, fats, ready meals, fast food, sweets, snacks
    – nibble
    – disturbed eating behavior – addiction

The decisive factor, however, is not the weight itself, but the fat tissue, i.e. the percentage of fat in the body.
In addition, body fat distribution is very important.

In order to be able to decide more precisely whether your own weight has the correct values, there are other methods besides the BMI calculation.

This includes e.g. B. Waist measurement.

Obesity – pathological obesity

If you find a drastic deviation from the applicable optimal values ​​after the calculation, you suffer from obesity. This term refers to the Latin adeps "the fat" and is aptly called "obesity" in English. In fact, this is a serious illness that leads to pathological side effects for your body. In this context, three different degrees of severity can be distinguished. From a value of 30, it is the strength level I of the obesity, from 35 by grade II and from 40 by strength grade III. There are too many fat deposits in the abdomen, which in turn the room restrict for internal organs. In addition, an excessive amount of fat affects your own metabolism and leads to severe metabolic disorders and consequently diabetes, a disease that affects life as a whole.

10 tips for losing weight
BMI calculator for men
BMI calculator for women

Serious causes of obesity

In emerging countries in particular, obesity is a striking characteristic that arises from a vicious cycle of lack of exercise and overeating. The formula is simple and effective: if we consume an excessive amount of calories, this will irreversibly lead to a more than unhealthy energy balance and excess weight – if you can do this for a long time. A change in personal lifestyle is the only way out of being overweight – especially when you are doing a job, especially while sitting in the office. Maintain movements in the daily routine, such as long walks, climbing stairs, gardening and housework. Get your body going, so you can also reduce body fat.


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