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BMI calculator adolescents teenagers (13 to 19 years): Please enter your body weight, height, age and gender in the BMI calculator for adolescents to get the BMI (Body mass index) to calculate the normal weight and ideal weight depending on age and gender.

The BMI is the most common index used by doctors and nutritionists to assess underweight, overweight, normal weight and obesity (severe overweight).

BMI calculator adolescents

For all other age groups, please use one of the following BMI calculators:

These BMI calculators also use the current standard BMI tables from the WHO. So you are guaranteed to be on the safe side!

Calculate BMI adolescents | BMI formula

The BMI is calculated for all age groups and both genders using the same BMI formula:

BMI [kg / m²] = body weight [kg] / (height [m]) ²

As you can see, age and gender flow Not in the calculation of the BMI. The BMI itself is therefore independent of age and gender.

However, the evaluation of the BMI is strongly dependent on age and gender, because the composition of the body, in particular the body fat percentage, changes significantly in the course of development from baby to adult depending on age and gender.

The BMI tables are the basis for evaluating the BMI, i.e. for assigning a BMI to one of the five weight categories. And that’s exactly where the chaff separates from the wheat.

BMI calculator youth – BMI table

Not all online BMI calculators base their evaluation on officially recognized current BMI tables. In many cases, outdated or even incorrect BMI tables are used. The results obtained are not reliable.

The BMI tables for young people used in our “BMI calculator for young people” come from the internationally recognized current tables of the WHO.

Since the WHO tables are often incomprehensible to laypeople, we have converted them into easy-to-understand interactive BMI tables. The classification of the BMI into the 5 different weight categories is based on the criteria of the WHO as follows (P is the abbreviation for percentiles):

Weight categories according to the WHO standard:

Help for the BMI table teenagers (girls and boys)

You can change the number of entries displayed at the top left above the interactive BMI table for adolescents or simply display the BMI limit values ​​that apply to the selected age and gender.

Simply enter the age of the child in the top right above the table search field of the applicable BMI table:

Example: Girl; Age: 10 years 6 months:
Entry: J13.5 or j13

To view all of the columns in the BMI table, simply move the scroll bar under the table to the right or left.

Interactive BMI table adolescent girls (13-19 years)

years strong underweight underweight normal weight overweight obesity
J13 15.1 16.5 18.8 21.9 25.6
J13.5 15.4 16.9 19.2 22.4 26.1
J14 15.6 17.2 19.6 22.9 26.7
J14.5 15.9 17.4 19.9 23.3 27.1
J15 16.1 17.7 20.2 23.7 27.6
J15.5 16.2 17.9 20.5 24.0 27.9
J16 16.4 18.1 20.7 24.2 28.2
J16.5 16.5 18.2 20.9 24.5 28.4
J17 16.6 18.3 21.0 24.7 28.6
J17.5 16.6 18.4 21.2 24.8 28.8
J18 16.7 18.5 21.3 24.9 28.9
J18.5 16.7 18.5 21.3 25.0 29.0
J19 16.7 18.6 21.4 25.1 29.0

Interactive BMI table adolescent boys (13-19 years)

years strong underweight underweight normal weight Obesity layer obesity
J13 15.1 16.3 18.2 20.9 24.2
J13.5 15.4 16.6 18.6 21.4 24.8
J14 15.6 16.9 19.0 21.9 25.3
J14.5 15.9 17.3 19.4 22.4 25.8
J15 16.2 17.6 19.8 22.8 26.4
J15.5 16.4 17.9 20.1 23.2 26.8
J16 16.7 18.2 20.5 23.7 27.3
J16.5 16.9 18.5 20.8 24.0 27.7
J17 17.1 18.7 21.1 24.4 28.0
J17.5 17.3 18.9 21.4 24.7 28.4
J18 17.5 19.2 21.7 25.0 28.6
J18.5 17.6 19.4 22.0 25.3 28.9
J19 17.8 19.5 22.2 25.6 29.1

BMI table adolescent girls

BMI table adolescent boys

How reliable is the BMI?

The BMI was developed for the general public and not for every individual case. The BMI and the standard BMI tables required for evaluation are based on mean values ​​and average sizes of a large representative sample of the population. Errors are particularly to be expected if young people deviate far from the norm. This is especially true if

  1. the height differs extremely compared to that of peers of the same gender,
  2. it is young people with extremely developed or underdeveloped musculature These,
  3. body fat is mainly distributed in the abdominal region or is currently not there (exceptional fat distribution pattern) or when
  4. it is a relative of a Asian ethnic group (in this case the BMI limit values ​​may have to be shifted down by up to 2 units).

If you have any doubts about the result of the “BMI calculator adolescents” or if the BMI indicates overweight, obesity or underweight in the table, we recommend checking your result using two other scientifically well-researched indices, the WHR and the WHtR:

WHR (Waist to Hip Ratio or Waist to Hip Ratio) and WHtR (Waist to Height Ratio or Waist to Height Ratio) are similar to the BMI. However, WHR and WHtR also take into account the body fat distribution, in particular the particularly health-relevant body fat percentage in the inner abdominal area.

Achieve ideal weight – but how?

Very easily! Ensure a healthy diet, a balanced amount of physical exercise and heed the simple everyday diet and weight loss tips described there.

  • Please keep in mind that what you and others understand by healthy eating can also be the result of deliberate misinformation by advertising or the result of misunderstandings.
  • Also keep in mind that in addition to healthy eating and exercise, there are a number of other important factors that favor obesity.
  • Familiarize yourself with the consequences of being overweight. Knowing the consequences of being overweight in childhood and adolescence is certainly one of the strongest drivers for achieving the ideal weight and preventing overweight in children.
  • Be careful not to overwhelm or overwhelm yourself and the young people. In this way you can increase your or your children’s motivation and keep unnecessary failures and frustrations to a minimum.

Before you target the ideal weight calculated by the “BMI calculator adolescents” as the desired weight, you should first aim at the gender- and age-dependent normal weight or the closest weight limit towards your personal ideal weight as an intermediate goal. Just move in the right direction step by step. Then you will also achieve your goal.

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