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The 11 best board games for children and adults at a glance.

Board games have long ceased to be just child’s play. Today, young and old gather at the gaming table. Depending on your preferences, you have to decide whether you like games that have a strategy or luck focus. Games with a high level of luck clearly increase the fun factor. But strategy games like Risk or the settlers from Catan are a voltage Garant.

who Not very patient, should play 10 to 20 minutes of entertaining games and pay attention with a high fun factor. These are also perfect for the big round at the table.

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Board game comparison
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Price-performance winner
Model * The crazy labyrinth Monopoly Classic code Names Kakerlakak Qwirkle Dixit Qwixx risk First orchard Ludonaute Colt Express 217632 The Game of Life – Banking
at Amazon *
553 reviews 834 reviews 646 reviews 1,443 reviews 683 reviews 734 reviews 940 reviews 428 reviews 1,030 reviews 322 reviews 159 reviews
Age Group 7 – 99 years 8 – 99 years from 10 years on 5 – 99 years from age 6 8 – 99 years from 8 years 10 – 99 years 2 – 4 years from 10 years on 8 – 99 years
Number of players 2-4 2 – 6 2 – 8+ 2-4 2-4 3 – 6 2 – 8 2 – 5 1 – 4 2 – 6 2-4
gameplay If you are the first to find all your treasures in the labyrinth, you have won. You can also prevent opponents from collecting their own treasures by moving corridors and walls. Each player tries to buy streets and build houses or hotels on them. Who has the most or the highest "rental incometook" has wins. Two teams are formed, one player per team taking over the whistleblower. Afterwards, five times five randomly selected playing cards are laid out. The aim of the game is to use clues to uncover those cards that depict agents belonging to your own team. The cockroach needs to be caught. For this, spoons, forks and knives are available on the field, which are turned in certain directions by dice. Whoever catches the cockroach wins a chip. Most chips win. When creating the 108 large wooden stones, the shapes must be different for the same color or the colors for the same shape. The player’s turn has to come up with something for the six cards he is holding. He shouldn’t reveal too much, but not too little either. So much so that the other players have a chance to guess the cards. The four numbered color rows must have as many crosses as possible. Each player places his army on the lands he draws at the start of the game. Then it’s about defending them and conquering other countries and continents. You have to pick the fruit from the trees before the raven reaches the orchard. The bandits try to make as much loot as possible in a train robbery without getting in the way of the Marshall. The bandit with the highest loot wins. With the life wheel on which you turn, you make important decisions in life: education, job, family etc. With the variant, the game was brought up to date.
playing time 20-30 minutes 30-180 minutes 15 minutes 15-20 minutes 25 minutes 30 minutes 15 minutes 60 minutes 20 minutes 40 minutes 45 minutes
learning objective logical thinking Concentration, social behavior, skill logical and strategic thinking, concentration responsiveness concentration promotes creativity logical thinking strategic thinking Learn, perceive, assign strategic thinking Make decisions
  • simple rules
  • very entertaining
  • several game variants
  • other variants available
  • high-quality, massive figures
  • traditional street names
  • simple gameplay
  • very entertaining
  • also suitable for larger groups
  • simple rules
  • very entertaining
  • Randomness factor – no advantage for adults
  • simple rules
  • also suitable for little players
  • high-quality processing of the pieces
  • beautifully illustrated cards
  • stimulates the imagination
  • Extensions available
  • simple rules
  • good travel game
  • diverting
  • no suspension, everyone plays in every round
  • tactical approach
  • exciting
  • New edition of the classic
  • handy material
  • free play possible
  • good introduction to games
  • balanced mix of luck and strategy
  • nice play utensils
  • modern variant
  • Bank card reader
  • sensible game structure
product details product details product details product details product details product details product details product details product details
Questions and answers about the product Questions and answers on The Crazy Maze Questions and answers about Monopoly Classic Questions and answers about code names Questions and answers about cockroaches Questions and answers about Qwirkle Questions and answers about Dixit Questions and answers about Qwixx Questions and answers about risk Questions and answers on First orchard Questions and answers about Ludonaute Colt Express 217632 Questions and answers on The Game of Life – Banking
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  • Board games have been exciting for decades. In order to meet every taste in the family or among friends, it is advisable to have various games at hand. That means: games with a high fun factor and games that can be played together by people of different ages.
  • Even though board games are now facing tough competition from online games and PC games, board games are essential, especially when playing in a group or as a family. After all, you literally move closer together.
  • Fun is paramount in board games. Therefore, board games are also ideal for a party. Online games are out of place, as our board game comparison 2019/2020 shows. A board game that allows many players is suitable as a party game. A strategic game like risk fits into a different framework – for example as a family game on a rainy Sunday.

People played board games thousands of years before Christ to pass the time. The latest figures from a survey ( show that board games, like board games, are still played with enthusiasm across generations, both within the family and among friends. According to this, there were about in 2015 5.11 million people (from 14 years) who are in their free time often board games played, including classics such as Monopoly and settlers from Catan.

It is particularly nice when eachperson a group funthink of it. To do this, the game must be suitable for the respective age and the necessary number of players should not be under or exceeded. It is therefore not surprising that game lovers have filled entire cupboards with games so that they always have the right game ready. Because sometimes you need a Ravensburger children’s game, board games for 2, or just a game for 8 players or just a card game.

In our Board game comparison 2019/2020 we will explain which board game types there are and whereupon it depends on the choice of the best board game.

1. What is a board game?

As a rule, a board game is a board game whose basis on game boardor on game schedule is. Figures or stones are placed on this. With some board games there are even additional ones Game or action cards for use.

The Limits too one card game are partial fluently, because the game board has different meanings depending on the game.

At Monopoly, for example, the game board is irreplaceable. But also classic how lady, chess or "Man don’t annoy you" are classic games that are played on the board.

2. What types of board games are there??

If you are wondering what differences there are within board games, we will help you here.

2.1. Board game with characters – without dice

In board games that are played with pawns but without dice, playing cards or action cards are often used to move the pawns on the board. So for example:

  • Dixit
  • Noblesse oblige
  • Alhambra
  • Stratego
  • Scotland Yard

Basically, such types of board games are often also suitable as party games, since many players can play along. A well-known board game for many people is "Activity".

2.2. Board game with characters – with dice

A board game with game characters that can be called a board game is "Man don’t annoy you". It is not very demanding and can be played by people of different ages because, thanks to dice, it is mainly based on luck.

A more tactical approach however, require games like "Backgammon", because luck is not the only thing that determines whether you win or lose.

2.3. Board game with characters – with dice and cards

Trivial Pursuit Genus Edition is suitable for players aged 15 and over.

Much of the board or board games are both with roll the dice as well with Play cards or Action Cards played

Sometimes the cards are the main part of the game, e.g. at "Trivial Pursuit" – where to answer the questions on the maps. In a game like "Monopoly" they are the salt in the soup, but not the main ingredient. They act more like little stumbling blocks or rewards for the players.

Settlers of Catan: The basic game can be supplemented by numerous extensions.

The "Catan Settlers" or "Catan" is one of the games where the board is of enormous importance, because you build streets, settlements and cities on it. In addition, event cards ensure that additional points are awarded or that the other teammates are given a leg. The Risk Board Game is also a classic example of a board game, even if it is a little more challenging and one good strategy requires.

2.4. Board game as an online game

Solitaire as a board game. Not to be confused with the card game.

It will not surprise you that there are online games and browser games increasing popularity delight. Especially Card Games how Solitaire or poker are often played online as a board game. But also chess and checkers are great fun online. You can compete against the computer or other online players. This is wonderful if you have no one in the family or in the family who wants to play along.

The Advantage of online games is that these are often called Free Games Tobe offered. One of the free games that is experiencing a large influx is "Mahjong" – a very old Chinese game. In contrast to the classic variant, it is mostly played online alone. The online games "Solitaire", "Spider Solitaire" and "Carcassonne" are also available as free games on the net. Likewise that Risk Board Game is partially offered as one of the many free games.

2.5. Games Special forms

A game that deviates somewhat from the norm is the board game "Carcassonne". The aim of the game is that Build game board! You draw a so-called landscape card and place it on the cards you have already laid out.
When there are no cards left, the game is over – the player with the most points wins. The board game was 2001 to the game of the year selected. It is for 2-5 players, ages 8+.

Mahjong is also not a classic board game, but comes with tiles, so-called bricks, played. A total of four players lay the bricks. Purpose of the game: The original hand should be improved and a complete game picture should be formed from valuable figures.

The traditional variant: a backgammon game made of high quality wood.

Another, and probably one of the most famous, wooden board games is "Backgammon". The game is one of the oldest board games in the world and is considered to be won when one of the players is the first to remove all stones from the field.

It is also played on a board, but it is actually a Board game for 2, which is carried out in a kind of wooden box.

The different board game categories summarized again:

Type Examples
Board game with characters – without dice Chess, checkers, mill
Board game with figures / pieces – with dice Don’t annoy you, backgammon
Board game with characters – with dice and cards Trivial Pursuit, settlers from Catan, Monopoly
Board game as an online game Chess, Mahjong, Solitaire, Spider Solitaire

Tip: If you often have guests visiting or a lot is played within the family, it makes sense to get a game collection. It is best if you cover a wide age range and there are games for different needs.

3. Buying advice for board games: you have to pay attention to that

3.1. number of players

You should think about how many people you are most likely to play the game with. If your steady circle of friends or your family consists of 5 people, a game for up to four people would be extremely bad.

3.2. occasion

Mahjong – the oldest surviving game is from 1870.

This also has something indirectly to do with the number of players. Do you want one party throwing, the game does not have to be particularly demanding, especially if one or the other guest has drunk a glass too much.

It is also nice when many guests can play, so it is worth choosing a game with more than four people. One of the classics among party games, for example "Activity".

However, if you regularly play with the same people, e.g.. asfamily, then it can be a bit more demanding. Catan is a strategic game for which there are a number of varied expansions.

Strategy: To take home the victory at the next game night, you can get some valuable game tips online. For many board games there is a lot of useful advice that does not guarantee victory, but can mean a favorable starting position.

3.3. Age

The game board

To be considered a board game, the game must have a game board or game board. It is part of the game. It does not matter what material the board is made of, because theoretically you could also draw the plan on a piece of paper and play on it.

The age requirements should take seriously. Children quickly lose fun when they are overwhelmed. So pay attention to the recommended age if children are allowed to play.

Board games are mostly designed so that different ages have a lot of fun playing together and everyone has the same chances – we found that in our board game comparison.

3.4. quality

When buying a board game for children, it is necessary to ensure that the Parts not swallowed can be. Often a figure ends up in the mouth, which is why it is also advisable to play board games made of wood harmless substances were processed to acquire. If you buy a game that you know will be in use for many years, we advise you to buy the best possible version.

4. The main manufacturers and brands of board games

The selection of board games is huge, as is the number of brands and manufacturers. We have summarized some of them for you here, which appear in almost every board game test:

  • Ravensburger
  • Hasbro
  • Schmidt
  • Mattel
  • Schmidt Games
  • cosmos
  • Haba
  • Winning Moves
  • jumbo
  • Noris
  • Heidelberger Spieleverlag
  • Amigo
  • Zoch

5. Finding the best board game

Man don’t annoy you – who doesn’t know it?

The board game test shows that the best board game is always the best individual needs oriented. Above all, you should be aware of this, who or how many play would like, inwhat framework to be played and how often. Then the decision for a personal board game comparison winner is easier. It gets even easier when you a small collectiong of games and is therefore ideally equipped for every occasion.

Solo again? Not only can board games be played online alone. There are also board games that you can play as a single player. These include Agricola or Exit, for example.

The Advantages and disadvantages of board games in a nutshell:

  • very sociable
  • promotes concentration and logic
  • joint activity of different age groups
  • different preferences
  • everyone has to know the rules

6. Board game test at the Stiftung Warentest

"There’s the worm in it": The children’s game of 2011.

The Stiftung Warentest has often dedicated itself to board games in recent years.

Most recently in the September 2011 edition. In this, the testing institute announced that a board game would be the child’s play of 2011. Was meant "There’s the worm in there" by Carmen Kleinert.

aim The game is to lengthen your worm as quickly as possible to be the first worm to stick your head out of the ground at the compost heap.

Recommendation: 2-4 players, from 4 years

7. Questions and answers about board games

1. Where can you buy board games?

2. What board games are there?

3. Which board games are valuable?

4. Which board games are suitable for 2 players?

5. What promote board games?

Our board game comparison shows that board games are the best concentration and logical thinking promote as well as a Promote strategic approach. But even less demanding games like "Man don’t annoy you", which are largely based on luck and less on skill, have an added value. After all, the classic does not bear this name for nothing. Children have to learn, also to deal with defeats. A cube or one or two characters flies through the area.

A classic by Gerhard Polt shows how not to play with children:


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